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  1. The one in question, by then, was not King yet, but still a Prince.
  2. Ned Stark did not forge making himself Lord Protector at all! He did not try to persuade Robert to make him so, neither did he ask for it. Robert told him that Ned would rule in his stead! Robert told him to write it in his will. That part was not adulterated in any way. Also, Cersei selfishly to keep power committed treason. Ned Stark didn't do anything to keep or have power. What he did he did for friendship, love and mercy. I quote: "...."Robert ..." Joffrey is not your son, he wanted to say, but the words would not come. The agony was written too plainly across Robert's face; he could not hurt him more." He even warned Cersei to leave King's Landing and Westeros with her children so they would be safe from Robert's wrath because he believed that Robert would kill them too. Also, you did not (no obligation needed :)) addressed about all in that room knowing that Ned Stark Was the Lord Protector and Regent of the Realm. Selmy confirmed it was King Robert's will and Cersei read (Robert's Will) to all to hear "Protector of the Realm" Afterwards she said it was just a piece of paper - it was not it was Robert's will - and tore it apart. She had no authority because she was not a member of the small council, her son was a minor and she was not Regent, which she, herself, confirmed when she read that Ned was Lord Protector. As Lord Commander of the King's Guard, he should have immediately arrested her. Also, all there heard Cersei confirming Ned Stark as Protector of the Realm and therefore all there are traitors for arresting the Regent Lord Protector and Hand of the King and killing his men.
  3. God point! Yes, Maegor was forbidden to take a second wife. But was not forgiven because he was a Prince and a Prince did not have the right to do so. He did not marry again because the King forbade him. Had the King allowed he would. A Targaryen King could take more than one wife and any male Targaryen could act the same way if the King allowed it. Therefore if the Mad King did allow or not is important.
  4. The Realm care about the facts that are known? King Baratheon made Ned Stark write a will. A known fact. Selmy acknowledged it as Robert's Will. A find strange people speaking about Ned's treason like you and others did. It was Cersei who committed treason by destroying her husband’s will and putting a non-Baratheon on the Iron Throne. She committed treason when she tore up her husband's will. King Baratheon will is law and could only be legally undone by a Great Council. Who the hell is Cersei? Nobody. She was not a member of the small council, she was not the Hand of the King, she was not Regent and her son was a minor. Here is what the King told Ned Stark: “You won’t fail me. You rule now.” And his own words to Ned Stark when he (Ned) was writing his will: “I hereby command Eddward of House Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Hand of the King, to serve as Lord Protector and Regent of the Realm upon my death, to rule in my stead, …”. Until Joffrey come of age Eddward Stark was the Iron Throne, Ned was the Hand, Ned was the Protector of the Realm, not Joffrey or his mother, Ned was Lord Regent! When Ned Stark arrived before Joffrey, he arrived as the Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, Regent and Protector of the Realm and Hand of the King! He was the Iron Throne and until Joffrey came of age, he was the ruler and all had to obey him. The King’s Guard, the Lord Commander, the Hound and Cersei Lannister had to bow before him and honor him. Even Joffrey, still a minor, was supposed to obey him. As King Robert told Ned, you rule now. And what happened to a known fact, what happened to Robert's Will, confirming Eddward Stark as Lord Protector of the Realm by Cersei Lannister own words? It was torn apart. All saw what she did; she tore the letter in pieces after reading herself that Ned was indeed Lord Protector of the Realm. So it was a known fact known to all in that room. Selmy failed as Lord Commander. After Cersei tore up the letter he should immediately have ordered the King's Guard to arrest her for treason. She acknowledged that Robert's Will made Eddward Stark Regent and couldn't give a damn about it. Selmy said "Those were the king's words". Selmy was a failure as LC and after Cersey admitted Ned was indeed Regent and Protector of the Realm and considering that Ned was also the Hand of the King and Joffrey a minor, all in that room knew Ned was supposed to rule and committed treason killing his men and arresting him! It was a known fact to all in that room! They are all traitors to King Robert and his nominated Regent! Eddward Stark could have started his rule sending Tommen and his sister to be fostered at Winterfell. They would have no choice but to go with Ned’s daughters to the North. He could have demanded his son to bring Jaime Lannister to Kings Landing.to suffer Justice. Because of his honor, mercifully not wanting Cersei;s sons to die because of her treason incestuous acts, he told her to leave King’s Landind with her children. Eddward made mistakes without a doubt. He should have Cersei arrested when she confessed him her crimes, called Renly Baratheon and Loras Tyrell and together with his men sized all three (Cersei’s) children. After that send his man to bring King Robert back and then told him what happened. If the ‘accident’ had already happened told him all nevertheless, invoked the King’s Guard with its Commander, the small council and a few others and let them know that Cersei’s children were Jaime’s. That what I would have done.
