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  1. In a real world mediaevel setting there would be literaly no war during the weather conditions described in the most recent books. Everybody would wait for the next spring to come. There are very few - if any - examples for winter warfare in middle/northern Europe until the 19th century. And even then you just have to look at Napoleon who was unwillingly forced to battle in winter in Russia to understand that it would have been a pretty bad idea. Since waiting for spring could take years in ASoIF I understand the motivation to carry on with wars but I doubt it would be realistic at all.
  2. + He knows that he doesn't have the caliber of his father. His father is arguably the most able politician of Westeros (behind LF perhaps) and he knows he is not. And he doesn't want to fall behind the father he hates. + he doesn't want to leave the court in KL. I guess living in a castle like casterly rock is pretty boring while living in KL is not. + he wants to be with his children. + Cersai of course
  3. There are no other crypts like the Crypts of WF in ASOIF. Seems to have something to do with the "old gods" vs. the faith of the seven. Tywin is burried beneth the sept of Baelor and there seems to be no custom to errect statues of thoose burried there.
  4. yes but not with a war fleet of hundreds of ships. I can drive with my car 500 miles (~800km) in one day. A full equiped tank squadron just can't.
  5. well, there is Bran left. + We don't know what Craster's sons would do to their mothers.
  6. was she having bread and salt with anybody? She didn't enter the castle as a guest so there is no guest right that could be violated.
  7. @1: no big deal. Rush in with the Lannister army pretending to be some whores daughter. After being in the castle lure a kitchen maid aside, kill her and take her face and place. @2 lure the Frey's (one at a time) under the alias of the kitchen girl in a dark corner. Promise pussy if necessary. @3+4 no big thing really. Cut some of the meat and smuggle it in the kitchen. Hide the remaining parts somewere. @5+6 I guess they will bake pies on a regular basis. Maybe she didn't even need to do the actual cooking/baking herself. @7 Walder uses to dine alone. Reference: Scene after the red wedding. He is eating alone in his hall. Roose Bolten appears but doesn't eat anything. BTW: I understand the scene as if Walder didn't get the first part of the pie served in the scene we see. In my understanding of the context he had already a piece of the pie and ordered some more. @8 yeah, cause why not. He is unaware and old. @9 still to do. But: all witnesses will tell they saw a well known servant last going in the direction of WF. And this service maid is gone (fled the castle). They will search for her. Not for Arya whom nobody knows. Except for Jaimie who may not recognize her anymore. She would still have needed the Jetpack to get there from Bravos. But well, that's the tv series.
  8. ...and Arya jumping out in the middle of the feast and finally wiping a name from her list. what a wedding that would be.
  9. cause she is smart and can put one and one together.
  10. That was addressed on the show. Tyrion and Sansa never consumated their marriage so it could be deemed to be not valid.
  11. The north worships the old gods. The high sparrow has no power there.
  12. He died a king. If he would lived the other houses would have stripped him of his titles (and his life) anyway. The mother of thornes will sent her army soon enough and there is no Tywin to stop them this time.
  13. He was not showing up in the sept. I am not sure, but maybe he wasn't even expected there. That is why he was killed "seperately". Why he was killed in the first place is easy to figure out. Cersai hated him since season 1.
  14. Well, his name is Dolorous, right? Tells you his fate. But I guess he is safe for this season. My bet is, that the night's watch - the fifty men left there actually - will be completly destroyed when the night falls. Afterwards they will make a new watch and Jon will be back on duty. Or they make a girl's watch this time and it's Danys time. feminism rules on GoT lately.
  15. that's why I wrote "stage up" i.e make it up.