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  1. To my mind she needs allies that can kick ass. The Ironborn are in the ilk of Vikings, ship faring, blood thirsty, savagely fierce berserkers in their conquests against foes. I can't imagine she wants a pithy group of peasants helping to fight against the foreign whore that on all accounts is more formidable than that of the Lannister army. She'll only use Euron for her own means, I don't see her getting fresh with him before killing him.
  2. Put the prophecy aside for a bit. What bothers me is no one seem to shine a light on Lyanna's part of this equation. To blame Rhaegar for any part of what happened and exclude Lyanna's part offers nothing of the full story (not that we know what that is yet!). In what manner did she play a part in their affair, married or not? A "wild", talented noble lady still has emotions and desires. Of all the many real life ladies at court I've read about, they all have a major part to play in the dynamics of laws, politics, emotions, desires. My answer: Love and lust. Young and full to brim of hormones and ideals.
  3. Even Jon's breath is taken away at seeing as many as 9 weirwoods in the grove in the haunted forest when he say his words of the Night's Watch, telling us that it was even rare to see as many as 3 in the Wolf Woods near Winterfell. I support your idea in this regard.
  4. I agree with the presented idea. On my most recent re-read when Jon and Sam say the words of the NIght's watch to the 9 weirwood grove trees of the old gods, I thought of this thing, that the words of the Night's Watch can be seen to be in alliance with the Others: "Night gathers and now my watch begins, It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children.I shall wear no crown and win no glory, I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the night's watch for this night and all nights to come." The night referred to I wondered it meaning Night's king gathers and his watch, the Night's watch begins. Sword in the darkness makes no sense. A sword in the darkness means nothing without light. If it's in relation to the Others, then the Night's watch are the sword in the darkness for the Others, they don't appear during the light. Watcher on the walls, not the wall. The walls pural meaning, other types of walls: Craster was a type of wall, appeasing the Others. The horn that wakes the sleepers, the horn that wakes the Others.
  5. One of the things about the prophecy/'s not definitive. It could mean after the dust has settled, after all have fought and died, she/he fulfills said prophecy. The world starts turning again, the wheel of life starts turns again, and the whole shebang is set in motion, repeating the circle of life... Another Dream of Spring
  6. Firstly, trees do actually live within a net larger than themselves, it's called the Wood Wide Web. Trees live symbiotically with other trees and fungi at the tree root level. The fungi assimilate forest litter on the ground, whether it be animal or vegetation, by breaking it down into nutrients for the fungi and tree, which has a mutual benefit for both tree and fungi. A nutritional trade occurs. One could argue that blood (memory in Martin's story) of an animal comes into play. Vegetative organic matter is a major part. These Wood Wide Webs are known to be as large as states in areas not broken by agriculture or human interference. I understand the idea presented via imagery of Weirwoods appearing dead, but we have examples of other beings that appear this way that are not-dead; Ghost who is white as snow with molten red eyes, Melisandre with pale white skin and red eyes, The Ghost of High Heart with pale skin and red eyes. Are the Weirwoods dead zombies? NO. Are the Weirwoods alive with the power that nature possesses? ABSOLUTELY.
  7. That everyone with noble blood can warg, but into 1 animal only...
  8. "we are left to wonder whether Ashara loved her brother so much that she threw herself into the sea upon his death. But that just doesn’t add up, does it?" Perhaps she threw herself not into a literal sea; but into a sea of grass such as described over and over in Essos by Dany whilst traveling through the Dothraki sea. Or a sea of tears and salt.
  9. Lyanna is actually 16 years old.
  10. Do you know how long it takes for a woman to recover from childbirth? I do, and can tell you that you don't bounce back from it over weeks/months. The last thing a woman wants to do after giving birth, attending to her baby weeks or months after, is go fight a bloody war!!!
