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  1. I am a bit confused about The Reach too! This Ep showed the QoT in Dorne trying to broker an alliance with the SS, then Varys turns up declaring fire and blood as being the way forward. But you never see her reaction after that. Hadnt she already made an alliance with Littlefinger in earlier seasons? I just assumed before now she was aligned with the Vale. Either way the reach are against the lannisters I suppose. But will be interested to see how this plays out in the aftermath.
  2. I kind of got JonxSansa vibes that first Ep they met up. But since then nope. I couldn't see her as anything but a lying, scheming power hungry beeeetch. Have been doing some reflection on her [show] character though, and have decided she's not power hungry per se, just that after all this time and all the abuse she's had to endure she has discovered the only way for her to be 'safe' is to put herself on the top of the food chain as Queen in the North. And is willing to sacrifice anything to get there, including Jon.
  3. I was under the impression it was a trap because he brought the Cavalry into arrow firing range, exactly where Ramsey wanted the battle to be so he could begin working on the corpse wall with ease.
  4. I lol'd at the man bun bit.. But gawd I hope they all manage to reunite without dying on the way. Especially Jon and Ayra. Their relationship isn't portrayed to be as close on the show but if/when they see each other again I'll be here, bawling my eyes out.
  5. I can see the north aligning with her, or at least being open to meet for negotiations. Especially in the show where she has Tyrion to counsel her who Jon has made friends with in season 1. Although he did scoff at the WW threat when they asked for men while he was hand of the King, Dany would probably be more open to believing in them after all the magic she's seen.
  6. For real though hahahaha
  7. It is. But that would fit in with her book view of him being 'just a bastard' that LF kindly reminding her of with parting words. But by now I think even in the books she has much more sympathy for bastards so I guess not. I guess it was a good Ep leaving us with so many questions! Hope they get answered
  8. I was fully immersed in the I hate Sansa life before reading this comment. WHY does she not trust Jon? Do you think it's a similar type of distrust that Tyrion pointed out in season 5 Jorah had in Dany by not telling her that he had fed her secrets to Varys? That he didn't trust her to make the right descion? possibly could be the same with Sansa. That if she tells Jon the truth about LF she couldn't trust him to make the right descion about using the troops? But then again, the reminder about him being a bastard just makes me think awfully of her. I don't know if I can stand another betrayal of Jon when he's trying to fight the good fight without dying of sorrow
  9. I didn't even think that! My friend who doesn't even watch the show said after that scene.. Ok so she's pregnant right? I was like oh.. Shit. I can see how that makes sense and I hope not
  10. Yes! I remember reading a quote from GRRM asking us why we think the others are an evil species (or something along those lines) and it's never sat well with me from then on the theories that end with Dany and Jon in love and defeating them together. So this as an endgame for me has been surprisingly easy to swallow! If you find a way to make a Jon and Arya ship in there I'll start preaching it to the masses! *joking not joking*
  11. Mint! Will check it out.. Also agree with this ^ did you see the 2 truths and a lie interview that Maisie and Sophie did? One of them was that Arya crosses 3 names off her list this season. I just thought it was convenient that last time she said her list it was down to three names - Cersei, Gregor and Walder Frey. When in previous episodes she had included the red woman among others. Why down to 3 names now? It might be one of the true statements!
  12. Oh So "The Door" refers to a door at the "curtain of light" that might prevent something "banished" deep in the heart of winter , it's so terrifying Bran cries, and the heat of his tears burn his cheeks (it's so cold it burns ?). And when this door opens, it's the end of the world babey !(the long night ? The battle for the Dawn ?) Sorry about the super crap rough cutting of your post.. But the door keeps popping out to me too! The curtain of light. It just aligns well with what Mel has always said about this lord of light keeping the darkness, death, etc etc at bay. Do you think they could possibly be the same thing? Or the door could be another instrument of the lord of light. I can't remember what the exact deal is with AA/TPTWP and Mel and the lord of light and what the prophecy said s/he would do. But does it connect the two and if so give any hint to what action this hero will need to take?
  13. You're good at picking up potential foreshadowing in the series! Not really the place but any others you've caught hiding away? I love the book foreshadowing threads, is there a place for that but show ones?
  14. Oh god yes! That would explain why the hell they were put into a relationship in the first place, for the drama of the double betrayal.. Ooohhhh.
  15. Hellssss yes! The valonqar wearing the valonqars face... Valonqarception. Hope you pitched this to show runners and/or GRRM and they're going forward with it.