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  1. his biological father was mostly valyrian though not of andal/firstmen mix. I am biased toward the faith of the seven so i want a southron(andal/firstmen) king. Not a dornish one either.
  2. Becouse Jon is not southron.
  3. the thing i like the least with Daenerys is her bringing the Dothraki to Westeros.
  4. kin means family. The nightswathc is not very respected in the south so i doubt many would try to stop him. - Drown him like theon was drowned, then revive him. - If Jon left why cant the rest leave? How can jon prove he was dead? Jon leaving destroyed the nightswatch vows in the same way jaime killing aerys destroyed the meaning of the kingsguard vows. From the wiki Drowning and resurrection feature prominently in the prayers and rituals of the Drowned God religion. Sacrificial drowning is the traditional method of execution for the ironmen,[4][5]but it is also considered a holy act, and the most faithful have no fear of it. Newborns are "drowned" shortly after birth, being submerged into or anointed with saltwater. This is done as part of rites of the god, committing their bodies to the sea, so when they die they may find the Drowned God's halls. Both the method of execution and the newborn rite are referred to as being "given to the Drowned God".[6][1] During the anointment ritual, the priest has a person kneel. Using his skin of sea water, he pours a stream of it upon the person's head. As he does this he intones: “ Priest: Let <person> your servant be born again from the sea, as you were. Bless him with salt, bless him with stone, bless him with steel. Response: What is dead may never die. Priest: What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger.[2] Yes he has a sister, talla. I just think that the producers want to kill of the tarlys inorder to get a favorite(samwell) into a good position. Since sam is a friend of jons.
  5. - Daenerys burned Randyll and Dickon Tarly making way for Samwell to become head of house tarly. After the Tyrells died out i assume that house Tarly is the rulers of the reach. - I wonder how daenerys burning the tarlys will affect her relationship with jon aswell as samwell? Also how will it jons relationship with dany affect his relationship with samwell. Will samwell try to avenge his kin?
  6. hopefully fanservice will not translate into the books.
  7. He may father a king on Daenerys though. Who knows? It preserves the continiuity in govornance. The same families have ruled for thousands of years, rarely losing land. Good points! Jon is a bastard. Do someone with Taragryen Y-Dna have to father the next targaryen king or queen? Can not daenerys marry anyone she wants?
  8. maybe it was meant to be euron not lodos?
  9. My take on it - Prophecy can be trusted and do foreshadow events in mysterious ways (it is planned by the wirter. Prophecy is also a tool of foreshadowing whos goal is to make readers look for clues and become more intrested in book*s*.) - Prophecy should not be trusted, there have been many prophecies in the real world who was wrong if not most!
  10. If Daenerys don't destroy feudalism and aristocracy she is just a slave master with another title.
  11. The fear is a reality in the gift but for the rest of westeros it is more xenophobia than real danger. free folk may have gotten some andal blood throughout the years too
  12. Assimilation and integration will go both ways. Social standing will impact how the merging happens and what the endproduct is. Maybe they have some different religous costumes? The Weeper is blond which i think is a Andal trait. "Raids by Saxons, Picts, and the Scoti of Ireland had been ongoing in the late 4th century, but these increased in the years after 383. There were also large-scale permanent Irish settlements made along the coasts of Wales under circumstances that remain unclear.[6][7][8][9] Maximus campaigned in Britain against both the Picts and Scoti,[10][11] with historians differing on whether this was in the year 382 or 384 (i.e., whether the campaign was before or after he became Augustus). Welsh legend relates that before launching his usurpation, Maximus made preparations for an altered governmental and defence framework for the beleaguered provinces. Figures such as Coel Hen were said to be placed into key positions to protect the island in Maximus' absence. As such claims were designed to buttress Welsh genealogy and land claims, they should be viewed with some scepticism." I dont think the fear was irrational but it could have been exxagerated.
  13. Tx "Hidden valleys sustaining small numbers of people exist in the Frostfangs.[6] The Thenns live in one such valley in the northern Frostfangs." I just remeber that the valley the Thenns inhabit is supposed to be one of the larger heated springs valleys. The rest is just me making conclusion based on knowledge i had in the back of my head.
  14. Sorry my fault The Thenns occupy the best soil beyond the wall their valley named thenn is heated by hot springs and is the most temperate area. I think they would have needed a better, more stable system of organising inorder to hold the land.