  11. It's worth mentioning Queen Rhaella turned a blind eye to Aerys infidelities (TWOIAF). Aery's was well known to sleep with other ladies at court which is something she resented (turning her ladies into whores). After giving birth to Rhaegar, Queen Rhaella was said to have multiple stillbirths, premature births that ended in death, births of babes that lasted no longer that a year. There were 7 in a row in all that died, inbetween Rhaegar and Viserys births. (Aerys II had Rhaella locked in away with 2 septas to sleep in her bed each night after the King denounced the babes as not being his). Viserys was born 17 years after Rhaegar, small but healthy (TWOIAF). Jamie speaks of standing guard at one of the few times Aerys would come and "savage" the Queen in her bed, but there was nothing Jamie could do but listen. This presumably was the cold climate in which Aerys and Rhaella existed. This lends to the belief that Rhaella and Aerys II are Dany's parents. However: So Rhaella was under lock down. But what of Aerys? He still had the ability to sow his seeds at will. Ashara Dayne is said to be one of Queen Rhaella's lady's in waiting at court. If it's possible to conceive that Aerys forced himself on Rhaella, and he's known for infidelity, then it's possible to conceive he coerced/forced Ashara this way. And if he had misgivings such as he did for Brandon Stark who Aerys had killed after Brandon stormed into court to ascertain the reason why Rhaegar took Lyanna, and where he took her...if there was a love between Brandon and Ashara, there could be where Ashara becomes entangled with retribution from Aerys. I have wondered for a while, whether Daenarys is Ashara Dayne (Daeyn) + Aerys (arys) daughter. That the baby that Queen Rhaella had was stillborn (or otherwise) and with her and her baby's death, Ashara's baby was produced in place of Rhaella's stillborn baby. Viserys never muses about the location with the red door and lemon tree outside, so was he raised in this location along with Dany? Viserys dialogue to Dany is one of resentment, entitlement and detachment. His character mirrors Aerys so I've never considered he was anyone else but the son of Aerys II and Rhaella. But in the dialogue where Illyrio and Viserys are dressing and presenting Dany to Khal Drogo, there is a question about how they refer to her as a princess "no doubt, no doubt" if there is a doubt she is a princess. If she is the daughter of Aerys and Ashara, then she's a bastard and hence their (or at least Illyrio's) dialogue makes sense.
  12. Podrick; Sam; Mance Rayder; Brienne. Jon will be a ghost, because he's warged into Ghost upon death.
  13. This reminds me of the majesty of Martin bringing into the story, real life history of Perkin Warbeck, where a person comes in claiming and believing to be the real dynastic inheritor of the throne of England, due to their upbringing being lead by those around them with an interest in the crown, and groomed to believe in that right...only to be cast down as a fake. I think the mummer's dragon could be Aegon, or it could be Varys, who both are theorized to be a Blackfyre, hence a descendant of the Targaryens and a "mummer's dragon." I also am aware of the baby swap that Illyrio and Varys could have made occur between Aegon and Daenerys. As said before more information needed by author.
  14. Seneschal: an officer having full charge of domestic arrangements, ceremonies, the administration of justice, etc., in the household of a medieval prince or dignitary; steward. Origin of seneschal. Middle French. Frankish. Medieval Latin This appears to be Varys. But Varys is in league with Illyrio who was harboring Dany and Viserys at his manse prior to her betrothal to Khal Drogo. Thoughts Dany has of Illyrio Mopatis in Chapter III Daenerys GoT is that of distrust. The above describes someone of Varys position, but there is more to Illyrio. Illyrio uses perfumes too: "Dany could smell the stench of Illyrio's pallid flesh through his heavy perfumes." Dany's thoughts betray that she distrusts Illyrio: "Dany had no agents, no way of knowing what anyone was doing or thinking across the narrow sea, but she mistrusted Illyrio's sweet words as she mistrusted everything about Illyrio." Intriguingly Tyrion has thoughts of mistrust of Illyrio the "Cheesemonger" in Tyrion Chapter I ADWD: "Any friend of Varys the Spider is someone I will trust just as far as I can throw him." With all the organisation and pomp Illyrio goes to (arrange), to provide a ceremony (ceremonies) of Dany and Drogo, administer in justice according to local/cultural customs, having to do with a prince or dignitary (Drogo)....Illyrio with all the strings he is pulling, has to be the perfumed seneschal Dany is warned of by Quaithe.
  15. I view it oppositely. I've read the books so many times to lose count, and each time I still reach the conclusion of Jon being Rhaegar and Lyanna's child. I've read about real life royal secret marriages in medieval ages observing it happened more often than not, that marriage was an act that was made verbally between two people of which being royal, without any other party present and most often in privacy, and that the marriage was made valid upon consummation of the marriage (having sexual intercourse). There was never any binding certificates because they didn't exist. They were often made even if the King or Queen was already married. It would get addressed after the fact via disposal of the first spouse/annulment of first marriage/some other means (accusing the first spouse of treason). Daenerys has the curious issue of repeated memories of a place that no one else ever mentions: the home with the red door and the lemon tree outside, but never of her brother Viserys being part of those memories. Illyrio makes comments that "she even looks like a Targaryen princess yes" if there were some doubt. I find her memories through her "brother's" accounts, but not via her own memories hold suspicion...especially where Illyrio is concerned. Tyrion ask so many questions to himself while in the company of the "cheese monger" that made me wonder about Daenerys role in Illyrio's intentions.