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  1. Janos Slynt's execution gave us one of the most iconic lines in the series. Roose Bolton was smart to get Tywin on his side.
  2. I'm absolute Rhaegar trash, plus Egg, Aemon the Dragonknight, Rhaenys and Visenya, and Rhaenyra. Also Maester Aemon – he exemplifies the whole love v duty theme running through the books.
  3. Still unsure why they made Margaery, an innocent victim of politics in the books, into a scheming femme fatale bent on bringing down Cersei and her kids. Madonna-Whore complex, anyone?
  4. This might be utter crackpot, but I can imagine Arya being ordered by the FM at some point to inflict harm on or even kill Sansa, and that choice being the conclusion to her family v. duty arc.
  5. LOVE the Brandon idea. It really proves that Bran will be much more important to the endgame than at first appears.
  6. Catelyn's a good one. You really see on the reread the sense of doom leading up to the RW. Also Sansa, Cersei and Dany, as others have said.
  7. No. I'm sorry, I can't see her as the Valonqar. For Maggy's prophecy and Cersei's death to mean anything, she has to be killed by someone important/significant to her ie Jaime. I'm sure Arya will employ her FM skills on others on her list, though.
  8. Isn't the Arya Flint one canon? Aside from that, there's something in the Robb Rivers one, I haven't thought of that before. And Bran is clearly a reference the legend of Bran the Builder, echoing Bran Stark's future as the spiritual, rather than the political, heir to Winterfell.
  9. Were they just too powerful within the North and the Dreadfort too important strategically to destroy?