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  1. this. Skeletons with barely any flesh left to the bones are not supposed to walk and fight. Still they do in the army of the dead. I think it is only logic if the undead dragon can do what he could before: breathing fire. BTW: If the wound would matter the dragon should also not be able to fly anymore. The breast muscles are essential for flying animals such as bats or birds. And those would be destroyed too.
  2. Not immediatly. The NK could just fly there with his dragon and burn/ice-burn everything and fly back to the wall and let then his army come in.
  3. Quite the opposite: that has been the case in many, many mediavel wars. Back in the time when the Kings or want-to-be-Kings still attended the battle field. Take Hastings (1066) for one example: Harald II dead -> war over. Richard III would be an other example. Before it was nation vs nation everything depended on the persons going to war. If one side was to lose their leader the war could be over in a second. I could dig up other examples like in the Roman civil wars. If there were two emporer pretenders and one was killed the war was over. Sometimes an assessin would do the trick without battle.
  4. No, Lord Howland Reed is the only person living and knowing Jon's secret. He was the dude to stab Arther Dayne in the back in that flashback of Bran + 3ER beneth the tower of joy. Benjen Stark shares the secret of Jon himself: He knows nothing.
  5. We all know the vision of Daenerys of the burned throne rome with snow flakes. So far everybody asumed it would be herself to burn the city or a mad queen Cersai with a wildfire plot 3.0. But I guess it will be the Night King now. I don't know how much he knows about the situation south of the wall, but if I were him I would mount my dragon fly there and burn the city to the ground before they even get the chance to put up a defence. The ballistas should be rather useless against an undead dragon. After the city is torched and half the population starved, the undead army can handle the rest. If you let the south organize themselfs on the other hand they might be able to push the WW back.
  6. The first joke is, that Gendry is the fasted guy in the group or a good runner anyway. He is supposed to have worked the last years as a blacksmith (after some years of rowing of course). I can hardly see him moving by feet at all. He is supposed to have super strong arms. He is trained the complete opposite of a marathon runner.
  7. Yeah, he's kinda arguing democracy here. The Ironborn have this real-world-Sparta type of democracy. Who's people cry the loadest wins.
  8. Nice book plot. TV show is just way too simple minded for such a twist.
  9. I guess that somebody had to plant the idea into Rhaegar's brain that he needed to father the Prince who was promised. Maybe he even got the information that the Other (or the night king in the show) were about to gather their troops and rise again. My bet is, that the 3ER put all those ideas in the head of Rhaegar.
  10. folks, please. It's the merchandize. tons of plastic warhammers will show up for christmas. The weapons and the fighting technics shown in GoT (tv series) are complete bullshit anyway. No reason for starting to rant about that fact right now.
  11. The prophecy demands a sacrifice. Not a killing by accident. + I doubt Shae being the love of Tyrion's life.
  12. In the book universe he would lose 2 weeks at best and in winter conditions maybe a month or even more. + any travel would cause a severe risk (starving, freezing in a blizzard, robbers). Way to much time to say "hello". In show universe he would ruin the Arya/Sansa plot I guess.
  13. If Jon is the prince who was promized he might have to kill Dany. Would be a pretty lame solution for the story IMO.
  14. Those people have seen the power of her dragon. She can hardly have any better propaganda than first hand accounts from the battle in the camps of her enemy. I would let people slip away on all hirachy levels. Not Jamie or the Tarlys of course but enough other commoners & nobles to let everyone know what she is capable of doing.
  15. In a real world mediaevel setting there would be literaly no war during the weather conditions described in the most recent books. Everybody would wait for the next spring to come. There are very few - if any - examples for winter warfare in middle/northern Europe until the 19th century. And even then you just have to look at Napoleon who was unwillingly forced to battle in winter in Russia to understand that it would have been a pretty bad idea. Since waiting for spring could take years in ASoIF I understand the motivation to carry on with wars but I doubt it would be realistic at all.