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  1. No. The bet was not between LF and the Imp. LF lied to Catelyn saying that it was a bet between them to instigate House Stark against House Lannister. Catelyn had Tyrion arrested and Lord Tywin called his banners. Later on, the Imp tells Catelyn that he never bets against his family. The bet was between King Robert (wagered on Loras Tyrell) and LF (wagered on Jaime Lannister). LF lost and King Robert got the Valyrian Steel Dagger.
  2. First I believe you meant Aegon I's g-g-g-g-g-g granddaughter, right. Because Daenerys Targaryen is Aerys II's daughter! Second and you? You think the promised prince isn't Aegon II's great-great-great-great-great grandson Aegon Targaryen (a.k.a. Jon Snow). I don't know what to say. Sincerely. I know that Daenerys will sit on the Iron Throne at the end of the Books and rule Westeros. I believe that after the Winter she will return to Essos to make sure the former slaves continue free and so on. I, however, believe Jon Snow is the promised prince, son of Ice and Fire and that he will sacrifice himself to save Westeros from the Others. I do hope that both he and she would marry and rule but knowing how GRRM is and also he himself saying that the end will be bittersweet, it is, unfortunately, unlikely to happen. At least I hope she gets pregnant of him before he dies and so we know their son will rule eventually... Finally about the vision where Daenerys sees Rhaegar speaking about three. Three Heads, three dragons and so on. I believe this is literally about the three Targaryens. The "son" Jon Connington, the Daughter of Aerys II and the son of Lyanna and Rhaegar. That means that all 3 are real Targaryens. Obviously, that being true means that John will die get her pregnant and Aegon, son of Rhaegar and Elia will rule Westeros. Or maybe two of them will die off.
  3. With all due respect, I believe the wrong question is being asked here. What's important to know is to whom the dagger belonged to right before Bran was almost killed by it and why LF lied about it. LF made a bet against King Robert Baratheon. LF bet his Valyrian Steel Dagger that the Kingslayer Jaime would win a tourney and the King bet his luck on Loras Tyrell, who won. So Robert took the Dagger. LF, the same one who made Lysa Arryn poison and kill her husband Jon Arryn, the Hand of the King, lied to Catelyn Stark, telling her that he set his favor with Jaime and that Tyrion Lannister bet against him and therefore won the Valyrian Steel Dagge from him. Besides that LF also made Lysa Arryn send a message to Catelyn Stark, her sister, in Winterfell in which she lies that the Lannisters had killed Jon Arryn. He did all that to instigate War and try to gain the most of it, in influence, power, and gold. As he told the Spider Chaos is a Ladder.
  4. So her lies are not self-comforting but pure survival? Are you sure? How can you explain that when she keeps her lies even when not in the presence of any Baratheon or Lannister. She knows Mycah was innocent and also that he had been killed by the Hound and says to Arya that is is not the same thing and that the Hound the is Prince Joffrey's sworn shield and adds "Your butcher's boy attacked the Prince." Unbelievable. She knows the Hound killed an innocent human being; she does not care; calls him a butcher's boy like he has no name and has no meaning whatsoever which goes against the sample of her father (Ned sometimes called even Old Nam to sit by him at the table) and lies directly in her sister's face, which she knows was there and knows the truth, to wit, Mycah did not attack Joffrey. GoT quote => Arya screwed up her face in a scowl. "Jaime Lannister murdered Jory and Heward and Wyl, and the Hound murdered Mycah. Somebody should have beheaded them." "It's not the same," Sansa said. "The Hound is Joffrey's sworn shield. Your butcher's boy attacked the prince." Afterward, she goes on and tells Araya that after she becomes Queen her sister will have no choice but to bow to her. Her life was not in jeopardy. What an insensitive snob liar noble whore she is!
  5. Arya Stark approached the ship and they thought she was a boy. Araya noted the people there were different ones and therefore a trap. If Cersei did not know exactly what ship she would have gone in as a 'boy' and there inside revealed who she was to the captain or someone else. She walked days in King's Landing and no one noticed who she was but Yoren from the Night Watch. Cersei had spies all over King's Landing but they never noted her presence. To hell with Sansa.
  6. No, Sansa did not plan but made it happen when he let Cersei Lannister know about the ship. King's Landing is on the East side of Westeros. The ship would go up and probably pass through some towns where they might have discovered 'news' about the Ironborn. The ship would probably stop at Gulltown and or Old Anchor. She could have stopped/gone to the Vale or way up to White Harbor by the Manderly.
