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  1. Official Season 7 Promo Released

    s6e8 jaime talking to edmure about cat stark and Cersei "they'd start a war,burn cities to ash and free their worst enemies. Cersei started a war,burnt a city to in the trailer Cersei as ice breath which we all can see, but free their worst enemies ? White walkers? Or just a ref to cat freeing jaime
  2. Davos and Tormund's talk

    Jon snow is not a king he is the prince that was promised
  3. Fall of the wall

    Was thinking how the children of the forest caused the arm of dorne to sink,must of been some real powerful magic,what if tho the wall is like a literal ice breaker and the others are the hammer and when the wall falls the south of the wall(winterfell,vale etc) will all sink
  4. Only five will survive brienne,tyrion,bran,hodor and theon that would be bitter sweet ending humanity survives but to restart the race you got the ugliest wench,a noseless mismatched eyed ugly dwarf,a cripple.a retard and someone without a cock
  5. What will Happen when/if dany and/or Tyrion meets jaime?

    if Tyrion is not a lannister he might end up with cr, using just his wits like lann the cleaver didhe's the wittiest character,Jaime from affc page 492 "I shall be the kingslayer till I die" got me thinking he will kill a dragon with his left hand and be known after his death as the dragon slayer
  6. Arya will die before the series ends

    Jon will kill her