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  1. Nar...Tyrion also knows about the wildfire and where it's all kept in KL. He's the one that will know how to use it when the time comes.
  2. But some people don't go to the "little questions' thread. I don't have time to read every single little post that was ever had. This question is situated under show heading intrigues and this question is to do with upcoming season. It's relevant.
  3. I was just going to add that Wilf Scolding has an incredible likeness to the actor that plays Viserys. If he is the actor cast to portray Rhaegar then it could be partly to do with this. He's definately not in the image of Rhaegar in my head, if he is cast I hope the actor pulls off the role well and the production director team make the most of him. In my head Rhaegar would have an aquiline long nose, graceful face and jaw, and would have a melancholy/seriousness air about him. But this is the thing with reading a book, the writer writes 50% of the story, we write the other 50% in our heads. It's like listening to a person on radio and building up an image in your mind of what they look like, then seeing them on screen and thinking wtf?! On the Aisling playing Lyanna topic...I think they chose her perfectly. If anyone has seen her play anything else, you would see she is far more fetching to look at than having just given birth and about to die (God knows I looked a wreck after my births!!!!). She plays alongside Aiden Gillen here:
  4. If Tyrion were in charge of King's Landing's effluent processes, he would've used the stench to smash Stannis' army before he even left Dragonstone.
  5. Being dishonored isn't the same as being raped. I've just read about all sorts of British royals throughout medieval history, and what one reads about them is beyond belief...I'm a bit jealous really. Secret marriages, concubines, consorts, bigamy, lying about it all, changing one's mind and not lying about it all...all in the name of the law at the time and the person's persuasion at the time. What I gleaned is if you are of a gentry/station high enough in the echelons of nobility you have the ability...knowingly or not, to be rather bloody attractive when there's a king, prince, princess of Dorne, lords, ladies, knights, ladies, mock fights, frock smites, wine, mead and ale, and pitched tents prancing about the place. It appears to be a heady mix of spring fever hitting everyone over the head...really hard all at once!!!
  6. To invite Darkstar as a character to the novels at this point was brilliant, he's such shit stirrer. He's not a direct threat but he has to be an underling to a major player...I wonder maybe Illyrio or Varys but that's almost defaulting to the obvious. But the Dayne connection makes the Dayne family implication VERY interesting. I hadn't considered Maegor could still be alive...not sure what I think of that, isn't he meant to be 100 years ago in the timeline?
  7. I read the topic and thought...did you read the same books as me?
  8. Anything where Ghost is present. It's the silent ones that have the most to say Khal Drogo showing his non-brutal self to Dany upon their horse ride journey after their wedding. Jon kissing Ygritte "down there". Kissing a woman who's "been kissed by fire" and kissing her causing a fire "down there"...he's got to be TARG!!!! lol
  9. I've been reading John Ashdown-Hill's Royal Marriage Secrets - Consorts & Concubines, Bigamists & Bastards. It's interesting to note that in the medieval world, marriage was not recorded with authorities either civil nor Church, there was no written record kept, this included royal marriages of which many were often small private affairs and not big extravagant events full of pomp we're under the impression they held. Marriage was a verbal agreement between two people that was followed with sexual intercourse. There need be no witnesses, not even a priest. This changed over time due to the problem of either party making the declaration of marriage but never following through hence legal staunches between the pledged two people. It could be possible that in this vein Martin has created a King Aerys character similar to that of King Henry VIII, in that he pledged himself to Joanna because he was obsessively attracted to her (as King Henry VIII was drawn to Anne Boleyn). Joanna seems to be written as the dominant careful partner in her marriage to Tywin, and with a female character of ambition she could have had her own aspirations for Tywin through the crown. We know that Anne Boleyn became Henry's VIII's second wife and she begot him a daughter who would go on to be Queen Elizabeth I. Anne Boleyn had been secretly married to Henry Percy before she ever went to the court of Henry VIII but the marriage was annulled. If you mix up dates and situations it's completely credible, with a station in life that has one playing secret actions, that Aery's and Joanna did have a pledge of marriage and coupling resulting in Tyrion. Do I believe this is the case? I don't know enough information about Joanna yet.
