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    i like to make new friends.. reading novels and playing chess

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    Bikram Singh Majithia

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  1. my best movie scene is from the bollywood movie veer zaara... when i got to know that a person who lived in pakistan's jail for last 24 years for a girl. she lived in his house since he is in jail... both were not awared. girl thought he had died. nd boy thought that girl lived happily with his husband...\ bikram singh majithia
  2. oh.. so try one date with me. i m sure this date will b last long for you...
  3. leander pace and rohan boppanna can win for india bikram singh majithia
  4. hiii lily valley...

    may v know each other if u will???? 


  5. hiii lily valley...

    may v know each other if u will???? 


  6. i khow i have no right to ask.. but i generally ask.... sorry if u feel wrong. my intention was not hurting anyone....
  7. i miss this fight.....
  8. share solar eclipse picture if you have... i miss it...
  9. is it true... actully i dont eat egg. so i dont know about that. but if its true then eating egg shell is really a very dangerous for egg eater...
  10. i love pit bull and saint beneards..... both are just awesome.. recently i hv lebra dog..but now i m planning for pit bull or saint beneard
  11. had you dated????/