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  1. It will be easy. The wight will hold the door for them.
  2. I agree. It is like the knights of the Vale arriving to turn the tide in the battle of the Basterds which was a joyfull moment and very cool. But in episode "The Door" Littlefinger tells Sansa that knights made camp at Moat Cailin. I was thinking "WHAT THE ...". Ramsay and Roose talked about the Ironborn that held Moat Cailin, and prevented Roose's army to return to the North and Ramsay' forces in the North lacked the strenght to retake Moat Cailin. So they used Theon. This should mean that Moat Cailin was held by Bolton forces and any sane military commander would leave a garrison in an important fortification and crossroad.
  3. When Cersei says, she wants GC to recover something, it seems to me, that she is looking at the Vale on her painted map.
  4. I agree. It seems unlikely that two experienced military commanders would be thoroughly caught off guard.
  5. Jaime send him and his family to Casterly Rock after taking Riverrun (see season 6 episode 8). But that raises a question, Were the Tullys freed by Grey Worm, or did Jaime send elsewhere after abandoning Casterly Rock?
  6. Remember that Robb's men caught a lannister scout before he split his army at the Twins. So scouts can also becaptured in order to keep surprise intact.
  7. Or the redhaired kitchen girl the two guards were talking about.
  8. The Vale declared for house Stark (unsure if the Vale support their side or took Jon for their king as well. I tend to believe the first). Petyr Paelish said that in an episode, can't remember which one. But if an united North cannot stand against the Nights King, as Jon Snow thinks, when they might support Daenaerys too have an united Westeros.
  9. Perhaps you are right. I also thought about Jorah Mormont. We saw him plan a campaign against the slave cities with Barristan Selmy, but we never saw him tested on a greater level before Daenaerys exiled him. If Daenarys and Jon become allies, he might lend her Yohn Royce, who is commanding the Arryns.
  10. Thanks, I'll check when I rewatch, but until then I think I can just trust you. But there weren't any last week, right? So that implies that Tarly did raise his men, didn't bring them to attack Highgarden for some reason, but did bring them for the supply convoy. If so, that makes sense, and I can imagine possibilities for that "some reason" (like avoiding Reach soldiers fighting Reach soldiers—not a problem for the convoy mission), but it's still another thing I wish they'd explained in 5 seconds of dialog instead of leaving us to come up with our own story. Anyway, that means that the number of troops Tarly can offer Cersei could now be diminished reduced just as badly as the main Lannister force. Or maybe not nearly as badly, if it was only Tarly personal men, not the rest of the Reach. (And again, all assuming Tarly is still alive and free, and his people don't now hate him, and Cersei is still going to confirm him as Warden even if, say, Jaime just got captured or disappeared under Tarly's nose, and so on…) I have rewatched episode, and in the beginning when they leave Highgarden there is the Tarly Huntsman on some of the shields. So Tarly forces were involved in that battle. On a related topic, I think Dany will lose the next battle, because she doesn't have a skilled general. She needs a military commander and there aren't any available.
  11. Of course you can trust me No I couldn't see them in marching soldiers to Highgarden. There should have been a least a company and not just his son. Randyll Tarly said in episode 2, that he was returning home to raise an army. Logically a good portion of that army should remain in the Reach to reassert the Iron Throne's control. But I don't think military logic is priority for the showwriters.
  12. Eastwatch http://www.hbo.com/game-of-thrones/episodes/7/65-65-eastwatch/index.html
  13. Look again at the battle scene. When they are preparing for the dothraki charge, you can see soldiers with the Tarly Huntsman on their shields.
  14. "Beneath the gold, the bitter steel" The mention of the Golden Company. These words made me high. In the books they are formidable military power and also in the TV-series, if we can rely on words of the Iron Bank. And Cersei is hiring them! The war is far from over.
  15. I think Davos still has a role to play. Daenaerys has lost her allies in Dorne and the Reach. But the Riverlands and Stormlands have not chosen side. If I remember correctly, Jaime sent Edmure Tully to Casterly Rock, and if Jaime left him there, Grey Worm will find him. There are no longer any Baratheon ruler in the Stormlands after Tommen died. So maybe Gendry will be back as Robert Baratheons heir, and only Davos will be able to influence him.