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  1. F&B 1 isn even anounced yet and he already said it wil be published before winds...
  2. Will troy stream all the episodes at once?
  3. As grrm said that F&B1 will be released in the end of 2018 or beguining of 2019 and now that it will be released before TWoW I don t see how winds can be released in 2018. Even if F&B is released slightly earlier it doesn t make sense to expect TWoW this year. Both grrm and his publisher know that a lot of fans won t like that grrm releases a new book instead of writing winds and that F&B would sell much better if it was released shortly after winds... I don t think it makes sense to hurt the sales of F&B so that it is published a few months before winds... I might be completly wrong, but I think there will be several months between F&B1 and winds.
  4. So stannis sailed to the Wall with at most 1500 men. He fought against a huge army so he had some losses... We can say that he didn t have losses at deepwood motte... However during the march stannis losses were huge! So that people have an idea on the 19th day on the vilage the cold count was EIGHTY! 80!!! And we are garanteed at least more 1 night with similar conditions (the night in theon's TWoW sample chapter)... In addition stannis started with 800 horses so lets say he had 700 knights? then when stannis says to justin massey: Does it mean he has 500 knights? So he lost close to 200 knights? And as common soldiers suffered worse than knights at least 300 or 400 common soldiers? So a total of 500 or 600 Southern soldiers died since stannis got to the Wall? If we take into account that close to 150 men probably died because of the cold in the last 2 nights isn t it a low number? Anyway, is it safe to assume that stannis has between 900 and 1000 Southern soldiers and lost nearly a third of his army on the march? If we think that the freys will need more 1 or 2 nights to arrive, even if the weather gets better and the cold count isn t 80 every night it will be pretty high for some nights because the soldiers are already sick... So if we include the battle with the freys is it safe to assume that stannis Southern army is broken or he still has enough soldiers? Then there is the division within his army. If we read the 2 asha chapters together then the northem, queensmen and even kingsmen are nearly starting to fight between themselves. With low food, arya's rescue and stannis personal army diminishing and starting to give more troubles to the northerns than help is it possible that some clansmen/northmen will leave? will theon's fate be important in this friction? In regards to the battle. I was thinking that after mors umber traps hosteen would need to be mentally dead to attack a position that stannis has been defending for days. Or is it possible that he thinks stannis will be unprepared? Is it more likely that after mors stratagems hosteen will be more carefull and try to force stannis to march against him or starve or that hosteen will simply attack?
  5. I think that the whole conversation is fundamentaly wrong. If you said that the directors were chosen because they are white ot that there are better qualified black men for the job I would completly agree. The problem is that it isn t what you are saying. You are saying that among equally skilled people the histocally descriminated should be chosen because previously all directors were white. THAT is simply wrong for me. You should chose the directors based on their qualifications and not their skin or gender. If white men are always the right choice then they should be hired and people shouldn t raise problems. It is like the oscars. People crticize tha there weren t black people nominated but very few people said that a black person should be nominated because he/she performed better than one of the nominees.
  6. I simply don t agree. The perspective depends on the environment a person was raised. There are certainly black people that think as the stereotype white man and vice versa. If you are looking for diversity you can t look simply to the color of a person. The important thing is the culture in which they were raised. Otherwise you are judging people by their looks intead of who they are and THAT is always wrong!
  7. When the color of people's skin is a factor in interesting people who should be hired to do a job then there is something wrong... I am not acusing you of anything, but it is one thing that you should pay atention.
  8. Ep 3 was pretty good. Besides the acting the big problem I remember people having with the prequels is that the root of the conflict was boring. However the action is light years better than the sequels. We actually had tons of jedi fights and several sith vs jedi fights. I will never understand how someone does a star wars episode without a clash between lightsabers and people think it is a good star wars film.... it can be a lot of things, but a star wars episode it is not!
  9. The thing is martin's last prediction is that F&B would be published near the end of 2018 or beguining of 2019. This makes it nearly impossible for grrm to publish winds within the next 12 months. In adition martin's publicity comittments for F&B and got's last season plus his involvement in the prequels and his other tv shows will ocupy much of his time in 2019...
  10. What shocks me is that he knows he won t publish winds for another year (12 months). Unless he publishes F&B much earlier than expected... We went from grrm thinking he might be able to finish winds to grrm knowing he wont be able to do it in a year...