  5. Aegon I Targaryen, known as Aegon the Conquerer had two wives. Did anyone call them bastards?
  6. They inherit directly Dragonstone, Summerhall and indirectly (rule) Westeros. And the Vale's children would be Arryns and he Riverrun's Tullys.
  7. You presume she was abducted. She might have gone willingly. You presume he took her as a mistress. You forget that the Targaryens could have more than one wife. The King had that right and any male Targaryen with the consent of the King.Lyanna Stark was touched by Rhaegar's song, some even say that she was the Knight of the Laughing Tree. If it is shown later on in the books that she went willingly and that they were married by a Septon (or High Septon) with the consent of the King then they would be husband and wife. The Starks would have been somehow dishonored (Lyanna broke her betrothal) but at the end, Rickard Stark would have been happy his grandson would be a Targaryen. If that is true then the Mad King is really totally insane and instead of just telling them the truth chose to get them and their fathers killed.
  8. Brandon Stark demanded justice because his sister had been abducted and raped (presumed by him) by Prince Rhaegar. And Lyanna Stark was betrothed to Robert Baratheon. A Sire is supposed to make justice in his domain/realm. There was no treason, he did not demand the Prince to be killed. He demanded direct combat to death with Prince Rhaegar. Don`t forget that Rhaegar was a very good swordsman and won the Harrenhal Tournament. A trial by combat is any Lord's right. Even the crazed delusional assassin Lysa Arryn (Tully) allowed the Imp a trial by combat to decide his fate. The King or the Prince could also have chosen one of the Kingsguard to fight in his stead. Also, I have to agree there is another side of the coin. If Lyanna Stark went willingly with Rhaegar and with the consent of King married, then Brandon's demand was not just but he did not know that. The King should have him arrested, called his father Rickard Stark to King's Landing, which he did, told him what happened and had Brandon arrested for some time or keep him as a hostage. But no he declared them traitors for defending their sister/daughters integrity for being kidnapped and raped. Unbelievable!
  9. I do hope that you are speaking about the Night's Watch command. Even Ned Stark (as Warden of the North/Hand of the King - not Lord Commander) would have gone to extremes to save his family. I do hope that you mean atrocity because of him breaking the NW law! The Bolton are using atrocity, flaying, hostages, and terror to rule the North. Not Honor and Tradition. Also, they brought many Freys to the North which the North despises for killing their Sire as a guest. In the North killing someone as his guests is comparable to Kinslkaying. A lot of Northerners will /did join King Stannis, a Southerner, to fight against the Boltons. Imagine if/when they discover that Sansa Stark or Brandon Stark 'came' back to fight the Boltons? A great part of them would join them. Now Bowen did the right thing because if Jon does die and returns from death ( a lá Beric Dondarrion), he will be free from the NW vows, allowing him to treat the Bolton's abomination directly without problems.
  10. Have you forgotten on A Dance with Dragons that Jon Snow demanded from all the Wildlings Bronze, Silver, Gold and jewelry when they 'entered' the NW so he could melt them to have plenty of coins? Have forgotten that he spoke to a merchant to ensure provisions for the Winter?
  11. Upon making their vow for the Night's Watch they say I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. He would have gone south of the Wall into North of Westeros to remove the Boltons from power in Winterfell. He has to die at his post. He cannot take any side on any Westeros war. Aemon Targaryen was Maester of the Night Watch. When Robert Baratheon defied the Mad King, Aerys II he did not leave the Night's Watch to join his family against him. When Prince Rhaegar was killed by Robert he stayed on the Watch. When Aerys II and 2 of Rhaegar's sons were murdered and the rest Targaryens were exiled he did not leave the Night's Watch because they seek no glory wear no crowns; defend no crown, even when the King holding the Crown is his family (Aemon's case), they die on their post. Jon Snow broke his vow when he wanted to leave his post as Lord Commander and use the Night's Watch to fight for his family against the Boltons.
