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  1. See, @TMIFairy and @Graydon Hicks have both said that Crackclaw point is sworn to Dragonstone, but it actually isn't. At least not during Robert's reign. Dragonstone's vassal's include the Bar Emmon's, the Velaryon's and the Celtigar's as well as a number of smaller houses like Rambton and Sunglass. The Massey's and the houses of Crackclaw are sworn directly to King's Landing.
  2. I remember the part about Sabitha preferring to wear mail and ride into battle but nothing about assassinating her husbands killers. Especially because it would be so hard to know who his killers were, considering he died in a battle that his side won.
  3. Yeah I like them. Their historical figures like King Robar II are awesome. Yohn is cool, Robar seemed decent and Waymar went out like a badass
  4. Maybe so, but my personal nature is winning out over objective knowledge that being a selfish ahole is the way to go.
  5. So Floki's idea makes a lot of sense. I'd accept Lord Templeton's offer on the condition that he loan me a strong contingent of knights and freeriders to protect my lands with and his son's new betrothed with. I'd send the men Templeton gave men back to defend my lands with about half of my own heavy horse, giving the command to a knight or guardsmen I know I can trust with such an important job. I reckon even a few hundred knights could send the clansmen running, depending on how high their numbers are. I don't kill Jeral. If he lives then he has my loyalty once he recovers and if he dies then his brother has it instead. Royce's plan has it's merit's. As he says, numbers don't really matter in such the pass and the Ironborn aren't really known for the prowess on land. So I'd throw my support behind that plan, leading my house's forces myself. If Jaral and I both live, then I swear my sword into his service. If Jeral dies and I live, then I loyally and dutifully serve as Turak's regent until he comes of age. If I die, regardless of what happens to Jeral, then I die with honour.
  6. I don't think Ned wears any armour during the books that we know off, so no I don't think anyone will find any references to it. But I imagine he'd just wear a higher quality of what the northmen wear, that is to say fur and leathers with mail underneath. Maybe as a Stark Ned would have some plate armour pieces like greaves, gauntlets, gorget's and a half helm. With that in mind, I actually like the show's costume's because those coat of plates seem like they'd be better than furs
  7. Ice is a greatsword and was used by Ned in battle at least once that we know off. As posted previously, Ice is as wide as a man's hand and taller than Robb, who was fourteen at the time of this description. I'd say that puts it, pommel to tip, somewhere around 5"6 given that Robb is at best average sized for someone his age. Width of a man's hand isn't an exact messurement as the size's vary but overall no I don't think it would have been too unwieldy to use in a battle. Even if it had been made of regular steel, it would still have practical use beyond cutting heads off. Two longswords were forged from Ice, with absolutely no steel being wasted. Average weight of an arming sword is 1-2kg so the larger longsword would maybe weigh 3-4kg. Since two longswords were made from Ice, it'd probably wiegh about twice the weight of a longsword so 8kg seems a fair estimate. 8kg can easily be wielded for anextended piece of time. Ned's situation was even easier; Ice is made of Valyrian Steel, which is far lighter than regular steel. So even if my estimate above is too low and a regular steel greatsword of that weight was too heavy for use in a fight, the Valyrian Steel factor negates that. We have examples throught the books of characters using Greatswords in battle. GreatJon Umber uses a massive greatsword, Gregor Clegane uses a greatsword (though he wields it with one hand IIRC) and Arthur Dayne uses his greatsword Dawn at numerous times. One is against the Smiling Knight and the other; the most relevent to this discussion; is at the Tower of Joy where I believe Ned also uses Ice.
  8. Interesting situation, I'll answer tomorrow when I have a little more time.
  9. Nah, Euron will be an enemy of first Aegon and then Dany. He's not going to end up on the same side. Besides which, Dany seems to be attracted towards rugged and handsome warriors like Drogo or Daario (who is not Euron or Benjen or Arthur Dayne or whoever else people think he secretly is). That description fits Vic better than Euron, who is a manipulator and, as far as we've seen, not someone who charges blindly into battle.
  10. That's my point. The core message. All I'm saying is "Come out and die" is likely not Brandon's exact words and Jaime is just relaying the gist or the core message of what he did say.
