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  1. Well, anyone's entitled to a champion. Of course, it's probably seen as cowardly and dishonorable if a capable fight didn't fight for himself. As to whether he would be expected to as a Prince; I think he would. Aerion and Maegor fought their own trials/duels themselves, so there's equal precedent either way.
  2. I think that would probably come down to personal preference. I don't see Rhaegar; who was willing to fight Robert on the Trident; would be the kind of guy to let someone else fight a duel for him
  3. Vargo Hoat was already in Westeros when he was hired by Tywin Lannister. As Wolf of The Wall said they couldn't find any contracts in Essos anymore. Sellswords might be unreliable yes, but at the same time the Free Cities don't have standing armies, nor do they seem to be willing to call levies to fight their wars. The only armies we hear about fighting in Essos are the Sellsword Companies fighting on behalf of the Free Cities, usually between Myr, Tyrosh and Lys in the Disputed Lands. Even in terms of naval power, the fleets of Lys, Myr and Tyrosh employ a lot of pirates and sellsails for their war fleet unlike Braavos and Volantis. As for why, I seem to recall something about the Free Cities being unwilling to shed the blood of their own people in battle, so they use sellswords instead.
  4. I thought Dany was barren after Rhaego, but Dorian Martell's Son's interpretation of Mirri's prophecy's could also be correct.
  5. I didn't see it quite like that. My interpretation was always that Daemon still considered Alyn to be a friend but did not love him back (and I always believed he didn't even notice) and had become distracted by Dunk. I don't think he was leading Alyn along, at least not intentionally, just being oblivious. I'd take Alyn's quote with a grain of salt. He's biased and talking to the person he perceived to be stealing his love interest. Daemon's older brothers Aegon and Aemon fit the bill for 'typical' Targ cruelty so much better than Daemon, as does Bittersteel, Maelys and possibly Haegon
  6. That's true. IIRC Daemon was really uninterested in doing anything other than playing music and flirting with Dunk.
  7. By the time Dany's dealt with Euron and Aegon, the Others will be pressing the attack. I personally think that with the situation the North will be in by the time Dany gets there, Stannis might well bend the knee. Similarly, at that point Dany would be a fool to throw away a seasoned battle commander.
  8. That might be because he won't be a foe.
  9. On the whole, you are correct however there are a few issues with what you've said. If you look back over Westerosi history, there are almost no wars in which the entire region fought on only a single side. In the WO5K, you obviously have the Bolton's and Frey's who betrayed their lieges, while the Stormlords switched allegiance's twice and the Crownlands are split. In RR, the Vale and Stormlands also had house's that fought against their lieges. In both the Dance and the First Blackfyre Rebellion, every region had people fighting on both sides of the war (Yronwood's fought for the Anti-Dornish Black Dragon, for example). The Reyne's and the Tarbeck's rose up against the Lannister's, the Stark's had to deal with Bolton and Skagosi rebellion's many times throughout their history. So the Tully's aren't the only Great House that has trouble controlling their vassal's. But yes, overall I'd say they are the weakest and there is a reason for it. Like all of the Kingdoms, the Riverlands was originally divided between a dozen petty kings like the Bracken's, the Blackwoods and the Mooton's. However, in the other Kingdoms, one King conquered the others and formed united realms that were then ruled by a single dynasty for thousands of years. In the Riverlands, this didn't really happen. Every so often, you'd get a local house that would unite the Riverlands (the Mudd's, the Teague's and the Justman's all did it) but these united Kingdom's usually fell apart before long (the Mudd's lasted the longest I think) and the realm would shatter again. The fact that the Riverlands border five other Kingdoms didn't help either. Prior to Aegon's Conquest, the Riverlands had also been conquered and ruled by the Arryn's, the Stormking's and the Ironborn on different occasions in addition to their own local Kings. So the fact that they didn't really have any sense of unity prior to the Conquest is a factor. That's wrong. In the Dance, the Riverlords were among the most vital and significant ground forces in the entire war (for the Blacks at least). They had major roles in the Riverlands against the Lannisters at the Red Fork (a loss, but one which cost the Lannister's their Lord and best commanders) and the Fishfeed (a massive victory) and then again at both battle's of Tumbleton, the Butcher's Ball and; most significantly; the Battle of the Kingsroad, in which the Tully's and Blackwoods completely annihilated the Stormlands army.
