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  1. Who do you consider the "main characters"?

    Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion, Arya, Bran, Sansa, Jaime, Cersei, as of where we are in the novels now. Just my perspective on who the "main" characters are. I don't consider characters without POV chapters to be "main" characters, but if I did, characters such as Stannis, Varys and Littlefinger would likely be up there. Also, I have never heard of this "big six" thing, but if I had to take a guess, I would likely go for: . Jon . Daenerys . Arya . Tyrion . Bran . Sansa
  2. How would you rate the Stark family in order of intelligence?

    I don't really remember these little details so forgive me please. I've spent so long reading these things that I forget details that have been mentioned in earlier novels
  3. Stark Favourite - Arya. Sansa is a very close second. Rest are extremely close thirds cause I love them all. Least favourite - Rickon Lannister Favourite - Jaime Least favourite - Lancel Baratheon Favourite - Stannis Least favourite - Robert Targaryen Favourite - Daenerys. I think she's dumb and stupid but she's complex and I find her struggles interesting. Least favourite - Rhaegar Tully Favourite - Catelyn Least favourite - Lysa Greyjoy Favourite - Asha or Theon Least favourite - Euron or Balon Martell Favourite - Arianne Least favourite - I like them all but if I must choose then Oberyn. Tyrell Favourite - Margaery or Olenna. Show might be affecting decision a bit here. Least favourite - Mace Arryn Favourite - Um...Robert? He's funny I guess. Least favourite - I don't know any Arryn that has been developed enough to have strong feelings for them.
  4. How would you rate the Stark family in order of intelligence?

    I know Arya is extremely intelligent, but my point will stands. Her WOW chapter proves she still has trouble making the right decisions. What I mean by "book smart" is just assumptions. I assumed Arya was never good at the whole book, logic stuff because it didn't seem like her. When it comes to things like instinct and learning how to survive and adapt, she's incredibly smart. Know that I think about it I should have ranked her higher. It's just intelligence is such a broad spectrum and all of the kids are intelligent in different ways, it's impossible to rank them really.
  5. How would you rate the Stark family in order of intelligence?

    I'll just go for the kids, since involving Ned and Cat would not be fair and it would depend on the type of "intelligence" we are discussing. My list is purely subjective and since intelligence is such a wide spectrum it was really hard to do this, impossible really, but I tried. 1. Jon. I mean, his experiences would make anyone intelligent. He has learnt to lead, to read people, to interact with people. He is just extremely good at a lot of things, the way he handles Stannis I quite admire. 2. Sansa. She has been extremely dumb (in a way) by trusting absolutely everyone she comes across and believing everything will turn out for the best, but honestly, what else would keep her from killing herself (I say that with seriousness). Since her troubles in King's Landing she has developed so, so, so much (I absolutely love her, words cannot describe) and Littlefinger has clearly had an effect on her. She can read people and situations well and knows how to navigate through dangerous situations (which we have seen as early as ACOK) 3. Bran. He is significantly younger than the rest of them so we can't judge fairly but he is certainly not dumb. He clearly knows the North well, his knowledge of it has helped him and his companions on their travels numerous times. I also get the impression that he is quite book smart - he spent a lot of time with Maester Luwin and he has displayed high levels of knowledge. 4. Arya. Not book smart but extremely resourceful and contains good critical thinking skills. Far too impulsive and short sighted, and often cannot see the consequences of her actions but cannot be blamed for she is a child, not even twelve yet. 5. Robb. Good at fighting, bad at the game. Don't get me wrong, I was sad when he died (I saw more sad at Catelyn and her reaction/breakdown). If he had followed his Mother's advice at least half the time, Grey Wind's head would not be sewed onto his body right now. Can't rate Rickon for obvious reasons.
  6. [Poll] How would you rate episode 610?

