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  1. A very interisting thought is: Where will danny arrive in westeros? If we assume she isn t going to start an all out war with Aegon the moment she arrives then dorne, crownlands and stormlands are out. This means she would set sail to either the vale or the north. Then we have moqorro, marwin and maybe gilly sailling to meereen. If these characters talk to danny and convence her she is AA and the others are coming I wouldn t be surprised if she decides to set sail to somewhere north to invistigate the matter... To me the best outcome of this attack for jon would be him being in a coma for a few days because he is stuck inside ghost (he warged into him and doesn t know how to get out) and bran sends him dreams while he is in ghost. Like how to warg back into his body, some history about the previous long night, some info about the others, maybe a clue about lyanna, something about the burst of extra strenght jon seems to have when he is mad... There is a lot of potential here to explore. I think you are forgeting that without mel's pov nobody would think jon might be dead because grrm doesn t kill characters in their own pov. So she was needed for the cliffhanger. One of the things that I have realized is that the major reason for bowen and co attacking jon is because they think they must give ramsay what he wants. So one of the first things he would do if he is succesful in his coup is capture mel, selise, etc... So either mel and company will get away as fast as possible or she will intervene very fast and she and jon allies will arrest bowen and convince the rest of the NW that jon is alive and recuperating. Because if he dies nobody knows what might happen to her and the wildlings (don t Forget the hostages). As long as the new LC is anti wildling (which is very likely) he will also be pro Bolton because the watch can t fight the boltons right now... Either way I don t think jon can stay dead/comatose for a lot of days...
  2. Over the years there have been several theories about melissandre. Two that I find interesting are that she is an undead similar to Beric or that the ruby she wears is used to control her (like she says she can control mance as long as he is wearing his ruby). However what would be the effect of the Wall on mel if any of these were true? In her ADwD pov she crosses the Wall and she doesn t describe feeling anything diferent. So if she was an undead what should have happened to her? Are r'hllor afected by the Wall? If not why? We know that coldhands can t cross the Wall and he seems pretty similar to a r'hllor undead (as he also has his soul inside him)... On the other hand if her ruby can be used as a "leash" does it mean that on the other side of the Wall she could take off the ruby? Was this what mance did? scaled the Wall and took off his ruby? and then went to winterfell? And can someone like LSH cross over the Wall? Another interesting thing is that mel's fire vision can see across the Wall. So what kind of magic does the Wall stop? Can a glass candle also be used to see beyhond the Wall? Like into the heart of winter? Or r'hllor magic isn t affected by the Wall?
  3. That is a very good point. Because even though they were carried through the Wall the others could still "activate/control" the wights on the Southern side of the Wall. This means that either the others can reanimate dead bodies on the other side of the Wall or that the Wall didn t turn off the magic inside the wights when they passed under the Wall. Which leads to another question. Why would grrm say there is a sistem of caves that passes under the Wall? Are the others going to use it?
  4. I think that "she is magical, so she can do shit" without a structered magic sistem is kind of bad writing. But as I said in a previous post. If she uses the ruby to glamour herself then stannis would feel that her skin is old and she would have problems moving, riding or having sex because glamour only affect the vision and not the touch and they don t chage the body proprieties of the person. Besides, we know that it is rumored that in the age of heroes kings lived for hundreds of years. So maybe mel has access to that kind of magic?
  5. I am pretty sure that in other dicussions people have proven that the Wall stops can stop skinchangers from skinchanging into animals on the other side of the Wall. Besides mel has never seen bloodraven or the Others before arriving at the Wall. So can it be because she is stronger at the Wall or because the place she is having visions is so close to the Wall her vision can pass through the Wall? And do we know if the others or wights can't cross the Wall? Or do we only know that their magic can t affect the people on the other side of the Wall? Because if the Wall stops them from reviving the dead on the defenders side it is still extremelly useful. Do you think shadow babies are made the same way as normal babies?
  6. The problem with a glamour is that it affects the vision but not the touch. Stannis would feel the diference between old skin (and boobs) from young skin. In adition, if mel was very old she would have certain problems in moving around or having sex for example. And in her pov it seems she can go on for days without sleep or food. That isn t a normal thing even for the elderly (maybe specially for the elderly that if they aren t careful with their nutrition can easily get sick). Besides, she seems to think that in the future she won t need to sleep at all!
  7. You didn t mention one of the most obvious suspects. The senescal. So far he is the most likely candidate for the perfumed senescal in quaithe's warning, he is very pro hizdraq and is also pro killing the dragons. In adition he has the means to get the poisoned food to danny...
  8. I think there were several expected release dates. Is that true?
  9. I honestly don t remember how he ignited the sword. And then we have another big problem. As magic is coming back was thoros unable to ignite a sword with his blood before but is able to do it now? How would beric even think of using blood to ignite a sword?
