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  1. Thanks for pointing that out. In hindsight, I see how it could be interpreted negatively. My intentions were definitely positive. If you look at my comments in this thread I always try to be positive even when others are clearly unrelentingly negative. No problem, that's just life.
  2. Beorn was never described in first person and it was no "bear-dream". It was more of a Were-bear. Hence quite different from GRRM and RJ.
  3. Hence, GRRM read WoT. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the advice! I never heard of Robin Hobb until I saw the name repeatedly mentioned in this thread. Her books appear to be fairly well reviewed on Amazon.
  5. Tolkien has a far different writing style than GRRM and RJ. Tolkien does not go into all the details and character interactions. I'm not recalling any warging in LOTR or The Hobbit. But please do correct me. I haven't read any of Tolkien's other works. I would imagine that Tolkien would not actually describe what a character sees while he/she is warging.
  6. I'm more focused on traveling distances here. GRRM is very rigorous with details. When it takes someone 6 months to travel from point A to point B, he makes sure that this fact fits into the all the plot lines that it affects. When you have 3 to 4 different plot lines that need to connect at a certain time and place, that automatically limits the freedom of the author to do certain things. I think GRRM has said that it's like putting a puzzle together.
  7. Just wondering... was The War of the Roses commonly referred to as a "game" in English history? I am not that familiar with English History.
  8. Finally, someone who has actually read the books! Good points! Just to point out, I've never taken position that Martin was influenced by Jordan. I have noticed many similarities between the works. And therefore asked the question whether Martin was influenced by Jordan.
  9. Jordan's use of wolf dreams definitely predates Martin's. Wheel of Time: Perrin, Elyas A Song of Ice and Fire: Arya, Bran, Jon
  10. I'm going to stay on topic from now on. Talking about straws is definitely not relevant to the topic.
  11. Brienne of Tarth is a character first introduced in A Clash of Kings (1998). Birgette Silverbow was introduced in The Great Hunt (1990). There are definitely differences between Brienne and Birgette. But there are also many strong similarities. Both are described as very distinct female warriors. Brienne is among the top errr....sword-persons in the Seven Kingdoms. Birgette is hands-down the best errr.... bow-person of all time. Both are described as having manly traits and being straightforward. Here are the differences: Birgette is about a foot shorter than Brienne. Birgette likes ugly men. Brienne likes "pretty men".
  12. Yet another striking similarity is the width of Westeros (approx. 3000-4000 miles) and the width of the main area in Wheel of Time (approximately 3000 miles). Jordan did something very clever which freed him of many of the problems GRRM later encountered. Jordan created multiple forms of "fast travel" which made it possible for characters to move between far-off locations very fast. GRRM's huge world created narrative nightmares which seem to have partially contributed to the Meerenese Knot... among many other problems.
  13. Another similarity between GRRM and RJ is the idea of "Game of Thrones". Jordan calls it the "Game of Houses" and also "Des Dae'mar" and "The Great Game". I believe Jordan first mentions this in The Great Hunt published Nov. 1990. Game of Thrones was published in Aug. 1996.
  14. I'm going to attempt to get back to the original purpose of this thread: I noticed that GRRM uses some variation of the following phrase several times: "The ground rushed up to... " Not sure when he first used this phrase. But it definitely occurs at the end of the prologue for A Feast for Crows (2005). Robert Jordan uses approximately the same phrase in Winter's Heart (Book #9 of WoT, published Nov. 2000) It's a very distinctive phrase. The first time I read it in one of GRRM's books it struck me as very creative. But I wonder if he was subconsciously influenced by Jordan. Or maybe both authors read it somewhere in another authors book. Or perhaps both authors independently came up with the phrase.
  15. Admittedly, I made a mistake in saying "boys" instead of "some boys". But your hyperbole is even more egregious. Perhaps you would like to shut down The Chicago Tribune for what they published as "fake news"? The boy in this newspaper article was very upset that a girl in the movie was hitting a boy. It just illustrates how sensitive some children are to fictional characters of their own gender.