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  1. Indeed there are a few mysteries there. I do admit it. People spoke about many important facts, like Marsh crying, Jon not being able to pull his sword after being stabbed only twice (once for real for the other was a cut) and so on. People have not talk about the letter already being opened though. They had already read it. Jon notes some kind os stain on the seal. So they already knew what had happened and then he told them what was in the letter and they had a small discussion about it. The fact that Ghost was already weary about them showed the direwolf felt they wanted to kill Jon. They had already planned it before Jon read the letter because they read it before him or the one who read it told them. They guest he would do something wrong from the Watch point of view, which he did when he asked people to join him against Ramsey Bolton.
  2. Welcome. Yes a lot of disbelieve and grudge will come from those two deaths (Kevan and Maester) Cersei will also suspect Dorne once she discovers Mace Tyrell and Lady Nym are lovers - by Ralphis Baratheon From where that comes from. Not the books.
  3. Yes, congratulations. I understood why the Spider had Kevan killed' he explained that himself. I had not understood, however, why he had the Archmaester killed. You are right it will make the Tyrells look even more guilty because he told to the Court before Cersei that he was giving Moon Tea to Margery. He won't be able to testify now and that will probably absolve her before the Faith's Judgment. The Spider is worse than Littlefinger man. Devious indeed. I do hope however that he manages or aids for the Fall of the Lannisters now in power.
  4. Evil they are considering they change the balance of life and death. After you die, you are dead, regardless where your soul is or goes. In GRRM's world probably there are souls considering the two younger Starks dreams of Ned's death and talking to him inside the crypt in their dreams. Also, Lord Beric was brought back to life by the Red Priest Throros many times. The Others kill humans and bring their bodies back with no free will; they are mindless "zombies" doing their master's bidding. To use a person as a mind slave for itself is evil, to kill them and bring them back with no free will completely mind slaves is worse. Now that said the Others themselves might have reasons and these reasons might be logical or reasonable but I seriously doubt it. On GoT book they surround the Knight and use a king of laughter when an other Other is fighting him. They have brains, use smearing words and relish on killing. Yes, they are evil. Even if they have a reason.
  5. If indeed Lyanna Stark was the Knight of the LT then you might be right and they probably set guards to follow her wherever she went to stop her from breaking any betrothal arrangements. Why you are right about the King's right to marry his own children, especially his first born and future King, However, I never heard that the King declared both the Starks and his son Rhaegar traitors. After he burnt Rickard Stark alive and had his son Brandon strangled himself, he declared the Starks and Baretheons traitors and demanded that Jon Arryn gave Ned and Robert away to him so they could be killed. He did not demand Robert, Edward and Rhaegar's heads! If the Mad King, in fact, thought Rhaegar plotted something with the Starks he would have declared his Crown Prince a traitor which he did not. Also, Prince Rhaegar became the head Commander of the Lords defending the Mad King's Kingdom against Robert Baratheon which makes no sense if the King saw him plotting with the Starks. The reason Prince Rhaegar did not go directly to King's Landing and never send ravens to the lords telling that Lyanna went with him willingly, that he did not kidnap her and that they married (if they did - not known yet) is because he would have lost Dorne. If the Mad King saw Rhaegar plotting with the Starks he would never, ever have allowed his first born to become the Head Commander of his defenses against Robert's Rebellion. Also, history and rightful things are written and done by the victors and the one holding the power. Had Prince Rhaegar defeated Robert at the Trident then he would have come back to King's Landing with a big army and would have done one of two things. 1) Demanded that the Mad KIng legitimized Lyanna as his second wife in court to all to see and also by writtings and then taken both his wives and his children to Dragonstone by threatening the Mad King with deposal if he refused. 2) If the King, even so, refused, deposed him, which would be easy considering the Lords already knew the King's madness; legitimized Lyanna himself; if Ned still alive pardoned him and made him Warden of the North and called for a Great Council to legitimize his father deposal. Anyway I never read in the books that the Mad King declared his first born a traitor.
  6. Excellent analytic parallel thinking. Congratulations. Indeed it would make another Aegon coming after the VI the VII who would be Mr. Jon the Snowy Bastard of Winterfell, the Great (Targ + Stark) Bastard of Westeros Aegon VII. Cool indeed. I do hope you are right.
  7. Exactly. Prince Rhaegar is mistaken about some things and right about the three heads. He "knows" about the 3 heads and believes them to be his 3 children. So one more is needed. The third would be Jon, but because Rhaenys is de fact dead, the gods have chosen Daenerys as the third. She is the mother of Dragons. For example, Melisandre (Red Priestess) saw a young lady arriving with a horse at the Watch and she told Jon that it was her sister. The vision was indeed true a girl did arrived at Castle Black but it was Alys Karstark. She was wrong about the person arriving but the vision showed her indeed the future. When Melisandre tells Jon about the knives stabbing him she saw the truth. The same way Prince Rhaegar was right about the three (3) heads. Indeed 3 people but he is wrong about all of them being his children. 2 are and 1 (Daenerys) is not.
