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  1. This asshole is one of these assholes. http://www.gainesville.com/news/20171020/three-charged-in-shooting-after-spencer-talk This is why you do not shrug off online bigotry and just chalk it up to trolling. Eventually they will get bold enough to try and harm someone. It's also not a shocker that one of them has a history of being an abuser. Sexism and misogyny along with men's rights activism is a gateway to white nationalism. Also, one of them was in that video I posted to here from that person's twitter. He was that asshole that flung himself over the barrier.
  2. Nazi comes out of Spencer's speech, gets swarmed by protesters and flings himself over the barricade to get out of the "protest zone" and away from the protesters. This is some Spencer nazi faking being hit by pepper spray. Cringe worthy. Notice how he pauses to look up and see who is watching. If he was sprayed, people near him would have been hit given how crowded together everyone was. His eyes also would have been red, and he would not have recovered that quickly. Here is the Benny Hill version of that. They're so pathetic.
  3. No I mean like let them bring the schools to court over not letting him speak out of safety concerns for the students. Not him. Say that he presents the danger, not the protesters against him and his nazism. The proof is there that he is a danger.
  4. Nazi getting punched at UF. Gainesville protesting the hell out of these nazi assholes.
  5. So people are catching on to what the left has been saying about Spencer for a while now eh? http://thehill.com/homenews/news/356261-gainesville-mayor-richard-spencer-is-a-terrorist-leader
  6. I refuse to ever say they may or may not be wrong in any instance. I refuse to normalize this shit show. Dick Spencer's back to talking again, droning on about his nazi beliefs. Apparently he is showing signs of being rattled by protesters.
  7. Kelly is as much of a piece of shit as any one else in that administration. No one should be shocked. He's a fucking sycophant. Spencer gave up the mic pretty quickly and threatened to walk away because of the disruptions.
  8. Schools really need to start calling his bluff when it comes to his threats of law suits. There's enough evidence that he poses a threat to safety of their students. Plus, I'm sure law suit after law suit will eventually drain his resources.
  9. Such a great guy eh? Totally safe and not a danger. https://itsgoingdown.org/nazi-group-providing-richard-spencer-security-gainesville-promotes-murder-bombings-online/ https://itsgoingdown.org/neo-nazis-organizing-richard-spencer-event-release-hit-list-gainesville-establishments/ https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/oct/18/white-nationalist-richard-spencer-florida-free-speech "White nationalist to control which journalists cover Florida 'free speech' event" A fascist being a fascist? Liberals still shocked that fascists are fascists and don't play by the rules because they are unethical? News agencies: One, stop giving this fucking asshole and others like him platforms. Giving them platforms helps support their agenda, and that is because platforms help to normalize their position, which will eventually become legitimized over time through constant normalization. All they have to do is point to how the media seeks to do interviews with them on their opinions. Two, call him what he is, he's a fucking nazi. He is way worse than just a white nationalist. Three, realize that there will be bigger problems than you not getting your story and being black balled by these people if they get into power, they will start fucking killing the majority of the country's population. Universities: stop enabling these assholes and being complicit in their rise. They aren't there to debate. That's why they go with a one man show, or they only have speakers with extremely similar views. They are only there to indoctrinate and recruit and also terrorize the marginalized. Like I said about the media giving them platforms, giving them platforms helps support their agenda, and that is because a platform helps normalize their position, which will eventually become legitimized over time through constant normalization. All they have to do is point to how the media seeks to interview them on their opinions and how Universities allow them to speak to their students and don't perceive their ideology to be a danger. ACLU: extend your policy of not helping armed white supremacists to just not helping white supremacists instead of being counter productive assholes. Centrists , Liberals and pacifists: Stop pushing false equivalences that are along the lines of Antifa and Nazis / white supremacists are the same, or that both sides bullshit.
  10. Liberals and free speech absolutists. Here's an article lamenting insufficient free speech at a nazi event. They've missed the entire point however, and that point is that any speech from fascists that enters the mainstream is harmful and supports their agenda and helps normalize it, and fascists are clearly more aware of that than any liberal journalist. Also, it's funny how they're shocked a fascist is gonna fascist and deny people access. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/oct/18/white-nationalist-richard-spencer-florida-free-speech
  11. Police at UF are already restricting medics from bringing supplies tomorrow. Also, there have been leaked map images of where police deployments will be to protect that nazi fuck Richard Spencer.
  12. Yea, this administration is irony incarnate. The're also shit in human form / skin.
  13. So the mother-in-law of the widow that was told that her husband knew what he signed up for, said that her sons wife was told that by Trump. He can deny it all he wants, it's evident he said it. Even if someone else didn't come out and back it up, I still wouldn't believe him since he has always been a liar.
  14. While this is from the UK and about a former British nazi, this is important for some here to see. This reminds me of Milo Y, a gay man that has jewish heritage, but he hangs out with nazis like Richard Spencer. Gay people can be nazis, and there are jews that can be nazis. Milo Y is very much a nazi, and just because Milo is gay, jewish and is married to a black man doesn't mean he is not a racist and nor does it mean is not a nazi, or at the very least a nazi sympathizer.
  15. GOV Rick Scott declared a state of emergency for Richard Spencer's little nazi get together at UF where he will be preaching his country club yacht club nazism to scumbag young republicans. The Government is literally catering to these fucks. People are still falling for the just voicing their opinions bullshit and parroting it like fucking robots. Why is he there to "just voice his opinion", which is nazism? To indoctrinate and recruit. Wake the fuck up.