  11. I am shocked. That means we probably won t have winds before 2020 or 2021 because in 2019 he will be advertising F&B, saying goodbye to got and preparing the sequels. I doubt he will have much time to write... Rip asoiaf =(
  12. However in the real world TLJ did 2/3 of TFA box office and user reviews everywhere are much much lower than critics reviews. The people that liked the movie are the ones that make up all kind of theories and arguments to try to.convince people the movie was a huge success when it wasn t.
  13. My personal theory is that varys is a blackfyre and was castrated because of that. So when young castrated varys and young ilirio met each other they noticed they looked like each other (valyrian features). So varys and ilirio decided to change their parents (ilirio becomes the son of varys parents) and decide to lie to the golden company and convince them ilirio is a blackfyre. So aegon can be illirio's son and don t be a blacfyre
  14. I think you are being influenced by danny fanatics that think danny shits gold and trumples over all wrongs in the world. In the actual story in the books danny basically lost. She had to marry someone she didn t like, open the figting pits and see slavery just outside meereen. The only thing that should have happened to her and didn t is the unsillied and supporters she shamed into helping the sick havent gotten sick yet.
  15. The big question is if stannis is down to 500 knights or 500 fighting men (because of stannis saying he has 500 swords as good as massey in theon's chapter). To me he has 500 knights so his total soutern army would be a little less than 1000 soldiers. Maybe 800 or 900... But.if you find text supporting the 500 fighting men I am ok with it... However, with the upcoming battle stannis is at least 6 days from winterfell and we know his army spent 1 more night in simillar conditions to the night they lost 80 men (previous night to theon's chapter). So stannis will still lose a lot of men. I don t think he can only have 500 total.
  16. What were his previous answers when someone asked him about how many books ASOIAF will have?
  17. The problem is that they put sansa in the north storyline without any story of her own after being rescued by theon. Sansa dealing with armies and military strategies doesn t make sense. She basically became a intruder in other characters stories and it harmed the story. It would be much better if they got a small cast of vale characters that would give sansa her own story. And between having Harry the heir and LF trying to kill sweetrobin or LF trying to take advantage of the situation through using the lords of vale there are stories where sansa could shine...
  18. If it was the cumulative it wouldn t be such a concern.
  19. That is a more interesting argument. Do you know how cinemascore handles those rankings?
  20. Yeah, alt A and whatever hired hackers to downvote the movie EVERYWHERE... That is obviously true. The user reviews downgrading the movie are fake... RT responsables saying that the reviews are true are obviously lieing... It sounds like a Disney pr scheme to make people doubt the negative critics and still go to the cinema.
  21. And it makes perfect sense that sansa will be very interested in helping the north, winterfell and her familly (whoever might be asking for the vale's help) instead of looking to profit with the grain. Without thinking too much, given that travel time doesn t exist in the show why didn t they send sansa to the vale after her meeting with jon? They could have concluded that they didn t have enough northmen to defeat the boltons and that they would need food. Then sansa could say that the lords of the vale ofered her help in the past and she should go with brienne there to ask for their grain and armies... They could go to eastwatch and go to the vale by boat... Then we could have the continuation of sansa's story from the books...
  22. What has varys done? nothing... But they are big names...
  23. How is the metacritic score better? You are saying the opinion of a small number of people (which I have no idea if they have interest in the movie sucess) is better than the opinion of a bigger number of random people that watched the movie because they liked star wars... The diference between RT, user scores, IMDB scores or random surveys is very littlle as long as we assume that all kinds of people participate in ranking movies in these sites. Which is a solid assumption.
  24. They were recent trilogies with sucessful first movies that I remembered. If you think of other trilogies that don t follow this trend you are free to name them... Do you want to know another interesting fact? Both TFA and TLJ earned nearly the same in their opening weekend (248M and 220M in the US) and in the end TLJ earned less 300M in the US... If people liked TLJ as much as they liked TFA this diference shouldn t be so big. And I selected the statistics I know of. If you know other reliable statistics that aprove of the movie (not critics statistics) then go ahead and name them.
  25. I think book sansa would be a good help to manage the logistics and political aspirations of the vassals of lord. But the show simply doesn t care about those things... And you are absolutly right about D&D. I can t even imagine how they will manage with so many characters in winterfell. They have to kill a lot of them lol