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  1. Someone posted an img from grrm talking about a plataform change. No idea when grrm said that
  2. Do people discuss the show on his blog? I admit that the no coments could be related to the plataforma change, but as more days pass without him changing platafoms this hypothesis loses strenght... I mean his posts have like 20 to 30 comments... And it would be very strange people that go to "song of ice and fire" and "wildcards" posts to discuss the show... To me at worst it must be an anouncement related to the book... like he will need more books to finish the story (him announcing a release date within less than 30 days is good)
  3. I think the longer he keeps the comments disabled and without adressing the post the most likelly it is to be related to twow. If it wasn t related to winds we would say it. There is no point in keeping this mystery about anything else.
  4. Honestly, now I don t think it can be about a spinoff because then his mood should be either pos or negative, not enigmatic. And in the tags the shoud be something related related to tv... In regards to fire and blood, it is more probable... but has many things against it. 1) this is only going to hurt the sales of the book 2) the geyjoy's image doesn t have a connection with fire and blood 3) it would send a really bad mensage to the fans 4) there is no reason for so much mistery about fire and blood... he would even need to find na explanation for the fans about why he has been working on it instead of winds. I believe that he hasn t a set date of release. just like he did with adwd, it is about ending the manuscript.
  5. This is good. So with all the atention the theries are getting if it isn t about twow he will anounce it within a couple of days.
  6. So in the distant future, when chidren ask their parents what happened to russia they will say that desperate fans of asoiaf burned it all down when russia tried to mess with them?
  7. So in order to not screw the convention for everybody else he can t annouce twow there. So if it is indeed ended at most by the end of july or first days of august he will say something?
  8. Is that con a big thing?
  9. Thanks for the reminder. I think that what you discribed has similarities with what is happening now... long live the hype! I just hope that he doesn t take 30 days... I have no idea how it was in the past but nowadays asoiaf is probably the most hyped series in the world. They can t take so much time to relese the book after it is done... Yeah, I am really seing grrm living like an hermit until he finishes ados... just the time he will spend in conventions and promoting the shows should be huge...
  10. Once you open the link it makes sense. However I am much more worried with the spinoffs. Can you imagine if they make for example 2 spinoffs how much time every year it will take from martin's time?
  11. Oh and for ados we will not only have less pov but we might also have less locations.
  12. You can always think that affc and adwd were only a book that took 11 years
  13. I don t think it makes sense to keep this status quo for a month. It isn t good for anybody... and if it was the case I think grrm would say he is editing his manuscript without giving us a date of release
  14. But if he says he finished twow within a short period of time we will all link it to this post... If he ignores the situation there will be always people nagging him in the comments about what this post means...
  15. lets keep this topic interesting. a) when do you think grrm will explain this post? b ) do you think he will explain the post?