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  1. Just something i notice when watching a random epispode yesterday.. Arya has met with her dancing instructor Syrio & Ned is watching on. As they spar, you can see Ned becoming more and more anxious looking. Look to about 3.19 on this link You can actually hear war sounds in the background as if Ned is remembering something here. Could it just be him remembering wars he has been involved in? My feeling is, the fact the Arya reminds him of Lyanna so much, he could be remembering her fighting (as the knight of the laughing tree) at the tourney of Harrenhall, and it has brought back the worry he felt that day too. Maybe this will become more clear if Bran can show us through a vision in season 7
  2. Maybe someone can clarify this but with Jon a bastard (Assuming he doesn't get legitimized as a Stark and stays a Snow or even takes the Targaryen name), Benjen & Rickon recently confirmed dead, & Bran incapable to producing children..what happens to the Stark Name?? If Sansa is to be the Lady of Winterfell and maybe marries Robyn Arryn, is Winterfell ruled by Arryns? i just think it would be sad to see such an old house name perish that easily but i can see any alternative unless Sansa / Arya can marry and their husbands take the Stark name??
  3. Why did Rhaegar have maids tending Lyanna, the best nights of his king guard protecting her and he never thought to have a maester with her?! I thinks that a bit odd..if he was so concerned about protecting her & Jon then why not have his best maester there in case there was issued with birth or afterwards!!
  4. There must always be a Stark in winterfell true, and if they kill of Rickon you would say its the end of the Stark line..yet Ben Stark could still be out there..after being at the highest point of the north with hidden wildings he returns at the final battle..ready to abandon his watch, help save the day and produce 20 heirs!!
  5. I always believe that it may end up as a main guy and main girl match up (As in: Jon Ice and Dany Fire) but i don't think so now. When GRRM speaks about fights or sword play he often describes the clash of steel swords as a "song"..as in "the song of steel on steel as the two fought". It's this that makes me think Jon is TPTWP and his purpose / destiny is "a song of ice and fire" (his purpose is to command in the battle of Ice and Fire) rather than him being Ice (Stark) & Fire (Targ).
  6. I think Tyrion will catch flashes of Shae's face on other girls faces for split seconds & hence why they would need Sibil kikell back.. Like in this picture http://winteriscoming.net/2016/04/10/peter-dinklage-on-tyrion-no-one-is-immortal/ Tyrion may see Shae begging on the street from a far and rush over to inspect with Varys..then once they get up close its a different girl completely.
  7. Quick query: If GOT season 6 is first going to air on HBO at 10pm this Sunday (Assuming american times) What time and what channel will it air in Ireland?? I have only started watching the show over Christmas and never had to wait for an episode so you can see my problem!
  8. If R+L=J is true, then why is it that no one in the 7 kingdoms knew Lyanna was pregnant?? If it was being kept secret, for what reason? Surely Rhaegar having another child would be great news..and it being with Lyanna would be something that would madden Robert even further, maybe forcing him and Ned to make rash war decisions/mistakes? Also, surely Lyanna had some people tending to her during her pregnancy..which would have led to little birds whispering. As we have seen throughout the books so far, people find it hard to hold their tongues, and especially such a high profile matter as this would of been next to impossible to keep under wraps surely?! When Daenerys because pregnant it was no time before the Kings council had discovered it!
  9. Cool find, delighted Ghost is still alive..hope he takes Thornes throat out!! No sign of Mel either..
  10. It may be revealed to us but not the people of Westeros just yet I think
  11. Ireland.. North - Contrast of wildling vs North men = Prods v Catholics Kings landing - Over crowded and smelly as Dublin South - Cork as rebellious as Dorne And lets face it...Westerous is actually shaped similar to Ireland!!
  12. Just 20 days away to the first episode - which I think may led to a lot of people being disappointed.. Followers of the show have been waiting a year (And book readers 5 years!!) to learn the faith of Jon Snow & if he will indeed come back to life. I personally, think he will be resurrected..but however, I think GRRM and the GOT producers will drag this out throughout most of the season 6. I hope i am wrong and he is resurrected right away to start getting rid of Boltons & Freys! Assuming Jon is resurrected, if it doesn't happen in the first episode does anyone else think this will be a massive disappointment / Anti-climax??
  13. Looks like Ned..although i though Ice was a larger sword?