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  1. If the first series is adapted they will probably add more POV characters to give some insight on the holy war. Those who thought about adaptations... how would you do it ??
  2. What?! I thought the Gods saved Kellhus with the help of the trapper
  3. I don't like the word, but it's the only one that fits... you(and others) don't understand because you are too priviledged. Western ideals don't just appear out of thin air. Shitty conditions create shitty people. That's it. I have known the stories, but the first time I have seen it was a few years ago in a western country not some shithole you can't find on a map... This is happening right now, in the age of computers, the internet and 3d printed organs That is why Bakker's world is internally consistent and that's one reason people hate it. Being from eastern EU I have seen and heard of many shitty people doing shitty things, Earwa didn't feel as foreign to me as to most readers. Years under the communist regimes made our outlook different. The notion of people being "good" is something only the west takes for granted, that's why Bakker is horrifing, he shows us something about humanity most would rather forget.
  4. Internally consistent is a better word. Still, same point.
  5. One crazy explanation that kinda makes sense(without being a paradox) is basically having multiple universes. If in one universe someone becomes the no-god then this affects all other realities. That is why Kelmomas is invisible, in another reality (similar but still different)he has already become the no-god . The gods only exist in one reality, hence they confuse the two. Kellmomas and alt-Kelmomas are both invisible This way the logos (that what comes after) still works.
  6. Did you read my whole comment ? I understand that Bakker's world is sexist, racist and all arround horrible, what I don't understand is the argument against that. Simple math. Our medieval world=sexist Our medieval world+ Sranc, the apocalypse etc = even more sexist If he made the ammount of sexism less(or the same) than medieval Europe, his world would not be authentic.
  7. I don't get the Bakker's world is sexist argument, neither the "that's how it was back then" . Of course sexism and other "isms" are worse in this book than in "reality". Half of the world was destroyed by crazed monsters, schoolmen can kill thousands with their powers and Gods are real(and insane). Human rights,enlightment ideals etc arise if the conditions are right, they don't just appear out of thin air.... Our morals evolved because technology made it possible. As far as I know Earwa doesn't even have the printing press, let alone electricity and internet. Most readers(especially americans) are outraged because they don't appreciate how hard it was to get here. Thousands of wars, genocides, rebellions etc before ideas like freedom, equality etc became possible. Heck, you blame Earwans for being unfair yet the "self evident truth" of all men being equal came with a lot of cavaets... in a society much more advanced than Bakker's world
  8. There is one thing though that hasn't changed. The first trilogy, even if flawed, is better. I don't understand the point of esmenet, kellmomas and that whole plot line. What was bakker thinking ? Weakest part in the series imo
  9. I wonder if we will ever see his notes. Maybe after he dies or something like that. One of the biggest issue I have with the series is the feeling that there's so much more happening... reading the glossary is way more interesting than it should be. How many stories did Bakker hide from us ? How would TUC be with those instead of the canibalism ? ...
  10. Maybe Bakker was possesed when he made the AMA... Anyway, I really hate the "kellmomas was always the No-God" angle. It makes everything Kellhus does meaningless... looking back and understanding that every decision and clever trick he made was predestined...makes tge dunyain incredibly lame
  11. I think Kellhus was being manipulated the moment he "broke" in the wilderness. He (and us) thought it was normal and expected, same for the many small instances of irrationality/feelings he had trough the series. That was his first and biggest test, he failed. After that Ajokli "had a way in"... I am sure Moe survived the wilderness, that's why he is not insane and Kellhus is