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  1. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    I'm not sure why people keep suggesting Arya killing Sansa is plausible (and I'm not singling you out, ItIsKnown, lots of boarders have suggested this). If Arya really hated her, wouldn't Sansa have made The List? Doesn't she even say to Ned, "I don't hate her, not really" all the way back in AGoT? I suspect if they do meet again, they will both be crying with joy to see each other again. Bickering was for the summer. And yes, it's clearly revealed that a FM cannot be given a kill assignment where the target is someone he/she knows, even a bit, which is the whole reason behind the sailors in AFfC making Arya repeat their names over and over again when they're on the way to Braavos. Arya can't be assigned to kill any of her former friends/enemies/family members, although I could see her hiding the fact that she knows someone on her list in order to be able to kill them.
  2. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    I think you're right. We also have to keep in mind Martin's style - it seems to me that we are meant to feel very afraid for Jaime, especially because Brienne spouts off that lie about the Hound. It's a carefully crafted cliffhanger to make us feel afraid for him. My gut feeling is that Brienne's got another plan, or will by the time we're in her POV again.
  3. How Would You Rate Episode 108?

    My first 10. My heart was racing the entire time, and by the end I was reminded why I adore these books. Just wow... good stuff. :)
  4. How Would You Rate Episode 106?

    wow that last scene was done so perfectly. I gave it a 9; I think it was one of the best, if not the best I've seen so far.
  5. Poll: How would you rate Episode 103?

    It seems like this one deviated the most from the books (lots of added scenes), but I also think it was my favorite so far. It felt as if they spent a little longer focusing on each character, and I think I like that approach. Maybe the scenes themselves were just more meaningful. I don't know; I'm not a TV critic, but I liked it.