    Amazing, I was honestly surprised, this season has been pretty disappointing for me but I absolutely LOVED it! So much happened and only a few plot holes. So upset about Margaery though, loved what the show did with her and I was so shocked to see her go Finally Dany comes to Westeros, was afraid she would pull another "lol actually ill go even further east". Arya's revenge, I loved. Sansa and Jon's exchange was a little weird but Jon being crowned was awesome. Little finger better not screw his and Sansa's relationship :/ Cersei being crowned was an amazing scene, though I'm not sure if she is the next in the line of succession? I'm not sure if that's how it works, though I assume she just claimed it like Robert did. I sighed when I was Dorne again but it wasn't too bad. Olenna telling the sand snakes to shut the hell up was so satisfying and the "fire and blood" made me smile...even if it was from a teleporting Varys lol (seriously was questioning that). Excited to see this four house alliance though, Dany has made friends with so many people in the space of 2 episodes, it's quite ridiculous XD I also remember that the Martells and Tyrells are supposed to hate each other, but that is not important to the show and even if it was mentioned, It really was Olenna's best option imo. I hope Jaime kills Cersei, you could tell he was looking at her with absolute disgust, at least in my opinion. I am 99% sure it will go down that way in the books so it would make sense, though they really should have included Tyrion's "Cersei is a whore" thing to Jaime in Season 4, still disappointed about that even though 4 was my favourite season. R+L=J finally confirmed, maybe all the bullshit tinfoil theories will stop now. No doubt the purists will deny it just because the show did it though, lol. Oldtown looked GORGEOUS. Seriously, and the library looked beautiful. So impressed with that. Loved the music too, it was different and it worked, in my opinion. Am I missing anything? I forget, so much happened lol. But anyway, rated it 10/10 for enjoyment factor, 8/10 for objectivity. So pleased with this episode. Lady Stoneheart would have made it 9/10 but with Arya around now there's really no use for her...disappointing Also really sick of the "ugh this show is so feminist now" complaints. I mean, I'm anti SJW, but I can sort of see where the feminists are coming from with bullshit statements like these. Oh, so there's queens now, so fucking what? I can only imagine what Sansa being crowned would have done to the creeps in their basements lol. You guys seriously need to stop giving feminists reasons to hate us men, I honestly thought that sexism was almost eradicated but you losers are really pushing it.
  7. [Spoilers] Criticize Without Repercussion

    I was really upset by Osha's death...I really loved that the show utilised her more and I love Natalie Tena's acting. Too bad she got brought back only to be damn throat stabbed by Ramsay. Also, it amuses me that so many of you take any chance you can get to completely crush the show under the heels of your boots. Don't like, don't watch it. I also agree that the show has made nonsensical changes and can be extremely aggravating but it is still my favourite show on TV and I enjoy it a lot, and also recognise (as George has stated himself) that the show is not the books. If you don't like, don't watch it and spend your precious time discussing the books instead of wasting it on the show you oh so hate. It really is very frustrating. I do agree that Dany being unburnt was a bit "but", but I just assume that the show has made Targaryens immune to fire. And I, for one, can not really hold anything against them for that as a good deal of stuff in ASOIAF is in itself questionable. Also, yes, I know this is a thread to criticise the show, but it doesn't say "oh tell us how you hate it and how it deserves to burn in the deepest pits of the seven hells". If it aggravates you so much, why would you spend an hour watching it? It just baffles me.
  8. Looking for a good quote

    Just felt like popping one of my favourite quotes here...I recorded it straight away since I think it has major foreshadowing concerning Arya “Some have only one great lie they tell so often they will almost come to believe it…though some small part of them will always know that it is still a lie, and that will show upon their faces.”
  9. This book is quite boring....

