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  1. Right so! Ding & Dong would most definitely let us know if Euron's seducing skills and his massive cock were successful with the Vulcan Queen! And Larry (aka the artist formerly known as Jaime) would be standing next to them looking like a sad puppy. The Valonqar prophecy was never even mentioned in the show - and ShowCersei doesn't have other knights (Kettleblacks) to sleep with - here she "cheated" on Jaime only with Lancel and that was years ago. And since Jaime is now openly fucking the queen and even sleeping in her bed and all it's definitely his. They are more in love than ever - forget Jaime's actual redemption arc, the fact that Cersei is actually repulsed by Jaime's stup and their 3 dead children (of which one actually jumped from the highest tower because his mother is cruel) and start a new dynasty.
  2. Since showfans believe that with every season another year passes in the showverse (and since the writers let you believe that easily with all that travelling and I think even mentioning "the war of the 5 kingdom already lasts for 7years) - it should be the year 304 now - so Little Sam should be about 5 by now ;o)
  3. You are so right! I didn't think of that straight away - but it's true: Carol knows dead things can be revived/move/whatever. Why bother bringing her another undead thing to look at. I guess she is still making fun of "grumkins and snarks" while having Zombie Gregor standing right next to her. And hey - since Qyburn created The Zombie Mountain for Queen Carol with the Good Hair - maybe he secretly is the creator of The Others as well;o) (he would have to be a child of the forest though - but who cares ;o)) Since Carol is utterly outnumbered (having no soldiers at all right now - I guess) when Team Khalessi and Team "the North remembers" actually unite - I suggest she simply marries the "Night King" and uses his army against her foes. Somehow I suppose not even THAT would make Larry fall out of love with her. To him she will ALWAYS be perfect. I am also quite interested in that weird hunting party up north - will they catch the wight with a net? Did they bring a cage or something along? Did Davos invite Gendry just to be the bait? I am sooooo excited
  4. All true! I doubt Hornhill will ever be seen again, so the Tarlys won't matter much. Sam will just be happy to be with Gilly forever, no matter where they will live. Maybe, when everything is over (and the comet does not hit Westeros wiping out everyone), he might open his own doctor's surgery where he is curing all kinds of rare diseases like greyscale, the flux.... and Gilly will be his desk clerk. The teleporting of everyone vs. the poking along of the dead men walking (in very slow slow-motion) is devoid of any logic for the last 3 seasons. And yes - GoT has become my Sunday comedy program rather than a good, watchable historical drama show. Almost like Monty Python meets Benny Hill - but with less fun.
  5. What does he want to do? Make Wolver-Arya so mad at Sandra that she kills her? Maybe LF realized Arya is way better than the lady of his dreams (Sandra aka Mini-Catelyn) because she is an evil faceless badass sometimes.
  6. Mmmh, would that be a "love pentagon" then? Soon I'll be all out of geometry....
  7. Oha. D&D would call that "The War for Dany's Ladygarden" (yes, they would use the c-word, but I wanted to be poetic)
  8. Oh YES - please do! Yup. Classic daytime television. I am waiting for a cunning love triangle - until Daario shows up again .. making it a "love square" or a "love quadrangle"?!
  9. Bronn should have just married Lollys Stokeworth. End of story. But now he will surely be heartbroken when he has to decide whether he wants to be Team Jaime or Team Tyrion.
  10. He might think her pretty - but knowing that she basically burns everyone who doesn't obey her might also be a bit of a turnoff. Besides I think compared to the "Kerfuffle Khalessi" Ser Davos looks more lovingly at Jon ;o)
  11. Nobody in Oldtown checked him properly - it was just poking with a stick - so I also hope Jorah is not really fully healed and comes back to infect everybody. Instead of THE CURE he brings THE PLAGUE ;o) The End.
  12. Hahahaahahahaa.... of course Ding&Dong never mention that possibility. They say "fuck" a lot and repeat phrases from the earlier seasons... but that's pretty much it now. I am not even sure they really explained the conquest ;o)
  13. I still hope for that red comet to come back ;o) Nobody needs Joffrey 2.0 ;o))
  14. It was a Septon - apparently High Septon Maynard from the Great Sept of Baelor
  15. Littlefinger is done "littlefingering"(aka leaning on a wall, smirking and irishing a lot this season) - he now remembers that he is a schemer. Though No-One and Sandra know he is up to no good (Dr.Branhattan knows everything anyway).