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  1. Rhaegar should not jeopardise peace though! Smallfolk are human too, not only the nobillity.
  2. Stannis has the better legal claim but Renly is the better practical candidate.
  3. Stannis and Shireen are the last trueborn baratheon descendants of Rhaelle Targaryen whom Robert used to sterngthen his claim. Edric Storm who is one of roberts bastards is the only other commenly known descendant of rhaelle.
  4. Can wights make babies? Are wights fertile? Maybe it depends on the stage of wightification?
  5. Stannis used or intended to use Robert's bastards to prove Joffrey was a bastard and that Stannis was Robert's heir. Seems like blood is not the only thing you need to make a claim if you want to suceed. A Clash of Kings Five gold cloaks come upon Yoren's band of Night's Watch recruits with the intent of seizing Gendry, a royal bastard, but are driven away. On Cersei's orders, Slynt sends his right hand man, Allar Deem, to murder the infant Barra, another royal bastard.'s_Landing#A_Clash_of_Kings This is all i found for now.
  6. No, but your headline implies he has. It confused me untill i saw your question. My theory is that Jeyne Westerling will somehow end up marrying Jaime Lannister.
  7. The NK was riding wight viserion who was raised after his death as a wight. Wights are undead i think.
  8. How do you know that the others are no human? They might be a different humanoid species though with common ancestry with the "humans".
  9. Viserion is dead. Rhaegal and Drogo still live.
  10. I dont think the dothraki will survive as a horde, some indivudals might survive but they will be in small numbers in small pockets unable to esatblish continious dothraki community, being forced to integrate with outher residents. i see this future of the series as a new age of heroes which will shake up the foundations of westerosi social landscape. Warlords will rise, preachers will rise. Might is right. For all we know humanity may only survive in some pockets? Caves, castles. Maybe there will be whitewalkers in Essos too, the lord of light makes me believe that.
  11. they will never name a heir
  12. Since Cersei is the head of house lannister the lannister bannermen will follow her. But maybe Jaime will go into the twins and marry a heiress and take the frey forces north?
  13. I imagine the dothraki warriors and some horde followers will venture northward, and the remaining umarmed dothraki will suffer greatly for this. Maybe the reach will become the western dothraki sea?
  14. i hope more "aristocratic people" die. INcluding All of house lannister, stark, targaryen that way the ground can be paved for a new system of govornanace where people like daenerys or tyrion wont be lords and ladys owning smallfolk as their property.