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  1. If the succession came down to Shireen and Renly the nobility would pass Shireen over just as Princess Vaella was for Egg - no one would even see it as usurpation.
  2. So what we know about Quellon Greyjoy is that Quellon tried to reform the ways of the ironborn and integrate them with the rest of the Seven Kingdoms by freeing thralls, forbidding most reaving, discouraging salt wives, encouraging marriages with the mainland, and bringing maesters to the Iron Islands. Apparently, he was largely (but not completely) successful in this. Despite doing a lot to remove the Old Way from the Isles, he was considered a strong ruler and was respected among the Ironborn while forming solid relationships with other powerful lords across Westeros. The isles were still a conservative place with plenty of old raiders though who could (and evidently did) fill his kids with the Old Way mentality. Why not send Balon, Euron, Victarion and Aeron to various large port cities/castles with strong connections to the Faith of the Seven for a few years, like Oldtown or Seagard? I'm not sure there is anything that could have curbed Euron's psych, but allowing his children to form friendships and sympathies to the mainland (a la Robb Stark and Theon, as well as Baelor Blacktyde with the Hightowers) couldn't hurt especially when your subjects apparently respect you anyway. So how could it have hurt Quellon to foster his kids away from Pyke?
  3. Are the Northern mountain clansmen literate? Specifically the Wull, Liddle, Flint and Norrey clans. Would the Citadel send maesters that far North?
  4. It's clearly a lot deeper than that though.
  5. Renly seemed like the most interesting of the Baratheon brothers and if we did get a POV from one of them he would be my pick. Out of all three, Renly's intentions seem the least clear.
  6. What the hell was Catelyn thinking when she suggested Jason Mallister as an envoy for Balon Greyjoy?
  7. If Aegon, Jon Connington and the Golden Company were to invade Westeros during a time of peace under the regime of a popular Baratheon king (likely either Robert or Renly), would the Targaryen name ultimately mean all that much? Could we expect houses that have been notoriously loyal to the Targaryen's over their near three centuries in power (namely House Tyrell, House Martell and several noble houses in the Riverlands) to join the Golden Company? Assume Daenerys remained in Slavers Bay instead of backing Aegon.
  8. What exactly was Tyrion doing with himself in the months leading up to the royal family visiting Winterfell? Was he living in Casterly Rock or Kings Landing?
  9. Do we have a rough estimation of how many members there are in the Brotherhood without banners currently and/or at their peak?
  10. Well, for example, I wouldn't absolve Jaime Lannister or Theon Greyjoy of their worst crimes (Jaime pushing Bran out the window, Theon killing the millers boys). They absolutely deserved to be punished. With that said, I can absolutely understand why they felt they had to do the things they did in their own minds. Again, that doesn't absolve them of their actions, and as I said they did deserve a harsh penalty for it, but I can empathise with their respective situations. Sometimes inherently decent people do terrible shit, but painting Theon or Jaime with the same brush as Gregor Clegane or Ramsay Snow is pretty ridiculous.
  11. Probably. Could you list examples similar to the scenario I posed to back this up?
  12. If Sweet Robert died and Harry the heir became Lord of the Eyrie is it likely he would keep the last name Hardyng or would he become Lord Harrold Arryn?
  13. I did prior to asking my initial question and it doesn't directly answer it.
  14. Sure, but to someone ignorant of Southern Westeros, other than a sigil and simple geography, would there be any discernible difference between a Stony Dornishman and someone born in say the Reach or the Stormlands?