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  1. I stand corrected
  2. Because of Preston Jacobs. On his youtubechannel he reviews and finds flaws in the episodes. It is very entertaining https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXU7XVK_2Wd6tAHYO8g9vAA
  3. cousin, Which makes it a more valid question?
  4. I gave it very generous 3. It was not as bad as the last two episodes, but I hoped the finale would give the plots meaning. I cant' find anything about Winterfell plot to make any sense. Last week I remembered that D&D had to change the pilot completely. I wish they will do the same with the last two seasons.
  5. Wauv. Thought this episode was horrible to watch (except Lena Headeys performance), and when I watched "inside the episode". What was I thinking. So stupid of me!
  6. This episode is good . Why? Otherwise I wouldn't have all these good rants. Thanks to all of you. Glad I'm not the only one dissappointed with this season
  7. When they return to the Wall and Daenarys is standing in an observation tower on top of Wall. We can a vast forest.
  8. I agree. I liked season 1-5. 6 had some flaws that irritated me. But this season has been a disaster in plot, logic and acting. episode 3 is imo the best in this season. Next episode has to be very good to keep me hyped about season 8. Perhaps D&D will manage for all the storylines to make sense, I just can't see how. Sometimes I think of the TV-show as A Walking Dead spin off.
  9. It will be easy. The wight will hold the door for them.
  10. I agree. It is like the knights of the Vale arriving to turn the tide in the battle of the Basterds which was a joyfull moment and very cool. But in episode "The Door" Littlefinger tells Sansa that knights made camp at Moat Cailin. I was thinking "WHAT THE ...". Ramsay and Roose talked about the Ironborn that held Moat Cailin, and prevented Roose's army to return to the North and Ramsay' forces in the North lacked the strenght to retake Moat Cailin. So they used Theon. This should mean that Moat Cailin was held by Bolton forces and any sane military commander would leave a garrison in an important fortification and crossroad.
  11. When Cersei says, she wants GC to recover something, it seems to me, that she is looking at the Vale on her painted map.
  12. I agree. It seems unlikely that two experienced military commanders would be thoroughly caught off guard.
  13. Jaime send him and his family to Casterly Rock after taking Riverrun (see season 6 episode 8). But that raises a question, Were the Tullys freed by Grey Worm, or did Jaime send elsewhere after abandoning Casterly Rock?
  14. Remember that Robb's men caught a lannister scout before he split his army at the Twins. So scouts can also becaptured in order to keep surprise intact.
  15. Or the redhaired kitchen girl the two guards were talking about.