  10. There are leaks about books? like the people that work at the publisher firm take photos of the text and put it in the net?
  11. I think we have to take into account that mance probably thought that stannis was behind the horns and wanted to fuck the defense of the city. If the people inside witerfell fight between themselves it would be much easier for stannis to conquer winterfell. Specially if he can use a secret entrance into winterfel... Then I have no idea how rowan would have convinced her father to spare mance... I would find it much more likely that they wouldn t say he was mance... Just a wildling in a mission from stannis and jon to save arya... The part about how mance decided to go to winterfell and if he didn t have the ruby anymore are much more intringuing... However if mance had a safe way to rescue farya I think he would always do it. It is useful for him to establish better relations with mel, jon, stannis, northern lords and keep his son safe... There is no downside for him to do it. Besides, he probably feels he owes something to jon. Finally, what if mel had someway to comunicate with mance through the ruby and while he was going to long lake decided to send him to winterfell instead? She might have seen that the girl would get to the Wall safelly and decided to use mance to help stannis conquer winterfell. In a way mance is mostly focused in finding ways to help stannis...
  12. They didn t just gain a gift. They lost something to gain the gift. In beric's case he lost memories and in patch's his wisdom. However can t beric's gift be related in his new found belief in r'hllor? Becaese thoros is also able to ignite a blade...
  13. I agree. However it isn t strange that the people in the bookstore might have access to the predicted launching date that grrm publisher has at the moment. But that might not be acurate... I was interested if they have good connections in the business or not.
  14. I am not american so I have no idea... But that is good to hear. Did they also write something about winds in 2016 or 2017?
  15. Besides the red wedding has patchface predicted anything else? I mean, people say he has the gift of profecy... But of all the profecies we know of patchface's are always the most giberish... And I think you should link the drowning to catholic baptism. If you read a bit about it you will see it is almost similar to what they do in the iron islands. And you could say patch had some spiritual contact with the drowned god and it mudled his brain and gave him a conection to him that he uses to make profecies (or he was without air so much time that it caused brain problems)...
  16. Sanderson publishes books much faster than grrm. It is normal that he has more to talk about with the fans.
  17. Is this bookstore a big deal? Or does it have good relations with grrm's publisher? Or are there any other interviews or rumors about it coming out this year? Anyway it sounds incredibly strange that a bookstore would know the release date of the book before grrm would publish in his blog that he finished the book. Can it be a expected date or what ever publishers used to do for unpublished books?
  18. However the hand's job is much more than being an ambassor or the kings moral compass. If stannis ever becomes king davos would need to know how to manage a city/kingdoms, have a deeper understanding of politic, a broadened education... Unless you think stannis should change his hand after the war. I think davos would be better suited as stannis most important advisor than his hand... Because in reality that is davos role...
  19. There are some problems you forgot. How could davos deal with someone like littlefinger that knows how to swindle Money? Even if davos is honest when will he have the ability to know when more educated men are lieing to him? Then how deep does he understand the political games? If he is played by someone it could have huge consequences... And has davos ever been responsable for some place? Like he knows how to manage a city for example? I think davos is honest, loyal and has the right moral compass for someone like stannis. However he doesn t have the skills needed to be a good hand. But with the right small council he could shine... I think in order to say if stannis choose wisely we would need to know whoever he wants in the other positions in the small council...
  20. You don t see people trying to enforce slavery in meereen. Actually you see people volunteering to be slaves. I am not arguing that danny shouldn t punish those that insist in being slavers in meereen. I am saying that she can t punish ex slavers because she is prejudiced against them. They obeyed the law before danny arrived and are obeying the law now that danny is here. So she has to look out for their rights. As I said previously. How would you feel if the vegans took over the world and decided you deseve to perish because you have eaten meat your entire life when it was completly legal to do it? Do you think vegans would feel diferently about you than how you feel about slavers? Probably not. However you have your rights! Finally, I agree that slavery is always wrong. However the slavers don t need to be bad people. It depends on if they understand what slavery is and if for them slavery is a natural thing...
  21. Actually are there are meadieval healing methods that use salt and heat to heal wounds? Ok, my friend goodle said there is! Did you know that when dressing some wounds it is good to soak the gauze in saline? Woudn t it be better that salt and smoke refer to mechanisms used to heal jon instead of to make ham lol?
  22. Just because the tools were out doesn t mean she was tortured yet. And even if she knew it was possible why would she say it would happen and it was her fault? It only makes things worse for her. The point is, even if she confesed under torture you can t just dismiss the confension... It may be true or not. But it supports the theory that targ babies were born deformed when people used some kind of poison on the mothers...
  23. Why would all maegor kids be deformed? There is no way she would know that. In adition, why would someone about be tortured admit that the unborn kid would also be deformed if she wasn t sure? To have an even worse death?
  24. But she even said that the unborn baby also would be deformed. How could she know that?
  25. it was before torture