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  1. Judge Lynn Leibovitz labeled photojournalist Alexei Wood a "principal aider and abetter" in alleged conspiracy to riot bc his livestream "played a role...to advertise, broadcast...to recruit" and keep people "informed of the events". That's totally not a dangerous, watch as zero journalists will be accused of aiding and abetting Heather Heyer’s murderer for their advertising Richard Spencer as the dapper and cool kind of nazi with a different opinion. DC Superior Court judge has endorsed US Attorney's attempt to criminalize acts of speech made by journalists reporting on street protests. She dropped the felony inciting a riot charge, but Judge Lynn Leibovitz just gave a clear stamp of approval to US Attorney's attempt to convict protesters, medics, and journalists for wearing black and not leaving a protest where no dispersal order was ever given.
  2. Black voters saved the Dems asses even while being systematically oppressed.
  3. Fuck Roy Moore and the horse he rode in on.
  4. SHS was raised by a bigoted sexual predator apologist, specifically an apologist for child molestation. So I expected nothing less from her.
  5. Trump is the white house, he's as big of a piece of shit as Moore is. If they vote Moore while Trump is still in the white house fucking everyone over, they won't ever have a stink attached to them that will drown the party. It means nothing. This country is a shit infested hell hole plagued with bigoted hard right zealots that would hand over their own kids over to be raped by people like Moore if that meant they could fuck over the marginalized.
  6. I wish we could physically drop that wildfire in California right on top of that Moore rally.
  7. http://thehill.com/policy/technology/364336-fcc-ftc-announce-partnership-to-police-internet-after-net-neutrality-repeal
  8. This J20 protest prosecution is such a shit show. They have one of the defendant's camera monopod listed as a "baton" despite Pemberton's admission that no weapons were found on the defendant. Several memory cards, as well as that defendant's business cards for his journalism, were taken off him but were not listed on his property form.
  9. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/9kdb3a/dystopian-sketches-from-inside-the-inauguration-protesters-trial IDK if anyone has been following this trial, but it's pretty scary. These people could be anyone that shows up to a protest. Some tmes windows get broken, and people do get kettled. It happens to a lot of activists and journalists. And now these defendants are facing up to 60 years in prison just for doing what so many of people have done. This country needs to respond if they get convicted for these ridiculous charges. And the DC PD Detective Greggory Pemberton, the man behind this politically motivated J20 felony prosecution, follows a Twitter account associated with /pol/, one of the main online hubs for neo-nazi 'alt right' harassment campaigns.
  10. One of the whitest states in the nation.
  11. Hey, I care about you colored folks because I marched during the 60s and was apart of sit ins in favor of you guys being treated like equal citizens. I haven't done fuck all for you since and think your issues of being targeted by institutional racism are not as important as class issues, please vote for me, but wait until I gather the racist not racists that had no issue voting for a klan and nazi endorsed candidate. They have a median household income of $72,000 and are really economically struggling and anxious.
  12. Lol what ever you say. I know quite a lot of progressive voters have an issue with his tone deaf bullshit of pushing that false economic anxiety narrative and how he has no issue tossing the marginalized aside for white votes. He'll toss reproductive rights aside, he'll toss the lgbtq community aside, and he obviously doesn't care too much about people of color, which is why they shunned him and went with Clinton over him. Quite honestly, I hope he doesn't run in 2020. He'll lose because he sucks at campaigning and we could use new blood over a never was Dem come lately brosocialist half measure.
  13. Lol he won't unite them.
  14. Sanders seriously needs to shut the fuck up. The guy is so out of touch with reality. "I think that the vast majority of Trump supporters are people who are in pain, who are struggling economically… and they turned to Trump because Trump said things that made sense.” https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/wjz5dw/bernie-sanders-tax-reform-tour-ohio?utm_source=vicetwitterus This economic anxiety garbage has been shown to be bullshit time and time again. Trump supporters have a median house hold income of $72,00, the only reasons they voted for him are bigotry and greed. And yes, EVERY Trump supporter is a bigot. You either saw his bigotry and went fuck yea, or you didn't give a shit about it or stopping it because you're a greedy prick. And not caring about bigotry and supporting a person who has bigoted policies is enabling their bigotry which makes you a privileged jackass. If you dont care about bigoted policies impacting the people they target, then you are a bigot as well. The lives of the marginalized mean nothing to you so don't say you aren't a bigot and that you care, because you had the chance to show you do and you went the other way. So tired of Sanders and his regressive class only leftism.
  15. Oh nothing like that haha.