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  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooo! I had just managed to repress those awful things!
  2. I noticed several "muh shock moments" - but emmy dialogue? I couldn't remember A SINGLE Emmy worthy dialogue in this season (well, none in season 5 either) - maybe one the High Sparrow monologues but I was not awake enough to listen to or enjoy those...
  3. But....Sandra is badass. Boss ass bitch and badass - those kind of women don't cry! Not even when they are (kind of) responsible for their little brothers being killed. It's probably something from the "empowerment handbook" (published by a feminist killer collective from Dorne): 1. strong badass women don't cry, they kill! 2.your male relatives are weak? you have to kill them and show no remorse! 3.always smirk sardonically when the deed is done - or do the "muh oberynz"-expression!
  4. Well, but Sansa and Jon both know Bran might still be alive ....did they rule him out as Winterfell's heir because he will never be able to walk again or because they hope he will die beyond the Wall...?
  5. Nobody knows....nobody seems to care...well, someone has to do the job and if the crown fits... Larry (aka imposter-Jaime) Lannister tells the Small Council (well, Olenna and Kevan) the Tyrell army is the second largest in Westeros (still makes me wonder who holds the largest one, but who cares) - so I guess they might not be too pleased with their Lord's and his heirs violent deaths and might not stand idly by. I guess in the next season or in one of their "D&D explain what's happening"- shows we will desultorily learn that Olenna took the Tyrell army along - whenever she left the city. It happened OFFSCREEN - of course. Another thing that confuses me: In S06E04 Tommen and his loving soccer mom have a weird conversation after he had to endure one of the legendary High Sparrow monologues. Tommen says to soccer mom: "Mother, there is something I want to tell you...something the High Sparrow told me. I promised him I wouldn't tell anyone. If he found out...." What was the big secret of the High Sparrow? His father was a cobbler and he mislikes shoes? There still is a big stash of wildfire beneath the sept? Did it help Cersei in planning her big bang plot? Or was it just the boring fact that he wants to have Margaery do the Walk of Atonement as well?
  6. Well, someone here wrote about the Ned-theory they got from a shownly - and Robert is the most obvious candidate to most showcasuals. My flatmate is always very brave: after every episode she reads the reaction posts on the "watchers on the wall" forum - people there occasionally think Rhaegar is the same person as Viserys (hence Viserys is the father of Jon), someone thought Varys is KellyC.'s father and the 2 (or 3) Kingsguards were raping Lyanna in the Tower of Joy - before Ned Patrick Harris arrived - and that's how she got pregnant in the end.
  7. Interesting. So showcasuals don't know who Jon's father is (nobody knows Rhaegar so we've had lots of funny theories like Robert, Ned, Varys, Viserys, the Kingsguard who raped Lyanna in the Tower of Joy....) but some don't even understand who his mother is? Shamefully bad writing! Most of my shownly friends don't get anything either - they don't even get the names of the charaters they like - but they don't really care,they only watch it for all the badass, blood, gore, boobs and figthing. And of course because it is Game of Thrones ....duh! It's epic and awesomeand shit - the biggest tv show there ever was and ever will be...apparently logic isn't so much their bag.
  8. And the Sandfakes and their heartless leader should hate Tyrion as well - after all, Oberyn kind of died for him AND he is a weak man... they usually kill those straight away... Of course - now they all can be merry and happy and enjoy their little field trip to Westeros and sing "why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends"... It's amazing that they all forged some kind of alliance now - and so fast - without any bad blood between them.
  9. HA! I knew it !!! Thank you soooooo much! I was about to torture myself by rewatching the entire season 4 to see if this kind of conversation ever happened between Tyrion & Jaime ... I think the fact Jaime has never told anyone the truth about Aerys (not even Tyrion or Cersei) makes his confession to Brienne even more important & meaningful...and now the show made it seem as if a lot of people knew about Aerys' plan to blow up Kings Landing anyway - so Jaime probably told Cersei about all the wildfire as well....
  10. Though it is obvious somehow (but since Cersei is soooo very paranoid about Tyrion - he would be even more obvious) I want Jaime to be the Valonqar. I believe Cersei doesn't truly love Jaime as he does love her (romantically) in any way .... I don't think Cersei is capable of actually LOVING anyone in a classical way - for her it is always about possession rather than love. In ASOS and AFFC she starts despising Jaime because of his stump, the way he looks older and less perfect and because he interferes & objects her ideas & plans all the time - therefore she sends him away to the Riverlands. However, should someone else take him away from her (even someone like Brienne who is absolutely no match for Cersei's beauty) - she would still be mad, because in her weird perception, he belongs to her and her alone. She wants to possess him and not share ;o) The "Brienne the Beauty" phrase was used more often in AFFC and ADWD (I seem to recall) - and maybe that's because Brienne is indeed the younger and more beautiful (inner beauty) someone that will take away all Cersei holds dear...after all: when she loses her power (though not to Margaery) and her three children, Jaime is all she has left... But maybe Brienne has already "taken Jaime away" from Cersei - as he is much changed after their journey and their shared ordeal and he later follows her (willingly) after their meeting in Pennytree - and so he might not even return to Kings Landing to witness Cersei's downfall and eventual death himself.... and in the end the "Valonqar" is just Arya or some other younger sibling....