  8. They don't hate the Targaryen considering that the called BlackFyres are Targaryens. Daemon Waters was legitimized by King Aegon IV and receives from him the BlackFyre Sword. He was legitimized and so he and his descendants have rights for the Iron Throne. The Golden Company always thought for them; true. But after five generations, the Blackfyre Pretenders had all been killed. The Targaryens called BlackFyre are no more. Yes, it is true, the Golden Company would not change "sides" if they (BlackFyes) were still alive, but they are gone. So by staying behind the real Aegon they can achieve what they never, ever did: Victory!
  9. Your point of view is based on facts and are very logical. I congratulate you. And you might be right and Aegon be indeed a Fake. I however disagree and still believe he is a true Targaryen for two strong and simple reasons. 1) Why would Varys lie to a person (Kevan Lannister) at his mercy that he could/would and did kill in a few seconds later? Varys knew Kevan would die. Lie? What is the reason for that? What is the advantage he receives with that? None. Kevan was now bantha fodder. 2) In the book A Dance with Dragons we can read Lord Jon Connington own thoughts about Aegon being the real son of Prince Rhaegar. As you see even if the Spider is lying to both Aegon and Jon Connington to use them to do his bidding what is the logical reason to lie to Kevan Lannister? Tell him the truth and then kill him and I believe Varys just did that.
  10. Is that a joke? Many Lords and Knights lost castles and lands because they supported the BackFyre's claim. They went east and formed the Golden Company. They defended the BackFyre's rebellion many times and many Lords in Westeros supported them and had their land seized too. Many of them now are descendants from that lot. They want to get their family's land and titles back and also new ones from the ones who fight against them and lose. Considering they always lost supporting a "fake" Targaryen (BlackFyre), now they support a real one with a Lord who was a Hand to the real late King, to wit, Lord Jon Connington and expecting that another real Targaryen (Daenerys) with Dragons comes to their aid and even marries Aegon. The Golden Company knows they never, ever had such a chance to finally win.
  11. He cares because he wants stability. Book Varys tells Kevan that was undoing a lot of stupid decisions that Cersey did and putting the Faith that almost destroyed the Lannister's reputation to uphold King Tommen and so he wanted him out of the picture; he also tells Kevan that Tommen believes all have to obey him because he is King but Aegon washed his own clothes, walk among commons and low lordlings. Knew the hardship of lives and would try to govern in the best way he could. You see he does care to a certain degree about the common folk and about stability and about the Aegon boy. He had Kevan Lannister as his mercy and the Spider could kill him anytime he wanted, which he did. So Varys told him what he really believes. There was no reason to lie to a person who is going to be killed a few seconds later.
  12. Why everyone presumes he is a fake Aegon, that he is a Backfyre. He is Aegon Targaryen. The baby was switch days before the Mountain got there. The Spider had that arranged. We even have Lord Connington own thoughts about Aegon being the real one in "A Dance with Dragons" book. Remember Daenerys when he saw a vision in the about her older Brother Crown Prince Rhaegar saying there needed to be 3. The Dragon has 3 heads. Daenerys, Jon and him.
  13. I believe he does has a real concern about them. He stood by the Mad Targaryen King until the end and told him what would happen if he opened the gates of King~s Landing. He wants something that the Noble and people look up to and so avoid chaos, disorder, and anarchy. And he sees the Targaryen as capable of doing so because of the myths that follow this ancient family.
  14. No. The bet was not between LF and the Imp. LF lied to Catelyn saying that it was a bet between them to instigate House Stark against House Lannister. Catelyn had Tyrion arrested and Lord Tywin called his banners. Later on, the Imp tells Catelyn that he never bets against his family. The bet was between King Robert (wagered on Loras Tyrell) and LF (wagered on Jaime Lannister). LF lost and King Robert got the Valyrian Steel Dagger.
  15. First I believe you meant Aegon I's g-g-g-g-g-g granddaughter, right. Because Daenerys Targaryen is Aerys II's daughter! Second and you? You think the promised prince isn't Aegon II's great-great-great-great-great grandson Aegon Targaryen (a.k.a. Jon Snow). I don't know what to say. Sincerely. I know that Daenerys will sit on the Iron Throne at the end of the Books and rule Westeros. I believe that after the Winter she will return to Essos to make sure the former slaves continue free and so on. I, however, believe Jon Snow is the promised prince, son of Ice and Fire and that he will sacrifice himself to save Westeros from the Others. I do hope that both he and she would marry and rule but knowing how GRRM is and also he himself saying that the end will be bittersweet, it is, unfortunately, unlikely to happen. At least I hope she gets pregnant of him before he dies and so we know their son will rule eventually... Finally about the vision where Daenerys sees Rhaegar speaking about three. Three Heads, three dragons and so on. I believe this is literally about the three Targaryens. The "son" Jon Connington, the Daughter of Aerys II and the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar. That means that all 3 are real Targaryens. Obviously, that being true means that John will die get her pregnant and Aegon, son of Rhaegar and Elia will rule Westeros. Or maybe two of them will die off.