  12. Robb might have been a traitor to King Stannis Baratheon that by law was Robert's legitimate heir. Catelyn Stark was told by Jaime Lannister himself that he flung Brandon from the window, Robb, therefore, knew that Joffrey was illegitimate and could not by right rule from the Iron Throne. By his point of view Cersei, Jaime and the children of theirs were the traitors. Don't forget the war, all the killings, all the suffering and all devastation in Westeros that started after the war began happened for one reason, to wit, Cersei Lannister opened her legs to her brother and not to her husband! She aborted Robert's child! I believe that many people forget that. Do not forget the truth, if Cersei did her duty as wife and Queen there would be no war. Now you believe that a person, now Lord of Winterfell, knowing his brother was crippled for discovering the incestuous state of the two Lannisters, that his father was arrested because he did not want a filthy incestuous teen bastards (Joffrey) to take over, illegitimately, the Iron Throne should bow to 'King Joffrey' ? This is madness. Jon Snow knew that tens of thousands of wildlings would join the Others dead army. He knew the Lords would not believe about the Others return, that the war would make it even more difficult to get new people for the watch, so he accepted the Wildlings to increase its defense. Bowen Marsh indeed had the right to get rid of Jon as Lord Commander after he decided to take Wildlings and people of the Night's Watch to fight against the Boltons. He cannot interfere in Westeros affairs! When Jon did that he indeed unquestionable broke his vow.
  13. The Starks are the Northeners Liege Lord and therefore also the Bolton's Liege. The on did not switch only alliances they betrayed the Starks and participate in the killing of many of their vassals( Robb) in the red wedding. He did not switch openly against his Liege and started siding with the Lannisters in the battlefield but concealed his pledge to Joffrey and pretended he was still his loyal bannerman and killed him in a wedding. It makes it even worse because Roose Bolton believed that Cersei's children were not Robert's. Jaime Lannister himself got the message when he left Harrenhal and Roose Bolton said his nephew in a way that he knew (believed) it was actually his son.
  14. Strange that you speak of legality here. To start the Boltons betrayed House Stark who rules the North in the Twins. Second Roose Bolton is the Warden of nothing. An incestuous person cannot inherit anything and therefore Tommen cannot be King of Westeros. Jon, like Stannis, believes (correctly) that Cersei’s children are Jaime’s not Robert’s children. With the Targaryen as an exception incestuous people cannot even take over a hold, a piece of land, a house, a tavern, nothing at all! They cannot even marry other people. The Faith does not allow them to. No Septon would marry that person. Therefore Tommen’s betrothal not even exists. Being that the case Tommen is no prince, no King and cannot legally give the Warden of the North to anyone. Therefore Roose Bolton is not, legally and by the Faith, Warden of anything. Jon couldn`t care less that an incestuous person gave him the North and therefore properly did not recognize the Bolton’s rights at Winterfell. Jon Snow therefore has all the right to protect any person against an imbecile vile traitor’s bastard son, to wit, Ramsey Snow. Yes a Snow for an incestuous person (Tommen) cannot legalize anyone or even himself. Yes John is responsible for Mance actions. I do agree with that. However he is not breaking and hospitality tradition considering Winterfell belongs to the Starks, not to the Bolton or a false legalized Snow. All people there know about it. The Northern people know what Tommen is and what the Boltons are (incestuous garbage and traitor) and even so they are there. All of them could have been executed. If the real Araya Stark was there she would be the Ruler of Winterfell and her husband just a consort. Yes, Jon Snow has the right to protect the Lady of the North Araya Stark (he believes is her) from anyone. Tommen is an incestuous baloney, Ramsey is a Snow and ‘Arya’ the righteous ruler of Winterfell. If you are using legality, then use it for all, not against one and not against the others! That said I do agree with you on the people of the Night Watch trying to kill Jon Snow. Bowen Marsh acted after Jon had decided to group up Windlings and Night Watchers and go to Winterfell to fight against the Boltons after Stannis supposed death. This act broke his vows directly. As faz as I remmember Bowen Marsh was crying when he stabed Jon. He did it not with happiness or hatred, but because he believed it was his duty.
  15. Where is the Bran Stark is Bran the Builder Theory?