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  1. However the hand's job is much more than being an ambassor or the kings moral compass. If stannis ever becomes king davos would need to know how to manage a city/kingdoms, have a deeper understanding of politic, a broadened education... Unless you think stannis should change his hand after the war. I think davos would be better suited as stannis most important advisor than his hand... Because in reality that is davos role...
  2. There are some problems you forgot. How could davos deal with someone like littlefinger that knows how to swindle Money? Even if davos is honest when will he have the ability to know when more educated men are lieing to him? Then how deep does he understand the political games? If he is played by someone it could have huge consequences... And has davos ever been responsable for some place? Like he knows how to manage a city for example? I think davos is honest, loyal and has the right moral compass for someone like stannis. However he doesn t have the skills needed to be a good hand. But with the right small council he could shine... I think in order to say if stannis choose wisely we would need to know whoever he wants in the other positions in the small council...
  3. You don t see people trying to enforce slavery in meereen. Actually you see people volunteering to be slaves. I am not arguing that danny shouldn t punish those that insist in being slavers in meereen. I am saying that she can t punish ex slavers because she is prejudiced against them. They obeyed the law before danny arrived and are obeying the law now that danny is here. So she has to look out for their rights. As I said previously. How would you feel if the vegans took over the world and decided you deseve to perish because you have eaten meat your entire life when it was completly legal to do it? Do you think vegans would feel diferently about you than how you feel about slavers? Probably not. However you have your rights! Finally, I agree that slavery is always wrong. However the slavers don t need to be bad people. It depends on if they understand what slavery is and if for them slavery is a natural thing...
  4. Actually are there are meadieval healing methods that use salt and heat to heal wounds? Ok, my friend goodle said there is! Did you know that when dressing some wounds it is good to soak the gauze in saline? Woudn t it be better that salt and smoke refer to mechanisms used to heal jon instead of to make ham lol?
  5. Just because the tools were out doesn t mean she was tortured yet. And even if she knew it was possible why would she say it would happen and it was her fault? It only makes things worse for her. The point is, even if she confesed under torture you can t just dismiss the confension... It may be true or not. But it supports the theory that targ babies were born deformed when people used some kind of poison on the mothers...
  6. Why would all maegor kids be deformed? There is no way she would know that. In adition, why would someone about be tortured admit that the unborn kid would also be deformed if she wasn t sure? To have an even worse death?
  7. But she even said that the unborn baby also would be deformed. How could she know that?
  8. it was before torture
  9. Yeah, now I agree with you. This post is more or less my point of view. Danny was too nice to everybody, too ready to put her dragons away and didn t have some advisor that could help deal with the problems you said. However with tyrion if danny returns more willing to take brutal actions she might put whatever is left of meereen in order. On the other hand, if she is going to westeros pretty soon I would say that when she is gone some slavers are going to raise armies to take over meereen again if it still exists. My personal hope is that dany takes all freeman with her and burns meereen to end that storyline.
  10. You didn t understand what I wrote. Your example about embezzling doesn t apply because embezzling is always a crime. You want to punish people that didn t comit crimes because at the time the law of meereen allowed people to have slaves. A better example is if the vegans took over the world and forbid people from eating meat. Then the queen of the vegans is punishing the people that ate meat before she forbid it. Then you have people that raised animals to sell losing their business, restaurants that cook meat closing, people that prepare meat so that it can be sold losing their jobs, etc... So when these people go and ask for compensation because of their losses the queen of the vegans tells them that they are awful people and don t deserve anything. And they haven t eaten any meat since the queen forbid it! I know this isn t a pretty example but it shows what is happening in meereen perfectly. And when you start saying that some people have more rights than others you are going into a very bad place. Like you support a cause so much that you start to overcompensate and instead of being opressed you become the opressor. To me this is one of the biggest problems of modern society... Justice is not retribution! edit: Another good thing about the exemple is that slavers think it is natural to have slaves because they were raised to think like that. And most people think it is natural to eat meat because they were raised like that. So instead of saying that the slavers are awfull people you should say they were educated to be that way and if they are supposed to stop being slavers then they should have business alternatives. Like the queen of the vegans would need to offer alternatives to meat if she wants people to stop eating meat!
  11. From what I remember book 5 was pretty stupid.
  12. Maegor's were probably some kind of poison given to his wives while they were pregnant. His second wife even admits to having poisoned the other wives...
  13. I didn t defend the continuation of slavery. I defended that in order to abolish slavery you need to introduce other economic activities that are as profitable as slavery or a diferente economic and legal sistem that takes into account the loss of slaves in production activities. And that people raised to be slavers that always behaved according to the law have their rights! You can t just decide they had an easy life so they lose everything and don t receive any compensation. That is simply wrong and biased. And I answered to Widowmaker 811's post. It is highly biased and has at least some problems I wrote about.
  14. There are several problems with what you wrote. You assume that freed slaves will want to keep doing what they were doing when they were slaves, that most slaves know useful trades or that there will be Money to pay for the services that the ex slaves now provide. Besides the masters are probably the owners of most proprieties and ships in the cities. And you can see with astapor what happened to a city ruled by slaves... And you hate for the masters also doesn t make sense. They aren t evil men. They are men that were taught that slavery is the correct path and don t know anything else. They also have their rights! Whatever things they did before were accepted by the law so why should they be punished? Finally you have to be careful to not make dany a tyrant in your opinion. Because the only way to end slavery in a short period of time is with a lot of brutality, power and inteligence...
  15. actually varamyr isn t sure about that. I reread the prologue a while ago and am almost certain that varamyr thinks that as his body dies he will be stuck in an animal, but he wasn t sure.