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  1. Sorry again for my huge delay at the end, I accidentally fell asleep... Oops! But thanks for hosting an excellent game Bucky! Y'all are amazing. I think Dr Chicken may be my favourite thing drawn in pictionary (yay FOHN! And yay Pebble!)
  2. Describe bonus chain, you say? Send it this way!
  3. Can take a bonus describe if there's still any going!
  4. ... You had a watermelon fountain? That's pretty exciting!
  5. This is your 12-ish hour warning... 12ISH HOURS! Or you'll be losing points! And you know what that means...
  6. You're all excellent. Most excellent indeed. Y'all have amused me muchly!
  7. FYI we sent our pictionaries in a little before the forum troubles of yester-tag, and it turns out the forum dropped them completely, so if anyone else (Leap, Emmit) sent theirs in yesterday, they may want to check that their PM still exists in their PM thread... ETA: Have sent ours in again...
  8. There was pictionary. In the show. It was wonderful. And a little meta.
  9. I'm TitanCat's so-called Cute Boyfriend and I approve of this picture. I've been approving of it for several days, but apparently the forum has some kind of gremlins which prevented me from saying as much.