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  1. That's right along the lines of what I was thinking! And this type attack seems to be accompanied by "the bullet" / "eye of an angry god" strange sphere of non-dark / non-light that appears on The Tempest in Persepolis Rising and that Elvi drags Miller through to kill all the proto-artifacts on Ilus in Cibola Burn. But in other situations, like when the ring gates are overloaded and eat ships, the "anti-ring-builders" seem to have a different kind of attack that is perfectly capable of killing humans too. The victims include a whole bunch of Inaros' ships in Babylon's Ashes and the battleship Barkeith that was part of Duarte's splinter faction and tries to pass through along with other ships in the epilogue to Nemesis Games. And we know those people don't just "go elsewhere," they die. Fom the point of view of Barkeith's captain, "Sauveterre did not notice his [own] death." Both types of attacks seem to cause humans to suddenly see the world around them as individual fundamental particles and waves with all the space between them, to various extents. This last effect seems most pronounced for those right at the point of attack, either going through the sphere like Elvi, or in an eaten ship like Sauveterre and Inaros. Drummer and the others in Sol system during the destruction of Pallas by The Tempest also seem to experience something like this - she notices the tea interacting with her mouth at a microscopic level - but not quite to the same extent. I'm not sure if this is because she is far away from The Tempest where the attack comes. Her chief science guy, Tur, seems to think that whatever effect it was happened everywhere at once, but it must fade away at some distance or those in other systems across the galaxy would have felt it too.
  2. Whoa cool - will have to go back and re-read. Thank you!
  3. Also Bobbie's smart/innocent nephew from Gods of Risk (and from one of the prologues) as well as Avasarala's granddaughters (one of them is Kiki) are probably in their 50s. It's implied based on name (the "Baca" part of Santos-Baca or something) that Drummer's colleague who dies on one of the city stations destroyed by the Laconian Battleship is related to Bull from Abbadon's Gate. Also there is a scientist applying for a grant to Drummer and Baca above whose name sounds like he could be the offspring of Elvi Okoye and Fayez Sarkis from Cibola Burn.
  4. I generally agree with you on both points. But I think your hypothetical spaceship debris and an alien defense system beyond the Laconia gate would just pose another mystery. No one would think Duarte's fleet had been wiped out because some who were on Medina during Babylon's Ashes would have remembered the Laconian ship that coasted back through the gate and the Laconians that then set up to defend the rail guns on the ring station. Subsequently, the message broadcast through the Laconia Gate changed to (paraphrasing) "Stay Out." How were Duarte and his people going to suddenly start sending that message after the Free Navy was wiped out at the end of Babylon's Ashes if they already had been turned into spaceship debris at the end of Nemesis Games (prior to the start of Babylon's Ashes)? So as you say, I think someone would have risked sending something through that could defend itself or evade attacks better than a probe, just to get a glimpse. That may have failed as well, but then that would have in turn raised suspicions even further, and humans might have been better prepared to think that whatever was going to come from Laconia was a major threat instead of thinking that 2 small gunships were going to be relevant at all in Medina.
  5. For those reading the 2 (actually 1.5) preview chapters on Amazon and who can't wait until tomorrow, there are a couple more chapters up on overdrive (click the "Read a Sample" button on the left below the image of the book cover).
  6. On the "sentinel" that is eating ships at the gates: I'd be very confused if it just ended up being some fueling feature of the gates. It has got to be related to what killed the proto-Masters. It is described in many terms that match or overlap with the "murder weapon" ("eye of an angry god") in Cibola Burn. You know, the one that proto-Miller leads Holden and eventually Elvi to and uses to shut down the proto-Masters' old technology that had been waking up. When humans experience it, reality dissolves into its separate atomic and subatomic particles and the human subjects "gain" the ability to sense the space between them all. Somehow Elvi survives, but notice that both Sauveterre in the epilogue of Nemesis Games and Inaros, from their points of view as they lose their lives to it notice the same phenomenon. What seemed to be matter appears to dissolve in their perception into particles with space between them. Difference is, in that strange altered state, something comes after Sauveterre and Inaros, and everyone on their ships, in a way that doesn't happen for Elvi in Cibola Burn when she experiences it. They die, she survives. Perhaps there are two somethings. The something that causes the altered perception of space that is common to the Cibola Burn murder weapon and the phenomenon at the gates, but at the gates, somehow there is also something else in that altered space or dimension that intentionally or unintentionally kills/disappears people.
