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  1. I assume sitting down....
  2. LmL another 10/10. I don't think anyone else out there is approaching ASOIAF analysis in such a complete way as you are. It's difficult to think that this isn't what the author intended. I do think that maybe he hoped that everything you've picked up on maybe didn't get revealed until the series is complete, as it does allow for you to make some pretty accurate predictions about things to come.
  3. This is great. A lot of people treat Darkstar like he's been shoehorned into the story. A fabricated character to help with the loss of the five year gap. All of this makes me believe he will be an even more important character than I thought. I'm not saying I think the whole Blackfyre story is a red herring to distract from the Brightfyre plot, but hell, I wasn't even aware of a Brightfyre plot before I read this. Kudos from Tom Cruise my friend.
  4. Stannis needs advice from no one.
  5. I find A+J=T to be way more believable (purely based off direct text) than R+L=J. And I am 100% behind R+L=J. To me it plays into the much more general theme of the books. "Power resides where people believe it resides." Ok, that quote is a bit off in this case, but more specifically towards A+J=T it references how people believe what they believe. The 'laws' of the land are often lies. This theme is so constantly present I don't even remember reading a thread on it.... yet? GRRM is tapping into many 'human' elements in ASOIAF. The exact same themes you see reading real history. Was Octavian really the son of Julius? Nope. Was Genghis Khans eldest son really fathered by another person? Probably... At the end of the day people will believe what they want, sometimes even in the face of direct contradiction. Having a problem with Tyrion not being the true born son of Tywin in no way lessens their relationship. In fact, it makes it much more complex and interesting.
  6. Cunning and guile. Remember Jack (aka Maveric) does have an F-18 hornet with sidewinders.
  7. Tom Cruise wins all. Have you seen my latest Jack Reacher film?
  8. Ah that's a great point. I think I overlooked the fact that songs usually aren't written down because I had already convinced myself that we would eventually get a song about a heroic maiden dying during childbirth. I think there are ways to still get a song from Rhaegar without it being painfully shoehorned in, but you've given me a lot of doubt now. I guess there are a few characters that might still remember a song some dead prince wrote about a girl he fell in love with and caused a big war... but even that kinda sounds like a stretch. Maybe we get to see/hear the song in real time via Bran and the wirewood net.
  9. I really don't think we'll see anything like a will from Rheagar. BUT - I actually am anticipating that we find a song that he had written. I think the foreshadowing exists in the books. I forget who said it (Cat or Brienne) but it was something like "people don't sing songs for women who die in childbirth." Also, the whole thing about Rheagars Harp seems pretty pointless unless we find it - and the song he wrote for Lyanna... who died in childbirth. I don't expect we see this until the last book. GRRM probably understands this story is long enough without putting in useless information about a dead characters musical instrument from the past without it actually being a part of the main story.
  10. Kevan probably felt like Jamie did when he first entered the King's Guard. He thought it was a great honor, and found comradery among his peers. But everyone else knew he was just a hostage.
  11. @LmL @sgtpimenta I really like this time paradox idea. It has never crossed my mind but I think that's because of one of my initial assumptions when reading asoiaf. These thoughts have been in my mind since reading book 1. After first reading of the long night my mind immediately went towards a meteor strike. I'm a sciencey kind of guy so that's natural. LML has filled in so much of the symbolism and mythology for me via his podcasts, which I am very great full for and not too proud to admit I feel a small amount of shame for not yet donating to you (and you know Tom Cruise has some spare change laying around). Ok, now I'll try to briefly explain what I'm talking about. I'm not a long post person and don't feel the need to express every little detail that's in my head so keep that in mind: Long Night? No..... Long Night's. Ive always believe the first cataclisym happened well before the first Long Night we hear of. I completely agree with the two moons theory where one moon is destroyed via comet. I don't think any greenseers or humans for that matter had a role in it. The first event happened and the destroyed moon created an asteroid field or meteor belt or whatever you want to call it and now every ten thousand years (or so....) plentes's orbit passes through this dead moon debris and gets pummelled by meteors all over again creating a new long night. The comet also comes and goes as it's orbiting the sun. I do subscribe to the over arching theme of "as above so below." I think the Long Night referened in our narrative simply refers to the last Long Night, not the first. I think, as is true in real life, the actions of a few very special people in the books (at least those who think they are special - eg: the grey king, Garth, azor, rhaegar, pick any main or legendary character really) at times coincidentally line up with the celestial events in question and because these folks are so fond of themselves they find ways to explain it in an egotistic way, based on the mytholical base layers that already exist culturally, which do get passed down through the generations. I certainly have more I could talk about on this but the general idea being that science can kind of explain what's happening. I should have prefaced with "I believe we will see Long Night 2.0 before the end of the books - complete with a fresh batch of meteor impacts and all! I don't want to imply I think there is NO magic in asoiaf, because we obviously have many many examples of where there is. I do have some thoughts on how irregular planet rotation and orbits could cause the seasons being off, but honestly it doesn't add much for so in happy believe it's something based in magic. Im typing this on my phone and I think that's about as much as a can get through in one go. I would love to continue this discussion if anyone is interested and I can't throw a few more of my thoughts out there. If another thread is more appropriate please let me know.
  12. Thanks to you too LML. Yes I was aware of those passages as well, but I didn't draw the implication that the Daynes forged the sword. I think that's probably because i've always had a bias that the sword was forged by a Stark or proto-Starks. No evidence for this, just my own personal bias towards the Starks.
  13. Thanks Blue Tiger. I was aware of that passage, but it really doesn't suggest who forged the sword. Just that it was forged, and then a Dayne used it.
  14. Sheesh... how about we give Tom Cruise a spoiler warning before you go and ruin the whole ending... Rhaegar obviously was, is and will be the kraken reborn.
  15. I didn't realize there was even a 'story' of how Dawn was forged. Was this in TWOiaF or one of the main books? Thanks.