    I actually haven't found Feast boring so far at all. Save the Arys chapter and some slow parts of the Greyjoy storyline. And some parts of Sam. But, my two favourite characters in this series are Arya and Sansa. And while they don't have too many chapters in this book, their characters are, in my opinion, at their best in this one. Their storylines are so interesting and their characters are shedding more layers and becoming more complex. Many people say ACOK is where Arya shines the most, and while her storyline in that book was incredible yes, this one really tests her and is developing her like no book has done before. It's also toying with my emotions. You're not no one, are Arya Stark of Winterfell, soon to be Queensguard to the Queen in the North, Sansa Stark Jaime and Cersei are just fun. Jaime's character is interesting and Cersei's chapters are amusing. Brienne's travels through the river lands have not bored me as they seem to have done to many other posters on this thread. I love Brienne. Her chapters have provided me with backstory and have shredded layers to her character. She's much more complex than people give her credit for, in my opinion. Many people that like her chapters defend them by saying "oh, it shows the effects of war on the common people"...I would agree, but I like to defend them by purely saying "Brienne". Sam is alright, I suppose. Just read a chapter of his where he comes across "Cat" (I got so excited, I did not see that coming) and quite enjoyed it. The Martell storyline is interesting. I enjoyed Hotah and Arianne's chapters, but Arys' was a slog. Greyjoys are okay. Aeron's second chapter was cool, though. Wonder what they'll do with that horn...
  10. Feast of Crows and Dance of Dragons Simultaneously?

    Would you guys say that reading them separately would m ake ADWD confusing, due to forgetting minor plot points and such, or will it be fine as the books are split geographically? I'm on my first read of the series and I'd like to know what would be the best way for me to go about reading these two. I've been so excited for them because of things I've heard and I'd like to get the most out of the experience. Thanks
  11. Pick your favourite character and say something negative about them

    I have...quite a few favourite characters, so I'll just name the main ones. (Also, I don't think you can hold 'misogynistic' behaviour against a character as Westeros is a patriarchal society, and they're sort of raised to value masculinity a lot over femininity) (I'm only on ASOS) Arya is way too impulsive and doesn't see things in the long term, as displayed in ACOK. She could have killed Tywin. Catelyn can also be far too impulsive and selfish. Though her selfishness is mainly displayed through the love she bears her own children. Freeing Jaime was a god awful decision. I don't hold her kidnapping Tyrion against her as many other people on these forums have explained why that wasn't necessarily a bad move on her part. I can't think of anything too bad to say about Sansa. AGOT speaks for itself but she was raised to think that way. Can you really blame an eleven year old girl for wanting what most eleven year old girls in Westeros want? A handsome husband and a nice life? And once Joffrey cuts her Father's head off, that was when she became one of my favourites. I suppose she is much too easy to trust people. The Tyrells manage to manipulate her so easily even after she told herself that she wouldn't trust anyone else in her first ACOK chapter.
  12. Thoughts about The Red Wedding...SPOILERS!

    I knew it was going to happen but oh my god, it was so awful. I never expected a chapter to be so amazing. I mean, I had learned to love Catelyn's chapters since ACOK, but I found my enjoyment in them through her complexity and her inner monologue. The Red Wedding just came at you so suddenly, when you finish it you just sit there and stare at the "red and cold", and just wonder if you actually just read something like that. It was unreal, everything about it. The part where Catelyn goes crazy and kills Jinglebell and rips her face open is easily one of the best pages George has ever produced. Ned loves my hair. I'm crying again, oh god. And Arya's presence makes it worse, I don't need to explain why.
  13. So who would you bend the knee to?

    Could never pledge to Joffrey. Balon is icky and ew and so are the Iron Islanders in general. Depending on where I lived it would be Robb or Stannis. I know these two are in bad shape at the start of ASOS but they're really the only kings in Westeros with good intentions and are respectable people in their ow rights. Daenerys is just not as smart and is not as good a person as she thinks she is, and not as as experienced as the other kings, as much as I do like her and believe she wants good in the world. right to anything and life as a wildling does not appeal to me. BwB is far too dangerous. Sorry, but I like living So Robb or Stannis, I'd root for. But if I lived in other places I guess I'd have to pretend I was loyal to the rulers there. Heart would be Robb/Stannis though.
  14. Why did Ramsay

    Burn Winterfell to the ground? I understand that he wants land and power but how does burning Winterfell accomplish that? Is it explained in the next book, or is there something I'm missing?
  15. The Hound.... Love him or hate him?

    I adore him. That's all I have to say at the current moment. The reason why I enjoyed Sansa's chapter so much in this book is partly due to him. And partly due to the tragic circumstances a young girl is being forced to survive in, building more inner strength each day and striving to be a good person regardless of her current situation.