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  1. Anything is possible but this is unlikely. Petyr's crimes will come to light and he will have too many enemies. I don't really believe that LF is serious about taking Sansa all the way to the top with him. She's just a pawn and a means to an end. Sansa is what Lysa was to LF, a tool he can use to get ahead and then discard when no longer needed.
  2. Robert doesn't have the patience and the temperament to rule anything larger than soldiers on the battlefield for a very brief and very narrow mission. He would have done better as a hedge knight. We complain about Tywin's poor family man skills for failing to see what was going on within his own household but Robert takes the award for failing to see what was right before his eyes. His wife and the man who was supposed to give up his own life to protect his was having an affair for 17 years! Sure, Cersei has a reason to fool around to pay him back for his infidelity. But Jaime has no excuse to repeatedly betray the man who pardoned him and he swore to protect. And Robert never reasoned it out. I know the twins were careful and many others who should have caught on were fooled but Robert is the husband. His domestic skills are poor to say the least and his rule was not much better.
  3. I have been and always will be a Daenerys admirer. So looking back at her character development from thirteen-year-old bride to Khal Drogo to Queen of Meereen, (and by rights the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men), Most Beautiful Woman in the World, and Mother of Dragons; I cannot help but be awed by her many power plays. I know the big moments are what most of her other fans think about but she made a few subtle but important plays early in her rise to power that are also almost as impressive. Winning the love of Khal Drogo and establishing herself as the Khaleesi is very impressive concerning she was very young and forced to adapt to a hard, nomadic culture. I want to know your favorite Daenerys power play. Do you have any more examples of her subtle but effective power moves?
  4. I think so. Tywin sent his blood-thirsty henchman to the Riverlands because the daughter of the lord arrested his son. Why not use dialogue first and work it out with the Starks before attacking innocent people who had nothing to do with Catelyn Stark. Barring that just go ahead and attack the Starks directly instead of punishing the wrong people.
  5. The slave master You're kidding yourself if you think the Masters will accept any trade for slavery. Slavery isn't just a matter of economy. It is a social system that confers to these men the highest position they know: being the master of men. There's ego and class to think of. Can you offer the lords of Westeros something that will make them agree to become common? Do you believe Tywin Lannister and Ned Stark would agree to do away with the class system and agree to let their families become common? Ned Stark would fight to the death before anyone hooked a plow to Sansa. Tywin would exhaust his levies and let them all die before letting himself become common. The Masters are the same way. They will do anything to hold on to their high status. It is inevitable that most of them will fight until they die to protect the slave trade and the owning of slaves. They will have to die. The survivors will need to be broken and all of their abilities to take up arms against Dany's government and the free people taken from them. Only a complete tear down of the masters, their families, and the slaving system can guarantee the freedom for the people. The war for freedom is not over. Wait until it's over before judging whether it's successful or not. Don't mistake the cease fire for anything but the masters gathering their strength. All of the people who got executed were benefiting from and participating in the enslavement of their fellow human beings. They all had blood on their hands from a lifetime of profiting in slavery. Every single one of those masters probably had a box at the fighting pits. If you were of the master class in Mereen you were profiting and benefiting from the slave trade. It's that simple. I'm not saying they were the ones who physically lifted up the slave children and hammered the nails. None of them did that. That's too much manual labor. They ordered it done and had other slaves kill slaves. They're used to it. The fighting pits is a major part of their culture. It's their football, basketball, rugby, dancing with the stars, The Voice UK, all combined. And if you buy a ticket to the fighting pits and cheer on as slaves kill slaves then you're guilty of murder. Dany's war against the Masters is the most justified use of force in aSoIaF. It's not a war where thousands are killed to save the life of two young men (Jon Arryn). I will add, it's not even a war where thousands of farmers and craftsmen are sent to kill other farmers and craftsmen just because a rival family arrested the drunkard son of the House. It's not an emotional war where a grief stricken brother wants to lead thousands to kill thousands just to rescue a beloved sister from a terrible marriage. Dany's war can end slavery for good and save millions from a fate worse than death. Many will surely die to win this war but they would have died for a good cause. If there is any good cause to fight this is it. Fight for freedom and fight for a better future. The war is like a bad case of the flu. Things will get worse before they get better but freedom is worth it.
  6. I don't want Jon to come back to life.
  7. Perhaps the crannogman made sure to elaborate on Ashara because she became important after the tournament. Important like the mother of Jon Snow. Howland conveyed his wonder and awe to his children with the story. The little crannogman was like a country boy in the big city for the first time. That's how I interpret his focus on the pageantry. It's too strong of an assumption to think Rhaegar was trying to undermine his father. The kingdom was stable and the economy was doing great. Nobody wants to cause problems when business is good. I don't know, maybe Rhaegar was indeed the fool that he was. Because that's what he would be, a classic fool, if he was trying to make a disturbance while the kingdom was enjoying a period of prosperity. People couldn't give a damn what Aerys did at the Red Keep as long as the gold kept flowing and good weather prevailed.
  8. I would have had Jaime Lannister killed.
  9. Brandon threatened the royal family in public. He rode into the keep, fully armed and making threats. There was no need for a trial.
  10. They want independence but will want help when the white walkers come calling. Give them a choice. Bend the knee to the throne and provide a valued family member as hostage (to be killed should the kingdoms make an attempt to break their promise after the white walkers are defeated) and get help against the WW. Or remain independent and fight the WW on their own. Whatever you do, do not trust them to keep their word. Require a valuable hostage or two and be prepared to destroy them completely if they give any hints of breaking their agreement.
  11. That oathbreaker of a so-called king broke his oath to Walder. Robb screwed Walder and the Freys and they collected in style. The RW is one of the best military moves in the books. Walder and Roose took down the more powerful Starks and limited their own casualties. Robb would betray Walder if it served the interest of House Stark. I have no doubt that Robb would throw the Freys under the bus if it would save his family. Well, throwing Robb under the bus saved the Freys from the Lannisters. Robb doesn't deserve loyalty from the Freys after what he did to them.
  12. Jon's oath breaking decision to attack Ramsay and Bowen's reaction to it is one of the most discussed topics in the fandom. I side with those who say that Jon betrayed that NW and Bowen had no choice but to stop him. I don't think the attackers were warged. What they did makes sense when you consider what Jon said he was going to do. The men do not need to be warged to take action to stop his foolish plans to attack the Boltons. Jon's intent was stupid and suicidal as well as oathbreaking. The stabbing of Jon Snow made perfect sense. Bowen Marsh and the men of the NW couldn't let their commander lead a wildling army attack the Warden of the north and his family. It accomplished a lot. It stopped a madman from starting a war that the watch could not win against people they should be protecting from the white walkers.
  13. This could very well be the truth. Legends make the world of ice and fire more realistic. Think of the legends that people had during the middle ages. How many were true. To answer the Alaskan Sandman, I believe Daenerys is Azor Ahai. At least she fulfilled the role of AA when she woke her dragons from stone. Her Khal Drogo was the Nissa Nissa of this time.
  14. It would make sense that they share the same genes.
  15. There were not that many Targaryens to start with. It's not as if there were a lot of single and available Targaryens available to form marriage alliance with. The preferred alliance in those days were with the Velaryons.