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  1. Who will be missed the most if he/she was killed? And why?

    Hot pie. He's just getting good at baking now I bet.
  2. Thanks LML! Another great production. Side note: I prefer your original pronunciation for Yggdrasil. The new pronunciation sounds too pharmaceutical for me...
  3. Skin Changers vs. Skin Peelers

    I wonder if some of the Stark pelts that the Boltons supposedly have, are animals pelts, from animals that Starks would skinchange. Kind of similar to the discussions of the cannibals on Skagos. Are they legit cannibals, or does this refer to skinchangers eating other humans/animals while in another animal.
  4. Also, in our world, during a similar time period, people didn't refer to specific times of day, as time pieces were rare. You would break the day up (typically this was done in 6th's or 12th's - for the same reasons that base 12 number systems were common in earlier times) and reference those divisions. A simple example would be to tell someone to meet you at high noon, not 12:00pm.
  5. A night moon is always going to be a day moon somewhere else on the planet.
  6. [THEORY] Jon Snow is actually Bran's son?!!?!?

    This isn't a serious discussion? I find it hard to tell these days....
  7. [THEORY] Jon Snow is actually Bran's son?!!?!?

    Bran warged Rhaegar and raped his dead aunt? That's creepy, even for GRRM.
  8. Let's discuss crackpottery

    Show me some text. Last we know about Syrio is he schooled a bunch of guards with a stick because he was too quick to be touched. I'm assuming when he lost his stick he just ran away quickly? Seriously is there any real evidence of him being killed by Trant?
  9. Let's discuss crackpottery

    Why do people think Syrio is dead?
  10. Legitimization of Jon Snow

    Haven't we all realized that the laws of inheritance in Westeros are just 'suggestions' ? Anyone can become anything by royal decree, or just general acceptance. I think this is a constant underlying theme within the series. The laws of men basically mean nothing. At the end of the day the law of the sword and the victor reign supreme. If fAegon wins the Iron Throne and calls himself a Blackfyre, it doesn't matter if he truely is or isn't. He will be a Blackfyre from that point on.
  11. Baelish and the Wild Wolf

    Right. Brandon left to meet up with his father right after the duel.... so very unlikely Petyr had any influence in Brandon diverting to kings landing.
  12. Baelish and the Wild Wolf

    the "fool" part of that might imply Brandon was tricked or misled?
  13. The Others: Why now?

    This also applies to Brandon as he was never Lord of Winterfel. Twice the motivation for The Others!
  14. Baelish and the Wild Wolf

    How long before Harrenhal did Brandon and Baelish have their 'duel' ?
  15. The Others: Why now?

    My guess is as good as yours, but you do have a good list of potentials. I would add the return of the red comet to the list though.