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  1. There's nothing that says the selection of a Sword of the Morning has to be standardized. Different SotM'ings could have been chosen in different ways. I think the only underlying requirement is being a superior swordsmen. The other required traits are subjective and will change depending who's currently in power.
  2. Hey no problems here with Mother Merciless hanging any of the Frey's.... I think that her end will be when Mother Merciless finds her Mercy (aka Arya). When she finds out that Arya (and maybe her other children) are still alive I think she will be done.
  3. In real-world history we tend to look upon evil people with a more favorable light the further in the past you go. People today generally still see Hitler as pure evil, however most history today describes Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great as great people. Now if you were alive during the reigns of Genghis Khan or Alexander the great, and not on their sides, there's a good chance you look at them the same we we look at Hitler today. In the present tense of ASOIAF I see Littlefinger as being one of the most 'evil' characters. Now in future ASOIAF tense maybe he is seen as a great liberator who brought democracy to Westeros. Good or evil.... it's an age old question, and part of the reason it works so great in a literary sense is because there is no real answer to the question, only different perspectives.
  4. Haldon will betray young griff if he gets too powerful. Since AC one of the main motivations of the measters has been either getting rid of dragon lords, or keeping them in check.
  5. Martin is never going to confirm this for us on page, but I do believe that Theon killed his own son. It makes too much sense with the rest of the narrative to not be true. And this is not the only open question in ASOIAF that we will never get a definitive answer on. Will we ever find out for sure? Probably not. Does it matter? Definitely not. Just like all of the different POVs have very different ideas of what is or isn't true within the story, the reader is supposed to be somewhat in that same situation. TOM CRUISE!
  6. It's that kind of frustration that could lead to one chopping a victim in two!
  7. I'm assuming the maps we get (which are supposed to be REAL in world maps) are about as accurate as a map created in medieval Europe... Which is to say, by today's standards, not very accurate.
  8. Jon and any of the old blood from Skagos. This should really give a nice kick to the 'first men' blood he already has.
  9. From the text we have Jon's eyes are dark grey. I will be very surprised if at some point before the end of the series they aren't described as being purple in someway. Perhaps during the break of the next Dawn? If George specifically tells us early in the series Jon's eyes have some purple to them we can all see how that is just a bit too much info for the reader to get about Jon. The reveal will come towards the end. Instead George has given us a few other examples describe other peoples eyes as being so so dark they look purple or so purple they look dark.
  10. Hot pie. He's just getting good at baking now I bet.
  11. Thanks LML! Another great production. Side note: I prefer your original pronunciation for Yggdrasil. The new pronunciation sounds too pharmaceutical for me...
  12. I wonder if some of the Stark pelts that the Boltons supposedly have, are animals pelts, from animals that Starks would skinchange. Kind of similar to the discussions of the cannibals on Skagos. Are they legit cannibals, or does this refer to skinchangers eating other humans/animals while in another animal.
  13. Also, in our world, during a similar time period, people didn't refer to specific times of day, as time pieces were rare. You would break the day up (typically this was done in 6th's or 12th's - for the same reasons that base 12 number systems were common in earlier times) and reference those divisions. A simple example would be to tell someone to meet you at high noon, not 12:00pm.
  14. A night moon is always going to be a day moon somewhere else on the planet.
  15. This isn't a serious discussion? I find it hard to tell these days....