  11. Quote me where I said Jaime was lying. I said he was likely not even there when it happened. Jaime learned all of this from a second hand source, because there is no way a man like Aerys is allowing Brandon to even enter the Throne Room, especially not armed. Even then, I don't dispute that Brandon's first response was to challenge Rhaegar nor that Brandon's impulsiveness was what got him killed. All I claimed was that Jaime was not directly quoting Brandon. He was paraphrasing what he'd been told Brandon said.
  12. Viseyna challenged them to prove themselves and their cause. It was Morrigen's idea to do it in a duel, but I admit that was likely what Maegor and Visenya were going for. Maekar and Aerion both forced Daeron to fight. I don't recall anyone forcing Aerion. Except Brandon likely didn't shout "Come out and die!" That's stupid even for him. The only witness we have for this is a drunken Jaime who is paraphrasing not quoting and was likely not even present when Brandon was arrested, since it's unlikely Brandon even got past the courtyard. Maybe it was, but if he was challenged to it in person he would feel honour bound to accept no matter how much he wanted to avoid it.
  13. Balon Swann was KG for Joffrey during the Blackwater, so if he is allowed to retain his white cloak is if all of Joffrey's KG do. You could get around this by having Trant, Kettleblack and Moore die in the battle. Jaime and the Hound can be stripped of the cloak in a way the others couldn't be; the Hound deserted and isn't a knight and Jaime committed treason multiple times. Ofc, with this Arys Oakheart would also have to be kept on, providing he surrenders when word of the Lannister defeat on the Blackwater reaches Dorne. That leaves you with five open positions. Guyard Morrigen, if he survives the battle, is a good choice as he was one of Renly's rainbow guard all of whom were decent knights. Crane would be another viable option but at the time he'd be a prisoner of the Tyrell's, so perhaps not. He could be a replacement later in the story if one of Stannis' KG dies. Stannis might not declare war on the Tyrell's; if they bend the knee when he takes KL; but neither would he reward them, so Loras is out. Richard Horpe and Rolland Storm are good choices, skilled knights and loyal. Horpe was passed over for a place in Roberts KG but Cersei wanted Trant instead. Godry works. I'd suggest someone like Gerold Gower, Bonnifer Hasty, Justin Massey or Andrew Estermont (my personal choice) or maybe Brus Buckler or someone like that for the seventh spot. So I'd say Balon Swann, Arys Oakheart, Godry Farring, Rolland Storm, Guyard Morrigen, Justin Massey and Richard Horpe. Barristan wouldn't work; he's loyal to Dany Blackfish wouldn't work; he's loyal to Robb, and Stannis and Robb could never come to a peace. My suggestion, don't try. Have them fight. It makes it less like everything is going right for the Stark's/Baratheon's and also allows for people like the Lannister's and Greyjoy's to stay in the story as a credible threat until Dany/Aegon arrive.
  14. Before he executed Brandon and Rickard, yeah I suppose this could have been a way out for him. Ultimately, the opposition couldn't win. If we take the best fighters from the North, Riverlands, Vale and Stormlands we'd probably have a line up of Brandon, GreatJon, Lyn Corbray, Yohn Royce, Robert Baratheon, Jason Mallister and Brynden Tully. Formidable, but probably wouldn't stand up to Aerys's seven. There's only 8 people he would logically choose from any seven out of Arthur, Jaime, Barristan, Hightower, Whent, Darry, Martell and Rhaegar would be his champions; of course, Rhaegar, Dayne and Whent were hidden in Dorne at this point but he also had any number of knights like Jon Con, Alliser Thorne and Willem Darry to choose from if he couldn't get them back in time. Yeah, I reckon Aerys would have won and could have at least delayed the rebellion for a while.
  15. Maegor was the challenged not the challenger. Viseryna dared anyone who questioned Maegor's right to rule to challenge him, so Damon Morrigen challenged him to a trial by seven, from which only Maegor himself survived. Aerion was the challenged as well. Duncan was put on trial and demanded a trial by combat and while Aerion did ask for a trial of seven in order to avoid fighting Dunk alone, he did fight himself when I don't think he had to. He could have just named a champion for single combat. And I know it was Ser Duncan who fought Lyonel. I don't think there was anything I said that implied I thought otherwise. Now Brandon's situation is more akin to Maegor's than Aerion's, because it is a challenge not a trial, but my point is there is a precedent for King's (let alone Prince's) accepting a challenge to a dual and participating themself. Knowing what we do about Rhaegar, I feel we can quite confidently say that had Brandon come across Rhaegar before Aerys and made the challenge, Rhaegar would have accepted.