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  1. Jon's oath breaking decision to attack Ramsay and Bowen's reaction to it is one of the most discussed topics in the fandom. I side with those who say that Jon betrayed that NW and Bowen had no choice but to stop him. I don't think the attackers were warged. What they did makes sense when you consider what Jon said he was going to do. The men do not need to be warged to take action to stop his foolish plans to attack the Boltons. Jon's intent was stupid and suicidal as well as oathbreaking. The stabbing of Jon Snow made perfect sense. Bowen Marsh and the men of the NW couldn't let their commander lead a wildling army attack the Warden of the north and his family. It accomplished a lot. It stopped a madman from starting a war that the watch could not win against people they should be protecting from the white walkers.
  2. This could very well be the truth. Legends make the world of ice and fire more realistic. Think of the legends that people had during the middle ages. How many were true. To answer the Alaskan Sandman, I believe Daenerys is Azor Ahai. At least she fulfilled the role of AA when she woke her dragons from stone. Her Khal Drogo was the Nissa Nissa of this time.
  3. It would make sense that they share the same genes.
  4. There were not that many Targaryens to start with. It's not as if there were a lot of single and available Targaryens available to form marriage alliance with. The preferred alliance in those days were with the Velaryons.
  5. Pink Letter The letter spilled the beans and exposed Jon's illegal activities. The letter was just the messenger of bad news. Jon had been up to no good and it was his attempts to take Arya away from Ramsay that caused the pink letter. In other words, the pink letter is the Bolton response to Jon's attack on their house. I want to make clear that sending your henchmen to take Arya away from Ramsay is an attack on the Bolton family. Stabbing The stabbing was not Bowen delivering judgement and punishing Jon. It's not revenge. It's not hate for Jon. It was Bowen the desperate officer of the night watch carrying out his duties to stop his crazed Lord Commander from doing something even more wrong that what he's already done. Jon was about to attack the Boltons. Bowen had no choice but to do what he can to prevent Jon from raiding the Boltons. Stabbing Jon was violent but given the situation that Jon put Bowen in, it was the right thing to do. Bowen did the right thing when he stabbed Jon.
  6. Toss up between Theon and Sansa. They're numbers 1 and 2. Jon would make the top five.
  7. I'm a Dany fanboy myself, mon ami. There is nothing that I would like better than to have Dany survive and rule wherever she wants for the next 80 years. I think it is a very safe bet that she will do so in the books. The show is less certain because the show writers are clumsy and they don't know how to write a good story. They get their ideas from the fans and it's all fan fiction now. But to be fair, George let them down because he failed to finish the books. So we don't know what ending the show will have. Perhaps killing off the secondary characters like Jaime, Arya, Sansa, Cersei, and Samwell would be bittersweet enough. Hell, the death of Viserion is bittersweet enough to last a lifetime. I say keep the casualties to Jaime, Cersei, Sansa, and Arya. I would like for Jon to join that casualty list but I think one of either Jon or Arya will survive. Arya is evil and the one more likely to die than Jon. Though Jon's death would have more of an impact.
  8. Haha, this is known! I do agree with you but just be mindful that even the incompetent can get lucky and survive. Take the case of Sansa. Now that is an incompetent that should have died with her direwolf but somehow managed to get lucky. It's time for her luck to run out. It's been time five seasons ago. Jon doesn't have the ability to rule or to command. He's better suited for the role of sergeant than that of general. He should definitely die in the battle with the white walkers, in my opinion. He took an oath to defend the realm against the white walkers and he should die at his post. He took an oath not to father any children, pursue glory, or rule over a kingdom. I may actually dislike him a lot less if he chooses to return to the wall to continue his watch. I don't think the white walkers will be defeated for good. This is the world of ice and fire after all. For the same reasons, I think the dragons are back in the world for good.
  9. The Dothraki are a warrior society. Every man on that field on the Dothraki side is a warrior. Not so on a Westerosi army. The Dothraki will always have the upper hand.
  10. It's always a delight to watch Daenerys riding Drogon. Count me now among the fans of the Dothraki. I have gained respect and appreciation for the Dothraki.
  11. Jon should have bent his knees when he first met Daenerys. He's out of excuses. If I were Dany, I would let Jon and the north battle the white walkers on their own for a while. Then let's see if that shithead Yohn Royce, Sansa, and Petyr Baelish still resists. I would not help Jon unless he bends the knee in front of all the north to see.
  12. That the trip will be dangerous is an understatement. Daenerys has greatness in her and she will overcome the distance and the danger with her brilliance. She outsmarted the Masters and the sellswords. If anyone can figure out a unique way to get an army across, it is Daenerys Stormborn, the rightful ruler of westeros. The land is suffering from all the incompetence of the likes of Robb Stark, Jon Snow (who betrayed the wall), Roose Bolton, Walder Frey, Robert Baratheon, Balon, and Renly. It is time for a Targaryen restoration (Not Jon Snow).
  13. Good points. Gender won't matter. Besides, she is the only one whose Targaryen identity cannot be questioned.
  14. Jon will get resurrected by the white walkers and he will become their thrall. He will be made to fight against the living for a time. The white walkers will take over the north and march south. Dany and Drogon will stop their advance at the Trident. Jon will be one of wights that Dany will burn at the Trident. His soul might warg into Ghost at the last moment and possibly live his second life in the wolf. In other words, Jon's ultimate fate is to live his life in a dog's body. I also think Arya will die in the last book and live as Nymeria. Her and Jon can finally be together. They will mate as wolves and have a litter of their own. The north will be a frozen wasteland at this point and it will stay that way for many years.