  10. I was thinking about the star-crossed lovers story in history and thought of the mythology of the fall of Troy: Paris of Troy and Helen of Sparta (Helen already a Queen in her own right was married to Menelaus of Sparta): Where Helen was abducted by Paris after he was given a choice by Aphrodite Goddess of love, and he chose to take Helen to Troy. Other accounts claim she went of her own accord and she and Paris eloped. Menelaus and Achilles went to Troy and war ensued. Helen was considered the most beautiful woman in the world. Her move whether by force or not, ignited the Trojan war in this enormous Greek mythological tragedy. When I read the novel Firebrand by Marion Zimmer Bradley which is a historical novel of the fall of Troy, many of the themes of the characters could be that of the characters in Martin's world. Bradley, like Martin, creates characters of such human quality...that make plenty of good/bad decisions, that it's easy to see how we as people could make spontaneous or calculated or naive choices without foreseeing the absolute catastrophic dire outcomes they lead to. You have to hand it to Martin creating deeply flawed but human characters, within a medieval structured magical fantasy world. That's why we love the characters right? They could do aaaaaanything =) (as a side note, Marion Zimmer Bradley used the term "words are wind" in her novel Mists of Avalon long before Martin did).
  11. One of the things being left out of this discussion is whether the Martell's had a plan behind the scenes (and that leaves out Varys et al.). It's not hard to imagine, whether happy or not (leave that to eternal debate), a compromised relationship between Elia and Rhaegar. She may have had designs to remove herself from King's Landing with her children as a bargaining chip or even because she wanted to be separated from Aerys unpredictability (protect her children). We don't know what the long term planning was by the Martell's. Sarella is playing her game. There's Darkstar. These unknown threads can have just as much effect as a Grand Master Prophecy. Rhaegar and Lyanna coming together in whatever way it transpired, prophecy or not, seems like an anomaly to me. There's no sense in it, we have no further information until we hear from Howland Reed. PoV's can be flawed, especially when we don't know who told them what, what emotion, sentiment or intention is behind the viewpoint. I always figured Viserys' romantic version of Rhaegar and Lyanna in love was in contrast to the view of the Starks, that Lyanna was abducted and raped. At the end we have "promise me Ned..." and a bastard in his arms. (I'm a prophecy skeptic these days because it never plays out the way you expect...except maybe the Lego Movie has the greastest prophecy payoff!!!!...there is no prophecy).
  12. I read you entire presentation and found it incredibly readable, concise and backed up with evidence. Really enjoyed it. When I read Jon's warg dream contact with Bran, I too concluded Bran was unsuccessful in altering Jon's view of his warging/other abilities. I consider this this Jon's introduction 1-0-1 lesson to his warging potential and Jon isn't awake yet, literally or metaphorically. He seems to ignore his warging experiences (he doesn't revisit his warg experiences along his journey except directly after waking from them). It remains to be seen if Bran uses this method again in WoW. Surely every warg/skin changer must have these existential hiccups when first learning their special gift. He's been left for dead in aDwD. If anything is going to convince him of his warging gift it will be if we get a PoV of him in death, existing in conciousness as Ghost. As backwards as that sounds I hope it happens.
  13. Dany has dark purple eyes like amethysts (and like Ashara's via Selmy's PoV), not black, which is in contrast to Viserys lilac eyes. Jon looks more a Stark than Catelyn's other children because he looks like Lyanna, in the way that Ned tells Arya she looks like her aunt Lyanna. I have pondered the alternative to Jon's parentage and keep coming to L+R= J because of the literary hints Martin has given us. It's Daenerys that bakes my noodle when thinking about her parentage...
  14. I often wonder if her purpose is to bring Jon back again: If she learns of his actual parentage, he dies somehow, she's in the him the kiss of life.
  15. Reading all this makes me wonder why Martin didn't create an underground group of women of arms. With all the attributes of wonder woman that would be a sight to see...10,000 warrior women all fighting the White Walkers when they are all in sync "at that time of the month". I'm day dreaming again *ahem*