  11. From the second he was revived he was bland and dull and just blah....maybe that's D&D's way to show us coming back from the dead changes you!?! But maybe it's the man-bun that makes him less likeable ;o)
  12. @teemo and @WSmith84: both of your dreams are scary! BUT... after rewatching the oh-so-epic-finale I discovered something positive! There was no Urine,mmh Euron Greyjoy in it, right?!? And THAT I liked! Should I post that in the positivity thread?
  13. I understand the showcasuals don't have a clue about Rhaegar...because he is hardly ever mentioned (but I have read things online where people think Rhaegar is somehow Viserys...)... but this Robert-theory still doesn't make any sense too me not even with show logic: if he would indeed be Jon's father - what's all the fuss? why would it have to be a secret? why would the baby be in any danger? At that time Robert wasn't married and had a bastard would only be a disgrace to Lyanna but nothing else IMHO. Someone here mentioned Euron could be joining Cersei (book and show) - that would actually somehow work at least in the show, I think: Show-Cersei SHOULD have NO ALLIES left (unless the Tyrell army LOVED how their Lord and his children were blown up), Euron can hardly be fighting FOR KellyC. as his relatives already are on her side and since D&D love to merge/fuse characters together....maybe Euron will partially become Cersei's precious Aurane Waters. I don't think we will ever see Randyll Tarly or the rest of Sam's family again (which is a shame, as Samantha Spiro is someone I'd love to see again ;o) - in the book he will probably be quite important as he is really clever, seems to have a large army and is now in the small council as the justiciar. Also his Valyrian steel sword will definitely be used in the fight against the Others, I gather. Show-Randyll was probably only there to show us what a horrible time Sam must have had while growing up with him and to be dumbfounded by a wildling girl who actually shouldn't have a clue about much - oh, and of course he was needed to point out Sam has grown some balls and can be a real badass by now. I hope Baelish and Qyburn die soon - because both are really creepy & confusing and I don't know where their show-stoylines could be going (both are creepy in the books as well but more interesting). As for Jaime.... I just hope he somehow becomes book-Jaime again. Not just realizing Cersei is nuts and loves to rule and burn things...but that she also doesn't truly love him as much as he loves her, that she has manipulated and lied to him to get what she wants for years.... Do you guys believe he FINALLY knows she slept with Lancel? Will he be forever the only one in Kings Landing NOT KNOWING? Does he know and he is fine with it? Or will Bronn finally tell him in Season 7? Why could they not just have that revelation at the end of Season 4 when he said goodbye to Tyrion?. I fear D&D will make him "the valonqar" in the next season - even though their prophecy at the beginning of Season 5 did not mention anything about Cersei actually being killed by her/a little brother - so the shock value will be bigger to show-casuals. But what would he do after that?Go north, go to Casterly Rock and rule there(as there are no other Lannisters left/mentioned who could do so), stay in Kings Landing(and rule himself) or wait and surrender the city to KellyC. and Tyrion? It all sounds so dull. Show-Arya doesn't still have Thoros and Beric on her list,or does she? I didn't quite listen when she was being beaten up by the Terminator-waif yet again and telling her about her past. Even so, if she doesn't teleport to Winterfell directly, I guess she will meet the Brotherhood again - who already teamed up with Sandor and together they will come upon Melisandre - who told Arya sometime ago "we will meet again" (in case D&D remember that). Maybe even Gendry will pop up miraculously. Sadly, there will be no reunion with Nymeria and her pack of wolves. But no matter what happens in that ASOIAF parody show - I do believe Stannis will die in the books too. But he will die honorably (without burning his daughter himself) and fighting properly - maybe even sacrificing himself - whether it is against Roose Bolton, against Aegon or against the Others - I just hope it's not against Daenerys. I would hate for her to win.
  14. Nope. Still just a very naive teenager totally in love with his older, hot wife - and very sad to see his mother killher and a lot of other innocent people... But by now the show makes me somehow believe he killed himself because he knew about the prophecy of Maggy the (not so old and ugly) Frog - he probably eavesdropped on his loving mom & his funcle when they had this weird homecoming-reloaded-chat:"no, I knew this would happen, the witch told me years ago, she promised me three children, she promised me they'd die...and gold their shrouds...everything she said came true.You couldn't have stopped it. It's prophecy, it's fate.." Knowing his siblings had already died and his mom didn't seem to care all that much about his sister's murder - because it was prophesied and all - he just took the opportunity to end his life as well - it seemed like a good point - so his mom didn't have to wait any longer...
  15. I was not really amazed Varys rushed in like a cheap surprise birthday stripper from a cake after Fauxllaria rang her little bell - but I really thought I'd have to barf when he uttered the words "fire and blood". Why give those fools Doran's plan and speech? Well... bits of it - the whole thing itself would be too complex for the "easy watching" audience...we are all way too stupid to understand complex, well-wrought and elaborate plots, right?!?