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  1. The only characters that reappear are the gods themselves. Incidentally, IMHO Penric's Fox is the worst ("worst" being relative, since she's such a good writer) of the Penric stories so far. I gave it 3 stars out of 5.
  2. I was disappointed but not surprised by Every Heart. In fact I didn't pick any of the four major lit categories this year. But I did pick five categories over all, so that's not toooooo bad.
  3. I was laughing at the vote breakdowns -- VD only got 32 votes on the final ballot, while the next lowest number was 168. Gotta be embarrassing. And I was startled by Jemisin -- I expected All the Birds in the Sky to win -- but Jemisin got the most nominating votes too. I was just outta the loop on that one! And YAY to Ada Palmer for the Campbell. I predicted months ago that she'd win it -- I'm feeling very prescient.
  4. I heartily agree. OTOH, when we put a whole season of a TV series (10 or more hours) up against a movie (roughly 2 hours), that seems to put the movie at a disadvantage. Medium form?
  5. Today I binged on Game of Thrones season 6. Previously I'd only seen a couple of episodes, from the first season, and nothing beyond that. I started with The Door and finished the season from there, so about 2/3 of the season. I gotta say I was seriously impressed by the nominated episode Battle of the Bastards. Wow, that fight sequence really got me. I was gonna place The Expanse at the top of my short-form ballot, but this one has to go above it.
  6. LOL. I took one for the team. In fact, I read it a few years ago because of a big battle we were having here on this board -- back when I was regular old Contrarius and not + . I survived!
  7. I spent most of today binge-watching The Expanse series. On the whole, I liked it a lot. I was seriously irritated by some of the things they changed from the books (for instance, the casting for both Naomi and Alex was ALLLLLL WROOOOOOONG), but in general I think they did a good job. And I've always been fond of Thomas Jane, so it was nice seeing him.
  8. I've read it!
  9. It's probably gonna be #2 on my list -- I'm a big fan of the way Wilson writes. But yeah, it's the same world.
  10. That's true. There's nothing about the story or characters that carries over from one to the other, but some of the worldbuilding is explained better in the first story.
  11. I thought it deserved to be on the list, but it ain't going at the top of my ballot.
  12. Ooooooo, ahhhhhhhhh. I'm a fan.
  13. I finished The Dreamquest of Vellitt Boe last night. I think I would have liked this much better if I were familiar with Lovecraft. The writing was appealing, and I liked the MC and loved the cat, but I got bored of the travelogue. Oh, and I started This Census-Taker. LOVE the beginning, but I've only read a few pages so far. Mieville does know how to grab me!
  14. Hey! I resemble that remark!
  15. Definitely different strokes. I gave up on Dark Forest after only a couple of hours of listening to the audio -- soooooooooo tedious, despite having a good narrator. I just couldn't take it any more!