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  1. Can't see this myself. Is just to implausible.
  2. I feel fairly certain that he won't marry Dany and i actually don't think Dany would see this as necessary to cement an alliance, although Aegon's camp may want this to add legitimacy, but to some extent so would being accepted in marriage to any of the great houses. Whether she is barren or not, Dany thinks she is. Unlikely she will want to risk the future of her family by marrying the only male heir if she is unable to have children. If she returns to Westero's at all of course.
  3. Read through some of the posts... Just to deep for me i'm afraid, thanks for explaining.
  4. I don't know enough about this to judge, what brings you to this conclusion? On the main subject, think you are right to suspect the Maesters of conspiracy. This may have had something to do with the Dragons but i don't think it will be because of hatred of magic etc. I think they are looking to influence the powerful and exert power themselves by advice etc and rewriting history (we have several examples where Maesters writing history's are incorrect or contradictory) in much the same was as priest did in the Dark/Middle ages (and beyond) As the Dragons set the Targ's apart from the other lords the Maesters where trying to control they may well have tried to limit their influence, counselling that the dragons be locked away etc to keep people safe. Locking away the Dragons likely limited their growth which led to their decline.
  5. A few of you may have seen this floating round the net. The story goes that WoW is finished and with the publisher and is imminent. May seems a bit early but some signs we may see the book June/July. What do people think?
  6. Just one thing, a few people have commented a link between the stranger and the many faced god as they both involve death. The Stranger is known (from ADWD) to be one of the many "faces" of the many faced god. We know this from the fact that there is a statue of the stranger in the house of black and white. At a guess, not to different from what a lot of other people have surmised, i would think this episode is going to focus on death or resurrection, possibly involving Arya.
  7. Cruelty to civilian's in war didn't end in the middle ages, although i notice many people have corrected pointed to the chevauchéeas the likely inspiration to GRRM's depictions of war. WW2 saw looting, rape, murder etc of civilians by all sides. The armies of Napoleon and the coalitions who opposed him where the same hundreds of years later, looting and living of the line and cruelty to subdue to population was standard policy, with the notable exception of British/Portuguese troops who where harshly disciplined for crimes against civilians (although several high profile examples where this "got out of hand" when storming fortresses) Indeed, the war crimes on the part of the French on Spanish and vice versa meant that Wellington choose to leave most of his Spanish troops in Spain when he invaded Southern France so as not to rile up the population. They had seen first hand the problems caused when an army brutalizes a population in Spain and knew that this might lead to the French copying Spanish Guerilla tactics. This can be seen in groups like the brotherhood without banners and we might be about to see this on a larger scale.
  8. It was a stupid decision in that because there was no trial or statement made to add context, she just had him killed which made her seem unsympathetic to her supporters (and us the audience) Sometimes it's not all about what you do, but how you do it!
  9. I think he is going to leave a ton out. We will likely hear more information on them all but not a definitive answer. We won't know what happens to Tysha Syrio is gone Patchface is a mad man Aegon is real... or not. If he "wins" he's real, if he dies he's not, we won't know for sure Benjen is lost north of the wall, if he's not coldhands we'll never know what happened to him AAR/TPTWP. We'll be left to decide among the major survivors.
  10. Just to point out Mycella isn't dead in the books.... yet
  11. This is a fantasy world invented by a writer. Not every detail in Dune or The lord of the rings proved to be crucial to the plot, they are used to build a Rich and diverse world. How are the possibly going to prove one way or the other whose Aegon's parents where unless Vary's confesses which seems unlikely. If he win's he can write history himself, if he doesn't he can be dismissed as a fake. Not so. He was not trying to "buy" Drogo to no end. He was trying to illicit his support for Viserys and then Dany. The GC themselves where aware of this plan and state their frustration at the constant changes. It was not Illyrio's plan for Aegon to hijack the GC and invade Westeros, but for them all to join Dany and invade together. True BUT who could the little birds realistically give this information to? They would most likely betray Vary's to Cersei OR Littlefinger or possibly the Tyrells. Think about that. Cersei already thinks Aegon is a fake and a second hand account from a child about the words of Vary's is unlikely to change her mind. Littlefinger probably doesn't care about Aegon's parentage, he only cares about what can be turned to his advantage. If he announces to all the world that Aegon is real, or a fake, no one would care anyway. LF is not Stannis or Ned Starks whose honesty is widely known. Similar for the Tyrells. If they see advantage in siding with Aegon they will. After all they didn't care much about the questions raised about Joffrey's legitimacy. Also remember if they betray Vary's, they know he killed Kevan, a much more important secret than his exact wording describing an exiled "prince" This is littlefinger, not Vary's. Most of what Vary's says relates to what (he see's) as is best for the realm. It's actually very rare for us to see Vary's lieing. Yes he's a schemer and i'm sure he's a great liar, but what we see him say to Ned Stark, Tyrion, Littlefinger and Kevan is normally the truth as he see's it. No this is what you want him to say. That would be rubbing it in Kevan's face by insulting his brother, very out of character Vary's. You act as though Kevan would have no knowledge of the circumstances of Baby Aegon's alleged murder where in reality I'm sure he knows a lot more than us. Earlier in the chapter they have already been talking about the GC's invasion of the Stormlands and they they are led by a Targaryen pretender. Vary's gives this pretender a name and Kevan some information about the boy. Kevan is dying and you expect Vary's to give away his entire plan like a bond villain, along with the back story of how his plan had worked so far. Ain't nobody got time for that!
  12. The whole Illyrio/Blackfyre thing has always seemed a huge leap to me. Remember Illyrio gave Daeny and her brother gifts, support and shelter as well, his only motive is money and power. We have never seen any suggestion that Vary's littlebirds are disloyal. Equally it would not be natural for Vary's to refer to Aegon as "Aegon the son of Rhegar and true heir to the iron throne" when he speaks about him. Calling him Aegon is enough. People are twisting the facts to suit their own theories.
  13. This is the bit that gets me.... why lie to someone your about to kill. That speech was more for the readers benifit than anything else. Vary's believes its true (or wants everyone to believe its true) Jon Con believes its true, the golden company believes it's true. This will be enough to convince everyone else if they win. If they lose he'll be another fake.
  14. This is right, the NW and Wildlings have been in conflict for a very long time and old grudges die hard. Imagine at the height of WW2, a rumor comes down that aliens are invading but not a lot of proof, would the allies and the axis made peace to fight a theoretic enemy? i don't think so.
  15. My thoughts exactly, especially with the timing. Look at how far she has come in 5 books.... she's achieved a lot but at this pace she'll never make it back to Westeros.