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  1. "I wasn't referring to Theon. That's what the spoiler tag was for. Vic Greyjoy is a big man. That leads me to believe his brothers are big as well. I was speaking of Theon's uncle, The Damphair, Aeron Greyjoy. Though not as big as GreatJon Umber, Aeron was in good health and it's not unreasonable to imagine he was nearly as big as Vic. " Yeah i know you were talking about Aeron Greyjoy. I was justing using Theon as an example because he was, indeed tortured and for a very long time. My point is that The Greatjon is a different beast so to speak. Some men will rather commit suicide by forcing their captors to kill them rather than suffering the humiliation of being tortured and mutilated by their enemies. I think that Greatjon fits this profile. Plus we don't really know how big Aeron is. He is not really a warrior like his brother, Victarion is probably the best warrior that the Ironborn have. I always imagined him to be very similar to Robert Baratheon in terms of size, strength and the fighting style. BTW i don't mind the taunting LOL. I don't know if you are familiar with Japanese Manga? There is this BRILLIANT Manga story "Berserk" and the writer is a freaking genius and a fucking sadist who would put GRRM to shame. If you are a fan of ASOIAF then i recommend you give Berserk a try. Without revealing too much, there is certain character who gets tortured and what happens to him is even worse than what happened to Theon/Reek.
  2. You made some very good points, especially regarding the treatment of The Greatjon. I admit, for years I've dreaded the possibility of him being tortured by the Freys. I don't want to see this happen. Greatjon deserves better and yes i know, there is no justice in this world and the good guys usually get the short end of the stick. But i seriously doubt that the rest of The Umbers would not find out about this. If a member of my family was being held as a hostage by my enemies so that they could force me to "be nice and not try to kill them all" i wouldn't just demand for Greatjon not to be killed. I would also demand AND warn them that he should be treated well and if they even think about torturing him that they will pay for that with their lives. I am sure The Umbers and the rest of the Northern Lords have been keeping tabs on the Freys and the Boltons in order to make sure they are not torturing and mutilating their fathers, sons and brothers. Also let's not forget that The Greatjon is NOT Theon. I would like to see a Frey try and go into his cell to torture him. Even if restrained we already know that Greatjon can kill a man by biting his face off. They would probably have to kill him if they tried to torture him because he would resist so much and probably would start killing everyone in his cell before some Frey soldier realizes that it won't work and that they have to kill him. Though i agree that they are definitely taunting The Greatjon and are not feeding him properly. They probably give him SOME food once or twice a week just so that he wouldn't die and, of course, to keep him in a weakened condition.
  3. Maybe Roose knows that the Umbers are betraying him and he is playing them. If they think their plan is working they might let their guards down... or maybe it was just good luck for The Umbers and the Manderlys.
  4. Lol! I am not sure about any of this. It's pure speculation at this point. When "The Winds Of Winter" come out we'll see what happens though i am 90 % sure that Jaime will become a prisoner once again but i seriously doubt that he will be executed. He will escape somehow, Brienne will probably die though.
  5. I am 6.3. I know a guy who is 6'10. The motherfucker is huge and even though I've spent 6 years in the army and i am in a very good physical shape i still look like a damn child next to him. Size DOES matter! Greatjon is 7 feet tall! Probably the second strongest character after the Mountain. If i was a member of the Frey family i wouldn't go near that guy unless i had at least 5-6 skilled soldiers with me. A "frail and weak" Greatjon is probably still strong enough to kill a man with his left hand while taking a piss with his right
  6. I agree with the "Or, if he indulges in one, he makes it end in a pathetic way." Which is why i clearly state in my theory that Greatjon will die. His death will serve as a wake up call for The North.
  7. No, no. The Umbers are TOTALLY "Loyal" to Roose Bolton. Get your facts straight
  8. Only a fool would consider Greatjon "weak". The man is HUGE! Angry as fuck and a natural born warrior. Any Frey who thinks that he is safe around Greatjon deserves to die in the most horrible way imaginable.
  9. Actually i do agree with you that it would be very interesting if BWB ends up saving The Greatjon and the other hostages. Plus "That combined with Nymeria's wolf pack means Ned and Arya essentially screwed the Lannisters and Freys years ago without actually intending to do so!" Oh how sweet that would be... if only George wasn't such a damn sadist!
  10. I am glad he has more sons ( even though we are yet to meet the other sons ). Imagine if he only had one son, Smalljon, who was murdered at the RW. House Umber would be in serious trouble. I wonder if his other sons are as big as Greatjon...
  11. Walder Frey "I'm keeping Greatjon". Jaime doesn't have time to deal with Walder Frey anyway... he is about to become a prisoner himself.
  12. No problem man. I love him too. Probably my favorite Northern Lord.
  13. It's possible, of course. I doubt the Freys will give up Greatjon though, he is just too valuable plus he's just too strong and too wild, no way that he is going to just allow the Freys to transfer him to Lannister custody without putting up a fight. They would probably have to kill him because i doubt they could just knock him out the man is a beast.
  14. Lord Wyman Manderly despises Roose Bolton. The Umbers despise Roose Bolton. I think this has pretty much been confirmed, the Umbers are working against the Boltons and even Roose Bolton seems to suspect this. The question is are the Umbers and the Manderlys working together in some way and are other Northern Houses in on this.. Anyway my point is that if Greatjon dies, all of the other Northern Lords will stop pretending that they are loyal to the Boltons and to the Crown. Which is why i think that Greatjon has to die.
  15. How is that a "telenovela"? Have you read the books? Every other character in the story is or has pretended to be someone else at some point. It's not perfect but i think it's still better than Euron planning to win Dany over with his "Big cock".