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  1. So before I write my "what if", this is a what if, and I understand that for the sake of the story it had to happen the way it did, but it's still fun and interesting to think what if. So what if Sansa decided to write to Theon asking for help in the battle at Winterfell instead of Littlefinger. So lets go ahead and say that he does get the message before he and Yara escapes from their Uncle Euron. Would he help them, and would he be able to talk his sister into it. The pro to it would be getting help from Jon to over throw Euron. Would help redeem himself even more sense he was the reason for Winterfell falling in the first place. I really think that if this happened then Euron gets to Dany first and in return of his support of her, he asks that she help destroy his niece and nephew and supporters aka Winterfell. This would lead into a Dany vs Jon conflict (which I really think is going to happen at some point) Or what if Euron intercepted the message and he decided to help Jon, hoping that if he helps Jon that he will ensure that he remains King of the Iron Islands. This too could possibly set up a Dany vs Jon conflict. I thought of this randomly, because Sansa knew where Theon was headed she could have asked for him to try to persuade his family to support them. Also I know there's a lot of what ifs and hard possibilities. But if this had happened and gone through, it would have been a story changer.
  2. I can't help but feel that Jon and Dany are going to be enemies. "Song of fire and ice" doesn't automatically mean that the two are going to team up. Maybe in the end they will, but I will not be surprised if there is a conflict between these two. GRRM has done a great job at keeping us from predicting the story, and right now it seems to me to be too obvious that Dany and Jon are going to marry or team up in some fashion and save everyone from the NK. So that's my bold prediction, Dany and Jon will despise each other.
  3. It's true, the AFC does seem to be a little weak. The fact that the Pats play in a division with the likes of the Bills, Jets, Dolphins. Brady could have been suspended the first 8 games and the Pats still come out as the winner of that division. Steelers are so young at secondary are going to miss Bryant to pull some coverage away from Brown. I expect the Ravens and the Colts to have bounce back years.
  4. Very sad. No matter what your opinion is on the matters, this is not the answer
  5. Barristan Selmy - Lost to Rhaegar Targaryen at the tourney at Harrenhal. Which allowed Rhaegar to crown Lyanna Stark queen of beauty and love, which started Roberts Rebellion.
  6. I have a hard time believing that Varys doesn't know about the war that is coming from north of the wall. So how come he hasn't let her know, or at least informed her of the possibility? Even if his goal is to be the hand of the Queen or whatever it might be "whatever is best for the realm" Preparing Dany for that war suits him the best.
  7. I really thought that Daarrio was going to be the one that would be the person she loved that betrayed her. After this last episode she leaves him at Meereen. So who is going to be? I would love to hear others ideas.
  8. The boy has no name
  9. I won't go into all of my predictions, but I feel certain that Bran is going to screw something up again and allow the WW to pass through the wall. And I feel something very bad is going to happen to Dany. It's too easy for her right now as far as taking the throne, something is going to have to happen to level the playing field, just not sure what that is. Also who kills Cersei, is very interesting to me, To me it's three choices, Jamie, Tyrion, and possibly Ayra I think possibly with Jamies face on.
  10. I felt the same way. I'm hoping they come out with a gamemode, where payers can only use these weapons. If they don't you could also creat your own server, making this a rule and kicking people if they obey. I did this on BF4 when we wanted to have just pistol and knifes matches. It's actually very easy to regulate. Especially if you allow multiple friends to be admins.
  11. Littlefinger is going to do whatever he can do to gain the most power. And I honestly believe that would mean he would need to marry Sansa and hope that she becomes Queen of Winterfell. I can see him trying to persuade Sansa into thinking that Jon doesn't have her best intentions in mind and try to split them. This is what I think will play out. So to me what will be interesting is what will Jon do about LF. I know Jon is fan favorite but I think he's an idiot just like every other male Stark, and he won't realize that potential threat of LF til it's too late.
  12. My Take. North: No one, but I'm tempted to put Sansa. Mel no because she still has to run into Arya Elsewhere: All the Freys, Tommen, the Tyrells, a bunch of High sparrows and innocent people.
  13. I felt like D&D did everything but show us a bump on her stomach of confirming that she is pregnant, by having Ramsey say "I'm part of you now"
  14. If Tommen dies, and no other Baratheon is there to claim the throne. It depends on what the bylaws say. Maybe the Queen takes it, the Kings hand? I'm not familiar with Westeros bylaws, maybe someone on here is.`
  15. Here's what I think could happen. This next episode while Loras and Margery is standing trial, Wildfire kills everyone in the Septon, leaving Cersei in power of Kings Landing. When Cersei learns of Jon and Sansa in Winterfell again, she will start gathering a larger Army. Dany lands in Westeros somewhere closer to the north, maybe the Iron islands. Learns of the battle with the WW at some point, teams up with Winterfell. Cersei learns of Dany and after the battle with the WWs is over she realizes that she's whats standing in Danys way. After suffering a huge lost of people and possibly some dragons to the WWs, it becomes Dany and the Starks against everyone else who hasn't pledged to her. I think Cersei could get a large number of supporters, due to the fact that other families fear Dany because of the way the Mad King ruled. Hugely hypothetical but we will learn a lot more after this coming episode. Side note, I think the secret Cersei was talking about was either the wildfire, Sansa and Jon Snow, or Tyrion with Dany. Last weeks episode made it kind of clear though.