  10. I'd hire Benjen Stark to be Hand of the King. I would recommend the citadel appoint Sam as the Grand Maester. Vic would, obviously, be the Master of Ships while Bronn can serve as Master of Law and Lancel can put that Lannister gold to good use and be Master of Coin. Lothar Frey; though I would never trust nor like him; would absolutely become the Master of Whispers. Jorah I'd name Lord Commander of the City Watch and give him an advisory seat on the council. Brienne would be Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and both Drink and Darkstar would serve under her. Thoros I'd just keep around as a drinking buddy.
  11. He can win because despite those disadvantages his whole army is fundamentally loyal to him, whereas the Bolton's are struggling to keep the Northmen from slaughtering the Frey's. Because while Stannis is a clever, cunning and all around brilliant commander he's facing two incompetent and possibly stupid commanders in Ramsay and Hosteen. Because there's every chance the Nightlamps theory is true and because the Frey's soon won't have any leverage over the other Northmen. Because the Iron Bank just gave him a massive loan and Justin Massey may soon be returning with a rather large army of sellswords. I don't think Stannis will take the Throne, much as I think he may be the best candidate for it. But I am 95% sure he will defeat the Frey's and the Bolton's. Most likely, Dany will slay the lie that Stannis is Azor Ahai; not necessarily slaying him; and that he'll bend the knee to her without much of a fight (But a lot of teeth grinding). Personally, I think he's either going to survive or die doing his duty fighting the Others which would be a far more fitting end than the BS we got in the show.
  12. We don't really get given a time for when Jeor joins the Watch. I always assumed it was at the end of RR, since we don't hear about Jorah doing anything until the Greyjoy Rebellion. I could be wrong though. Anyway, he was probably chosen because of a variety of factors such as experience in battle; both as a soldier and commander; and the fact that he was a Lord in his own right before being elected. Benjen Stark was there but I don't think he was in the running in it. Though there are some exceptions, for the most part it's the older/most experienced brothers who participate. But he had been there for five years and was well liked so it's not impossible. I imagine Qhorin Halfhand also competed, along with Jason Mallister and Cotter Pyke. The being fat thing is stupid, not least because he's not actually fat.
  13. None. In fact, the overall number of people she's actually had burned to death is far lower than many people believe.
  14. Team Name: Team Stannis Team: Stannis, Davos, Melisandre, Selyse, Shireen, Tycho Nestoris Objective: To defeat the Bolton's and reinstall the Stark's into Winterfell, rally the North to defend against the Others. Time: Analyze the team during the time period before Stannis leaves the wall. This is the time right after Stannis crushed the wildlings. S: One of (if not the) best commander still living, loyal and battle hardened troops, good diplomat and loyal adviser in Davos, Melisandre can see the future (somewhat), support of the Iron Bank W: Significant part of the army worship a disliked foreign religion, far smaller army than opponents, no settlements held in the North, uncharismatic, low supplies O: Wildlings might be willing to fight if offered the chance to settle south of the wall in return, Bolton army divided between those loyal to him and those not, might be able to bring Jon Snow to our cause, can win Northmen to the cause by liberating castle's from the Ironborn, can hire as many sellsails and sellswords as needed T: Winter, the impending arrival of the Others, starvation
  15. Maybe so, but that's nonetheless what happened. Allyria being Lyanna and Rhaegar's child wouldn't make sense from a narrative perspective because we've never met her before. With only two books left to go and all the evidence saying that Jon is the most likely candidate to be Lyanna and Rhaegar's child.