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  1. Frog eater is white, he/she would never be able to put him/herself in the shoes of some piss ant immigrant. That is beneath them.
  2. Dems aren't white enough for you eh? Give me a break. They aren't winning Trump voters. Time for the naive centrists to grasp this.
  3. Law and order types seriously can fuck off with your sheepish bs. I have no doubt the ones dehumanizing people to just illegals breaking a law would have supported the holocaust, slavery, segregation as well as concentration camps for Japanese Americans since those were all legal actions taken by governments. Falling back on law and order regarding people is extremely bigoted.
  4. Racist white suburbanites that have never met a person of color and live in a whiter than a klan rally town, clutch onto their guns because they are scared of being the victim of a crime and a person of color committing it. But they aren't scared about themselves, their loved ones and friends getting gunned down in a mass shooting committed by some angry white guy, something that is far more likely to happen than the fictitious murderous black super criminal they have an arsenal for.
  5. https://www.teenvogue.com/story/student-texts-florida-shooting Students Texted Their Parents Goodbye During the Florida Shooting
  6. What a fucking shocker. But the klansman and neo nazis in the white house, senate and congress won't give a flying fuck. In fact this probably gets them erect with the hopes that more white supremacists start gunning people down.
  7. Mass shootings are as american as apple pie, baseball, racism, white washing and celebrating sexual predators and demonizing their victims.
  8. LMAO won't matter since Republicans are fucking racist and just bigots and vote party over everything and have no issue fucking themselves if it means people of color, the lgbt community, women and the disabled get fucked worse.
  9. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/white-supremacists-running-for-office-2018_us_5a7da926e4b0c6726e1285c1?section=us_politics Look at all the white supremacists running for office this year.
  10. Cops aren't friends. They are all shit. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/feb/09/california-police-white-supremacists-counter-protest?CMP=share_btn_tw
  11. I was just coming here to post about this. This is the only way that bigots should be handle if they are going to be interviewed. This is the total opposite of how they handled Richard Spencer, who's views are extremely similar to this old nazi fucks.
  12. https://www.vox.com/the-big-idea/2018/2/8/16982036/nationalism-patriotism-left-right-trump-democrats-solidarity This is one of the worst articles Vox has ever published. Holy hell is the writer and ignorant dickhead. Noam Gidron just starts throwing out terms all in approximately the same way. He uses the words nationalism, patriotism, populism, national solidarity and nativism like they are equivalent terms.
  13. Trump isn't popular either, neither have the policies that the GOP has pushed through. They don't give a fuck. They are greedy bigoted pigs. And they get their dicks rock hard at the idea of killing people of color and would gladly sign off on a war with NK. Or, Trump just finally pushes the button and nukes the shit out of them. He isn't a person you can talk down, he is a fucking entitled sack of shit that is the epitome of white male entitlement. His hell spawn children are examples of it as well, and no doubt Baron will turn out like them too.
  14. The Bush years were just as bad. Lets not sell them short just because they weren't as openly horrible and weren't retweeting neo nazi propaganda or infesting the white house with people that the Alt Right / Nazis have lots in common with and openly praise. They started a war and used a lie to do so, and some of the people with in the administration profited big time off the war. That war completely destabilized the middle east and we are seeing the result of that clusterfuck. Their policies crashed the economy. They loved torture, they violated human rights and civil rights.
  15. Trump supporters 6 months ago: “There were no meetings with any Russians.” Trump supporters 3 months ago: “They just forgot to report the meetings with Russians.” Trump supporters last week: "There's no evidence of collusion with Russia!!" Trump supporters 3 days ago: "Who cares if the Trump campaign colluded with Russia?" Trump supporters yesterday: “It’s Obama’s fault for not stopping the meetings with Russians.” Trump’s lawyer Jay Sekulow today: “It’s the Secret Service’s fault for not stopping the meeting with Russians.” Trump supporters tomorrow: “Трамп собирается сделать Россию великой снова!” - ya'll qaeda