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  1. "IIRC @lokisnowdid a pretty good season breakdown by episode and I think he even broke the pilot down into scenes." Where can I find this? anyone know? would be cool to read
  2. I forgot, Did mimara see the no god with the eye? I know she saw trough the ilusion
  3. Twisted love is still love
  4. The MEAT has affected this board, resist! Or the mods will need to cleanse us all! I wonder how the books could be improved. I for one would have loved more maithanet, maybe give him a role in TNG. Didn't really understand what Esmis whole plot was about honestly... way worse that the cannibal holocaust. As a side note, could the WLW function in the Ark ? Could yatwer "give a command" to follow kellhus and kill him ? (To sorweel) Since ajokli manifested there, curious how he percieved the ark...
  5. Theres 3 things people always forget: 1)his "original" vision ended with TUC, the one from 20+ years ago. HOWEVER it was known for at least 7-8+ years that another series will come after. Blaming Bakker on an incomplete story is bullshit. He surely has some plans for whats to come and he edited TUC with this in mind 2)Bakker was always an inconsistent writer. The first trilogy has plenty of flaws and its all over the place. The GCO is only a manifestation of that. People always ignore the bad stuff and just move on, I don"t understand why this is discussed so much...It's Bakker as usual. 3)the majority of the enjoyment comes from the reader, not bakker. Figuring out what it all means, theories, interpretations etc is what made(and makes)Bakker great.
  6. Can we read the original draft anywhere ? Or did anyone make a list of differences between the two ?
  7. some Kellhus POV chapters would have made the "he was wrong and being deceived" theme much more impactful. It would have also given some structure to the story, giving us some insight on how he views past events and also how he prepares for the future. Most importantly though...we had to journey with him. He was in many ways the most interesting(at least indirectly) character in the first series, he was the "prime mover". Without him, nothing would have happened... He serves the same functions as in the first series, but without the personal touch. Seeing Kellhus figure out stuff, stumble, plan and take on the "worldborn" was great! In my view at least, that is the single biggest disappointment in the aspect emperor, the lack of that emperor.
  8. It's interesting in a way. All the while they wanted to become like Sranc ,skinspies or Basrag. I wonder how a souless trained dunayn would work. Is kellhus greater than most of them because he has the least ammount of "soul" ? As a die note, there's on thing that really dissapointed my in retrospect. We get a lot about Sranc,they are scary and a crazy version of orcs, we get non-man and so on, a lot of original and interesting species. What we don't get enough of is: the bashrag. How do they think? what's up with them? Are they also "great lovers" like the others? In my imagination they are the most "foggy"...
  9. One thing that bothered me is how Kellhus wanted to take on the gods. Didn't he know that it's impossible to be a self moving soul? so it's impossible for him to deal with "timeless" gods? Without kellmomas he would have died in that building in momemm. He couldn't defend himself against their power. He was as helpless as anyone else... Is Bakker making a point about his arrogance? Or is there more here ?
  10. What about the first no god ? How was his creation possible ? From what we know, little kell is unique
  11. I have been reading the threads, since the books release. Maybe I missed this. As for the AMA, I know a lot of people where pissed off, me too... however he also made it a point that giving your own interpretation is a good thing. Still, The effects on this thread where quite disasterous, seems soon it will be dead
  12. How do we know that he was unaware of the possesion ? He says the golden room is conditioned ground. He also becomes more worried as he approaches a topos, the place wierd shit happens. Kinda funny seeing you accuse others of "projecting" in this thread, considering crazy theories and discussion in one of the main reason people come here... What I wrote might not be what bakker intended, but it is supported by the text. Blame him for not being clear enough, not me for trying to understanding it...
  13. how does it make zero sense? Kellhus realizes that his "darkness" is Ajokli, he realizes that he has been played for years and years, probably since leaving ishual or at least since the circumfiction, or since the beginning of time if gods are timeless. He knows that going closer to Golgotterath will make it more likely that he will be taken over, he also knows that it will probably happen in the golden room. So he creates this long term plan: He needs to get rid of the god. The only way he can do this is trough the logos (aka his own willpower) or trough closing of world with the help of the No-God. (it may seem desperate and it might not work, but this is the only thing he can do). So he enters the golden room. If he can overpower Ajokli than things will go well. He will destroy the consult, trick the god and that's it. If he can't do it, then Ajokli will destroy the whole world. That's no good. This is when Kellmomas comes in, he is the only one who can defeat the god. He knows that the dunsult will realize this and he will "die"...Either by Kelmomas' hand, a skinspy, the dunsult themselves etc, doesn't matter. He trusts that they will make the right choice and use this only chance to defeat ajokli. A detail that important is that Ajokli can't sense Kellhus. He is on some way hidden. Why not do this before? that would make the whole theory fall apart...I think he wanted to try to overpower Ajokli. Also, without the No-god Kellhus' soul would join the outside, now it's trapped on earth . Together with the decapitants and Mimaras baby he has some sort of plan.
  14. What if kellhus wanted to "die" ? Normal Kellhus could have easily bitchslap Kelmomas... only ajokly was all confused because he could not see. So scenario 1: Kellus wins without ajoklis help, still needs kel to be the No-god so he can close the world and free himself. Scenario 2: ajokli takes over. The only being capable of killing him is kel... he does it, kellhus survives on the other head This might actually make sense. He tells maloweby not to worry, this is conditioned ground
  15. Will we ever get an adaptation that not only does the series justice but it polishes the rough edges ? If yes, how would you do it ? What would you cut/add ?