  7. She also stopped Arya escape of King's Landing by ship making it a trap instead of a way out of there. All suffering Arya had was caused by that decision. Arya tried to use her exploring knowledge to leave the Red Keep and escape King's Landing through that ship. He did reach the ship but did not go 'home' ! Why? Because of Sansa Stark. Yes, she gave information that eased Arya capture which did not happen but that information did not allow her to get to the ship and therefore all suffering, humiliation before, in and after Harrenhal is Sansa's fault!
  8. Daenerys is The More Beautiful Queen. It is known.
  9. The Prophecy very probably refers to Petyr Baelish (LF). House Baelish's sigil is a Titan's head 'taken' from the Giant Statue of Bravos.
  10. I believe people are asking the wrong question here. First I believe Sansa will survive. Second, even if she dies, by prophecy she will slay the Giant (Littefinger). It is Littlefinger being killed by her. Unless LF kills Sansa and Arya using her face kills him.
  11. I hope they survive: Jon, Arya, Daenerys, Sansa, Bran, Brienne, Tyrion, Davos, Sandor Clegane and Jaime (on the Wall). Who I believe will survive: Arya, Daenerys, Bran and Tyrion
  12. Frey family reunion - read above Wow. Congratulations to put up all those kinds of Queens during and after the age of the Targaryen. It is funny but at the same time true!
  13. I agree it is survival and if she behaved differently she might have been beheaded. She indeed, most of the time, had no other choice. She is not a nasty, very selfish or evil person like the craven evil ego-centered Joffrey. However, she did go to Cersei and told her what her father was up to and that was selfish. She did not let go of her dreams of Kings, Queens, Holy noble Knights with noble hearts, even after her father told them (Sansa & Arya) to say nothing of it to anyone. This was not survival of her life, but the survival of her dreams, of her will and that is selfish! It was a betrayal of trust, yes, but not a real betrayal. Sansa did not know that Joffrey was Cersei son with Jaime. Ned Stark did not tell her that. He did not show her the Book, which shows that all children the Baratheons had with Lannister and other blond hair nobles had black hair, that the "Robert's seed is strong" meant King Robert not his son Robert (Jon Arryn quote). that probably Brandon caught Cersei and Jaime and was flung from Winterfell's Tower. If Ned had told her then it would have been betrayal without a doubt. She acted in her self interest here, true, but she could not have guessed what would happen.
  14. I do agree that she somehow knew she had a role to play and that it was connected to her hairnet. She somehow knew something would occur that would allow her to escape King's Landing. True. And she might have guessed Joffrey's downfall but she could have known for sure about it. That's why I believe full knowledge does not apply to this situation. By that time the only way to a King to fall was he to be killed or arrested. She knew it meant her escape and she could not have been sure about his death/downfall. As you wrote yourself "...she SOMEHOW has a role to play in WHATEVER goes down by wearing the net. Yes, she guessed, yes she probably figured he might die (downfall) but she could not have been sure about it. She somehow guessed that it would and that her hairnet had a role to play on it; she might even have assumed that her hairnet was poisoned and went on with it anyway but she was not certain about it! Guessing and full knowledge/understanding that it would be Joffrey's downfall (death/arrest) are different things.
  15. I do hope you are right about her. He has become cold and trained assassins usually are so. In the Old Testament times, in Medieval times and in GRRM's ASOIAF people have the right to vengeance. The Rat Cook story confirms that; the Cook had the right to kill the offender's son, cook him and give it to his father to eat it. He, however, had no right to do so breaking the Guest's Right! Therefore having Robb Stark and his men betrayed and killed, which by itself give any Stark the right of retribution, but much more so because it was done under Guest's Right, under Lord Frey's roof, making it a crime, an abomination so terrible in the sight of men and 'gods' like they like to say, that even indirectly being connected to it makes it disgusting, unhonorable and a sin (in the book); even the High Septon asked Cersei Lannister if she or her family had anything to do with it and she denies (lies) it. Any Stark alive has then right to revenge himself, killing any person that concocted it together and/or took part in the killings themselves. And considering how Sansa is and considering how young Rickon is and considering how magical and knowledgeable and righteous Brandon might become and considering how honorable and preoccupated with the Others Jon Snow is if Lady Stoneheart does not do her job I am happy to know that Arya of House Stark will finish the job. Alleluia for that.