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  1. I can`t think of anything. But i am far behind with the books. and i doubt that i will start reading more of the books before he finish the series if he does that.
  2. Ok i am not starting any new thread on this forum as it seems impossible for most of you to answer a simple question.
  3. Ok but what about actually answering the question.
  4. Lets say that time travel is possible. And that you in 2017 are married but you go back in time to lets say 1833 and you also get married to a woman or man in 1833. Now you are both married in 2017 and 1833. So would you say that its cheating when one has not been born yet and the other has been dead for many many years. If it would be cheating who are you cheating on the one you married in 1833 or the one you are married to in 2017 yes i know its a silly question. Personally i would say its not cheating. As i don`t see how you can cheat on somebody who has been dead for years. And on somebody who has not been born yet. But if you think it is cheating who are you cheating on the one in 1833 or the one in 2017 ?
  5. Yeah i felt a bit uncomfortable reading the explicit sex scenes that included her. That is really one of the reasons i don`t want feel like reading the books. I don`t want to read about explicit sex scenes includning children. Sorry about my bad spelling and grammar.
  6. Nothing, at least i can`t think of anything.
  7. Really ? I think people are exettarating it. There is no wear near as much nudity or sex as people claim.
  8. Or does he have a different name for every character. For instance are there more than one character named Margaery or Jamie ?
  9. I probably won't start with the books until the show is over.
  10. If you had the chance to change one thing or many things about this show. What would you change about it ? Personally i like the show the way it is. So i would not change anything. Of course this may be because i have not read the books. But i am planning to read them. Just have not gotten around doing it yet.
  11. This has probably been up before. But are the 7 Kingdoms of Westeros based or inspired by the 7 Ango-Saxon Kingdoms ? 7 Kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England. East Anglia Essex Kent Mercia Northumbria Sussex Wessex So are the 7 Kingdoms of Westeros based or inspired bu the 7 Kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England ?
  12. It honestly does not bother me that much.
  13. That is my question My 10 favorite bands and albums 10 favorite bands 1. Led Zeppelin 2. Deep Purple 3. Pink Floyd 4. The Beatles 5. Shocking Blue 6. Fleetwood Mac 7. The Bangles 8. Jefferson Airplane 9. Heart 10. Black Sabbath 10 favorite albums 1. Rubber Soul by The Beatles ( 1965 ) 2. In Rock by Deep Purple ( 1970 ) 3. Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd ( 1973 ) 4. Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin ( 1975 ) 5. Revolver by The Beatles ( 1966 ) 6. Scorpio's Dance by Shocking Blue ( 1970 ) 7. Fleetwood Mac by Fleetwood Mac ( 1975 ) 8. 1968 by France Gall ( 1968 ) 9. Stasera ballo liscio by Gigliola Cinquetti ( 1973 ) 10. Different Light by The Bangles ( 1986 )
  14. Will find out that they are aunt and nephew ?