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  1. Why women don't take black

    Reading all this makes me wonder why Martin didn't create an underground group of women of arms. With all the attributes of wonder woman that would be a sight to see...10,000 warrior women all fighting the White Walkers when they are all in sync "at that time of the month". I'm day dreaming again *ahem*
  2. Why gay characters? Because there were gay kings, queens, aristocrats and commoners in real life history. Edward II of England was homo sexual, who favoured his manly-love Piers Gaveston so much so that he gave more to him in importance, attention, titles, wealth and land than his own Queen Isabella of France (known as the She-Wolf). Early in her marriage with Edward they were quite amicable but later on she went up against Edward II and Gaveston. It caused major rifts in the realm. Martin has stated he reads a lot of history and finds the stories of what people can do to each other in real life so compelling that he uses them in his narrative. That's why he writes about them...both gay and non-gay.
  3. Les Miserables

    Where does it say he cooked her corpse to obtain her bones? The silent sisters do this. Sure Ned had her buried in the crypts of WF but we don't know what's inside her Lyanna tomb. When it comes to left field theories I only speak in terms of what if, just for fun...and not because I believe theories like this to be the case. It's called stimulating the imagination. I personally don't think she's alive, just throwing suggestions out there and having fun
  4. Les Miserables

    It does pose an interesting twist of possibility. If there are plenty of theories of Rhaegar being alive, perhaps we can postulate theories that Lyanna could be alive. If so how? First possibility that came to my mind is resurrection by a Red God Priest/Priestess. But there are no references to back this up, only examples of Thoros of Myr resurrecting Beric Dondarrion. Was Marwen the Mage in the vicinity of Lyanna at the birth of her babe. He's learned in many things in this realm (Mirri Maz Durr reveals she learned her arts in the east, alongside a maester from Westeros. When asked (by Ser Jorah) who, she said his name was Marwen, a mage from westeros.
  5. Anyone else thinks this bit of aDwD makes no sense?

    The look...of love is in...your eyes.
  6. What is Ghost? "The White Wolf: Known as the phantom, the white wolf lives in the spiritual and physical dimensions simultaneously. They teach the lessons which help to bring both these lives into balance. The help us learn how to build the bridge between the two worlds so that we might learn the underlying purpose of events and issues in our life."
  7. Your Hero: Top 3

    1. Ghost: Bonded, loyal, protective, and very bloody quiet... he's got it all 2. Khal Drogo: The bell-jingling long-haired Khal of Khal's (Khan of Khan's) of a massive screaming bow-slinging horse-punishing Mongol horde. That and and being a maiden's wet fancy. 3. Toss up between Drogon and Tyrion: Who doesn't want to ride Drogon the Black Dread (who is really the incarnation of Khal Drogo). Tyrion is funny as a fart. Quick witted quips and knowledge have been know to win a maiden's fancy too ("I drink and I know things").
  8. Beheading Bran

    Trying to behead a dragon as big as drogon is the same effect of sticking needles in a pin cushion. It was Tyrion that pointed out that the only way to kill a dragon was through the eye into the brain. I'm entertained by your fan theory and would probably find it very amusing to read about or watch
  9. Viserys meets the dragon

    What if Viserys had the right pheromones, the right vibe, the similar mad gene characteristics as one of the dragons. My 2 dogs have completely different personalities yet they are the same breed. I should've called Ghost "Shadow" because she follows me everywhere. Viserion is described as cream, which could be a genetic trait: (In dogs): "Extreme white can occasionally cause problems when it removes large amounts of pigment from the face and ears. The most common problem is deafness (due to lack of pigment in certain parts of the inner ear, which prevents it from functioning properly)". Perhaps deafness could cause a dragon to be either wild or mild. Viserys riding Viserion could be a great match: Viserys: "No you fucking slut bitch whore dragon I said up not DOWN!" Viserion: "...........(deaf)"
  10. Podrick Payne?

    If you look back on page 2 thread you'll see why I suggest he could be more significant than we think. A lot of stories have the character under everyone's noses who becomes the surprise obvious candidate. I'm not saying Podrick is the son of anyone important, I've just always viewed him as having more to him than we think.
  11. Podrick Payne?

    Tyrion was with her for 2 weeks playing husband and wife. There was ample time for her to be pregnant to Tyrion and not the multitude of guards that raped her post Tyrion. If Podrick has any offspring that are dwarves, one could support that theory lol
  12. Cometary Questions: Re-examining the Red Comet

    I've already interpreted the doom of Valyria as a comet landing on the woiaf, a moon was cracked causing a thousand thousand dragons to be released is the imagery of this cataclysm. History repeating has been themed a number of times throughout the books. I like what you've presented here.
  13. What is Ghost?

    Father - Ghost Mother - Maiden - Lady Warrior - Grey Wind Smith - Shaggydog Crone - Summer Stranger - Nymeria
  14. Biggest Thing you missed in the books?

    I missed Olenna Tyrell's involvement in Joffrey's death. and also who sent the catspaw to kill Bran after he fell. I assumed it was Cersei and Jamie.