  7. Thanks. I actually was not really intending to ask if you believe the allegations are true, or at least that was only a small part of my ask. I was mainly intending to ask 2 things: 1. Do you believe Moore is "plucky underdog" with basically evil Dem/"mainstream" Rep empires hell bent on stopping him with overwhelming PR force. Based on your answer, I think the answer to this is yes you do believe that. I on the other hand believe that any evangelical social ultra-conservative who speaks out against people who are non-white/non-christian can never be considered an underdog when he is in Alabama. Now move him to my hometown of San Francisco and he'd be so much of an underdog that people would actually not get it and applaud him as a comedy act. Separately, I believe it is far less clear that this is some giant masterminded PR campaign. Many powerful or at least well-known people have suddenly had credible accusers from long past come forward. It's a bit of a wave. And of course Moore had prior unsavory allegations/statements from cops already - they just weren't as blatant as this. 2. I was also asking whether you support Moore in totality, and it sounds like the answer is no because of his positions (edited to add: on the issues!). On that at least, if on little else, I'm happy to say we agree. In any case, thanks again for your answers. That helps.
  8. To make sure I understand your position correctly, you are saying Moore is a plucky underdog, a victim of heavy propaganda warfare from elite liberals and "mainstream" republicans tilted drastically and unfairly against him? If you lived in Alabama, would you vote for Moore? (For the record, I would not vote for Moore if I lived in Alabama, but if I had to guess, he will be elected nonetheless).
  9. Sure maybe. And I edited my post to try to make it seem a little less heavy-handedly accusatory. They could just shred or bring it with them too. Burning with billowing black smoke indoors on an already scorching day seemed to me to hint at equipment that could not be easily shredded or taken with. Or not. You clearly think not or that it's cool either way. I'm not trying them in a court of law here for anything, just speculating on the Internet.
  10. By burning it. Indoors. On a day that was over 100F, close to 40C in an ordinarily cool city. Not throwing it away or recycling or getting it hauled away or composting (lol) or shredding it. Of course I'm not up on standard consulate procedure. Could be normal. Just didn't seem normal to me - the burning that is. Maybe they were taking a cue from Wildlings and avoiding things re-animating as a horde of blue-eyed zombies.
  11. As someone who lives and works in San Francisco, and who is used to the nearly perpetually cool weather, I can attest to the fact that it was really really hot today, even right near the Pacific. Why the fuck would someone use a fireplace? Oh right. Never mind.
  12. I live in San Francisco, specifically in the Preisdio area of the city. It's a fairly large wooded parkland owned by the federal government that used to be a military base and now leases to private residents (like me), just adjacent to the SF end of the Golden Gate Bridge. An alt-right group, "Patriot Prayer" got a "first amendment permit" to hold an event in the Presidio this weekend, along with a few other groups that I believe hold opposing views to them: https://www.nps.gov/goga/first-amendment-permits.htm. The restricted areas are shown here, with the edge of zone B being a half mile from where I Iive, with not too many homes between me and them. They are restricting entry/egress to one location, the Marina Gate on the northeast corner, thankfully on the other side of the park from us. A few of my co-workers are going to be among the "counter-" groups (i.e. NOT Patriot Prayer, but rather the groups opposing them). If I were still young and single, I would probably be among them. But I am old and married and have a young kid. We had already planned a 3-day weekend out of town. And thinking about it now, it's probably for the best. I am non-white (though male/straight and lucky to be fairly privileged), my wife is white/olive-skinned, and my kid, other than having black hair and brown eyes, looks fairly white. Either way, I feel better not having them or myself nearby when this goes down. I am glad that the permit specifically prohibits ""firearms or anything that could be used as a weapon." Hopefully the Presidio (federal/national park service) and San Francisco police won't be Nazi sympathizers as I feel some were in Charlottesville and no one will be hurt. I am lucky enough to live in a place where I think these assholes will be severely outnumbered, as they were in, say, Boston, and hopefully unable to attack or intimidate anyone. Given that, I hope the "counter" groups stay peaceful too, since this is San Francisco, and if even one counter-protester even threatens, let alone hurts a white supremacist, the narrative for the whole event nationally will of course be about the lawless alt-left running wild in San Francisco, or whatever.
  13. Didn't OGE state that the Democrats *did* compromise, by essentially taking on Romney's plan for health care and applying it nationally (oversimplifying) when what many (not all) on the left wanted was single payer? And Republicans opposed it violently nonetheless. How can you summarize that as "nobody wants to bend or compromise"?
  14. I find myself strangely unconcerned with what Trump "needs." In related news, is it really all that wrong to say that there were people to blame on both sides of WWII? Not equally I grant, and not everyone associated with Hitler wanted to slaughter Jews and Romany, and the Allies did firebomb Dresden and the US interned Japanese Americans and went nuclear to end the Pacific campaign, and the British unwittingly exacerbated the Bengal Famine and Stalin was... Stalin... and, and and, and the allied media wasn't entirely neutral in its reporting on Nazis 80 years ago. So to summarize WWII, really there were good and bad people on both sides. Right? Truth that's told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent. (In reference to Trump technically not being "all that wrong", not saying you had bad intent C4SJS).