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  1. W T F ? What happens when people stop starting ridiculous topics that are barely even ASOIAF related? Is it possible to have a different sub-forum for all of these "what if....?" threads that dominate these days?
  2. Wouldn't the CotF consider humans to be Giants? Actually I was just thinking this in jest as I read the OP.... but has this ever been considered?
  3. Why would the author go through so much trouble to keep hinting at it. Hell the world book basically spells it out.
  4. Very cool. I've been infatuated with the fact that the winterfell crypts are described in a very similar way to where the dragon skulls are kept in the red keep. I forget the name of the room.... but the description comes during the Arya chapter when she overhears Varys and Illyrio. The winterfell crypts are directly suggested as being a gateway to hell. Sorry for not quoting the text...
  5. Except that he probably is... Even if all of the references to this turn out to be purely symbolic, this is the WORST theory you've heard?
  6. I doubt either of them are skinchangers.... To me it seems like Olenna had Luthor killed in a power grab and came up with the lame excuse of his horse riding off a cliff. Which goes back to the original question: is this just meant as character development to show us what Olenna is capable of? I think it gives her some cred for her actions at the Purple Wedding. I'm interested in hearing more about how either of them could be linked to skin changing... Do we have any direct evidence of skinchangers in the South at all in the current time frame?
  7. Lord Luthor rode is horse off a cliff.... Well that's the story anyway. Does anyone here know if a horse would actually allow itself to be rode off of a cliff? I don't know about horses at all, but this seems like an obvious lie.... Suppose old Olenna had him killed; is this just so she can take control of the House or is there something else here driving plot that I'm totally missing? My assumption is Olenna had Luthor killed and it was simply her playing the game of thrones. I'm curious if Luthor is simply shown to us to make us aware that Olenna is a total badass.
  8. I feel like GRRM has done a good job of showing us that Robert really couldn't give a shit about such things. The fact that he had his head on some of the silver stags probably was just a result of whoever was minting new coins putting the current kings bust on one side. Robert couldn't care less about counting coppers, stags or even dragons for that matter. Plus, there's tonnes of symbolism that goes along with the dragons and stags and coins and blah blah blah that just wouldn't make sense if there was a big change.
  9. I assume sitting down....
  10. LmL another 10/10. I don't think anyone else out there is approaching ASOIAF analysis in such a complete way as you are. It's difficult to think that this isn't what the author intended. I do think that maybe he hoped that everything you've picked up on maybe didn't get revealed until the series is complete, as it does allow for you to make some pretty accurate predictions about things to come.
  11. This is great. A lot of people treat Darkstar like he's been shoehorned into the story. A fabricated character to help with the loss of the five year gap. All of this makes me believe he will be an even more important character than I thought. I'm not saying I think the whole Blackfyre story is a red herring to distract from the Brightfyre plot, but hell, I wasn't even aware of a Brightfyre plot before I read this. Kudos from Tom Cruise my friend.
  12. Stannis needs advice from no one.
  13. I find A+J=T to be way more believable (purely based off direct text) than R+L=J. And I am 100% behind R+L=J. To me it plays into the much more general theme of the books. "Power resides where people believe it resides." Ok, that quote is a bit off in this case, but more specifically towards A+J=T it references how people believe what they believe. The 'laws' of the land are often lies. This theme is so constantly present I don't even remember reading a thread on it.... yet? GRRM is tapping into many 'human' elements in ASOIAF. The exact same themes you see reading real history. Was Octavian really the son of Julius? Nope. Was Genghis Khans eldest son really fathered by another person? Probably... At the end of the day people will believe what they want, sometimes even in the face of direct contradiction. Having a problem with Tyrion not being the true born son of Tywin in no way lessens their relationship. In fact, it makes it much more complex and interesting.
  14. Cunning and guile. Remember Jack (aka Maveric) does have an F-18 hornet with sidewinders.
  15. Tom Cruise wins all. Have you seen my latest Jack Reacher film?