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  1. After further inspection the original idea for contacted Ben was Cat's. A bit strange. "We should send word to your brother on the Wall." Cat I
  2. Thank you for the helpful replies!
  3. What am I missing? 1. How does someone, who was one of the two survivors at the Tower of Joy, get beat up by a few squires? 2. How does Ned summon Benjen for....a feast? Thanks!
  4. The Quiet Isle. The only place where I'd feel safe to settle. Something about the Loney Light is intriguing to me too.
  5. Does GRRM in canon or otherwise ever state the population requirements (or stipulations) which define a city in a the universe of ASOIAF? Thanks!
  6. Aegon's ancestor Aenar fled due to the prophecy. This happened around 126 BC. The Targs remained on Dragonstone for roughly 100 years largely staying out of Westerosi affairs. Aegon the Conq wasn't born until 27 BC. Conquering Westeros was an afterthought of the prophecy at best.
  7. According to Maseter Yandel, Aegon had an interest in Westeros predating "the events that drove him to war." Aegon was noted to have spent time in Oldtown, the Arbor, and possibly even the Westerlands. This is a stark contrast to the Eastern focus of Aegon's Dragonstonian predecessors. Maester Yandel's context then goes on to show how Aegon's strength was a coveted resource. However, he would be provoked when the Storm King of the time wanted to use Aegon as a buffer between him and the surging Ironborn who held the Riverlands, with a functioning capital at the nearly completed Harrenhal. Agrilac (the Storm King) also proposed Aegon taking his daughter as Aegon's 3rd wife. When Aegon sent a counter proposal seeking much greater swaths of lands and a marriage of the daughter to his dear friend Orys Baratheon, the Storm King sent back the messenger's hands in a box. Yandel noted that, at the time, "the Westeros of Aegon's youth was divided quarrelsome kingdoms" and that "the two most beligerent" of these lay closest to Dragonstone. Finally, before declaring war, Aegon was seen to have spent 7 days in prayer in the castle sept--something he was not known to have done before. In short, Aegon (1) was already interested in Westeros, (2) was recognized as a power, (3) was possibly bothered by the constant belligerence, and (4) was personally affronted by the Storm King.
  8. Thank you for the helpful replies. I know of a SSM from last year where he flat out denies that Blackfyre is Longclaw. What was interesting is that the questioner called Blackfyre the "bastard sword of the Targaryen kings" yet GRRM didn't correct that. What peaked my interest in the now-seemingly-defunct LC=BF theory was this gem from TWoIaF: Especially when: I just thought that it was a pretty big coincidence that the two (possible) bastard swords we know of both killed a Qhorin by Targaryens (assuming R+L=J). Furthermore, a bastard sword is a "hand-and-a-half" sword and the brother Qhorin was known as "Halfhand". If the SSM that "LC does NOT = BF" is true, then that's a pretty crazy coincidence. Maybe it's just a subtle allusion? In the end, if Little Griff pulls out a longsword in ch. 1 of WoW, he may not be either BF or Targ.
  9. Spoilers for any and all canon below
  10. Thank you very much!
  11. I was wondering if there was a listing of books within the books (e.g., The Seven Pointed Star and History of Rhoynish Wars) on these forums, the Citadel, the broader internet, or in print. I appreciate any help.