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  1. Oh, this one looks very beautiful! I really like the style and colour, I'll try to look for similiar models for this summer Personally I bought a pair of new sneakers for this warm season, the ones Nike (one of my favourite brands) and a peak model like in this list from stylemann.com, wanted to try smth new, besides one some fashion resources they're considered trenfy for this year I'm also planning to get a new summer dress and skinny jeans
  2. I'm the same! I always liked the facial hair, I think it looks cool and masculine, besides it fits me so nice! And yeah, I adore the long full beards too, I had a rather long one but then I make it shorter because with such length I felt uncomfortable...:( Also the trimming in this case annoyed me :))) Now I prefer the short ones, like on these examples http://machohairstyles.com/best-chinstrap-beards/ , my girlfriend likes it more too
  3. If they're not important for you anymore, it's better to sell them (yeah, there are people who buy that stuff) or to make a gift from your collection for your friends for example :))
  4. I have the same feeling when I can't run enough outsides during the cold seasons! But I usually instead of that make an active fitness complex or practise with this stuff http://stylemann.com/best-nordictrack-elliptical-review/ , I have the one in my house and for me it was a good idea instead of gym which I can't visit regurarly because of my work schedule I'm waiting for warmer days for continuing my running trainings And today I made my usual yoga complex and also the fitness one in addition for more active workout (which I usually repeat every two days)
  5. I still regret that I went on my school graduation, especially the prom because I didn't have friends in mu class at that last time so... The ceremony was nice but the party for me was awful But it was totally different at university! The ceremony was fine and we had an amazing party after it, it's still one of my good memories
  6. Oh, I liked to drink whiskey too! I'm glad to see here so many people who like this drink too, some of my friends don't understand my tastes My story with this drink began not so long ago, I think that my favourite type at the current time is Glenlivet 12, it really has a nice taste! I also saw here http://stylemann.com/how-to-drink-scotch/ for example an interesting list of the some other good whiskey types, I want to try them too And I adore to drink it with ice, for me it's the most delicious way!
  7. Oh, that sounds so tasty! I want to try this food now too And I had today for dinner a very delicious spicy steak with fried potatoes and a salad with vegetables, mushrooms and cheese I cooked steak with using such simple tips as here on stylemann.com, it was easy (as I like in case of recipes ) but the dish was very tasty And some white chocolate with a cup of good coffee ended perfectly my dinner
  8. That sounds really cool! I adore to swimm too but I do this only during the warm seasons, during the colder ones going for me to the swimming pool isn't comfortable at all Anyway I make my basic fitness complex everyday at home, also I practise in addition with such stuff http://stylemann.com/best-proform-elliptical-reviews/ several times a week And I can see the progress after two months, now I feel much healthier and active than usual! I'm going to continue my progress
  9. What do you guys think about the skinny jeans on men? I noticed that this trend became very popular through the last several years, especially among youth and teenagers This jeans has a lot of interesting design ideas, like on these pics http://stylemann.com/best-mens-skinny-jeans/ for example but in my opinion such type of pants is really for the young people... Anyway some elder men wear them too and whta do you think, is it stylish or just looks funny on them? One my friend says that it's not a good type of clothes for a man at all
  10. I'm very proud of myself because I started to practise a cool and veryy effective for the body type of yoga and I still continue to do this For me it's a very great achievement, considering how I hated any physical exercises for the most of my life!
  11. I think it's a nice idea But in my opinion it's better to make a cool picture with such symbolizm, I think that picture will give the more impressive effect For example, I think that tattoe with birds like in this gallery http://stylemann.com/best-dove-tattoo-designs-for-men/ can be a good decision, I read that birds are one of that symbols which are connected with the christian religion Also it can be a combination of picture and quote around it, it's a good idea too
  12. I agree with you! I like both men with beards and without them, I think that someone it can fit perfectly and someone not and I don't think that it's fair to compare who's better It's just the individual tastes in fact...
  13. I like the Mohawk haircuts They always look so cool and so many varieties with the styles and colours like in this gallery http://machohairstyles.com/best-mohawk-haircut/ I adore to see people with such hairstyles on their heads There's always smth so rebellious and unique in them and in my opininion they also fit rather good some women too (yeah I liked the pictures in some of the previous responses ). But in my case I've never made such experiments on my head, shaving a part of my head was my maximum
  14. That's very cool! I had the similiar succes in my work not so long ago, my boss was very satisfied with my work results, he praised me and also I got the better salary I'm, also feeling very good of myself because I really improved my art skills during the recent time It was noticed with a cool art master and that's an amazing praise for me And my another good feeling is the changing of my current (natural dark) hair colour to this one http://machohairstyles.com/sexy-emo-hairstyles-for-guys/5/ I wanted so badly to try smth from such bright colours and finally my dream came true! I feel so cool and happy about myself with this "crazy" style!