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  1. I don't necessarily disagree with you. Perhaps I am less sure of it than you. I guess it depends what you mean by advantage. It might be and advantage to the Dems come election time, though on the other hand, the more extreme Trump-supporting Republican might also turn out the Trump jihadist base better than the moderate one would. But I think the point is that for now, wavering Republican lawmakers are more likely to go along with Trump's insanity because of the fear of being primaried out by said jihadist base if they go against DJT. Unless their seat is very secure from threat on *both* sides. We'll see about the consequences overall. It's true, I have the (admittedly somewhat irrational) mindset that I'll believe Trump and his supporters will suffer any consequences for their shit or for being complicit in it when I actually see it happen for the first time. Other than a couple random sacrificial lackeys that is.
  2. I think the contention is that, even if 65% of the country thinks he's guilty, and even if they'd rather vote for the hated (as ensured by Fox and others) Dems, maybe only 40% of them will vote. And if 80% of the remaining Trump angry white jihadist base votes for Trump, and are concentrated in the swing states, Trump still wins. And the few moderate Republicans who go against Trump get primaried out, again because Trump's base turns out disproportionately on Election Day. I'm not certain that I agree with that contention, but I think it's possible, and it is what I fear.
  3. Yeah my guess for David Strathairn would also be Ashford, the insecure and eventually insane captain of the Behemoth in Abaddon's Gate. The security chief who ends up being the primary antagonist on Ilus in Cibola Burn is Murtry, but unless they really change things around, that still feels like it's a season away.
  4. Nice. I'm curious to hear what you (and others) think.
  5. Did anyone read the "Strange Dogs" novella that Abraham and Franck just released yesterday? I stayed up late to finish (speed read) it last night and am planning a more leisurely reread this weekend. I liked it. I love the big Expanse novels the best (especially the first 2 and NG), but this was my 2nd favorite Expanse novella behind The Churn. Without spoiling anything hopefully, my only wish is that the story spent a few more beats early on establishing the relationship between Cara her little brother. There were a couple moments I remember, but more would have made the the plot even more powerful for the reader. Even as it was though, in addition to the strangeness and alien mystery, the ending left an emotional lump in my throat (meaning it was good).
  6. I don't think it was a threat or typed in anger. I think it was a somewhat out-of-the-blue joking reference to The Incredible Hulk. "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry"
  7. Good series Cavs fans. Well obviously as a Warrior fan I think so anyway. Was 4-1 but hard-fought. Lebron is one of the best ever and since last year I have newfound respect for Kyrie, who I think was playing gimpy in the 4th quarter of game 5 yesterday. Cavs never quit. As for the WH visit, Not sure the insecure bully even invites them since they might not kiss his ass. I think they should visit the "virtual" White House on SNL instead with Alec Baldwin and company. That I would watch.
  8. Despite being a Warrior fan, I have to agree. Green was my favorite player when he was a rookie. That changed in 2016. It's probably Livingston or Iguodala now. It's almost like it's the corollary to Green's hyper-competitiveness, but I don't think all hyper-competitive people are that way. Not sure. Again, great win by the Cavs. Man they were on fire and the Warriors could not keep up. In all this exaggeration about the Warriors not being challenged, I think people have forgotten some stuff. About just how big a challenge it is to beat one of the top players of all time in James (if not the top), supported by a dazzling all-star in Irving, another very good player in Love, and despite how maligned they are, a good supporting cast as well. The Cavs are damn good. The Warriors taking a 3-0 lead did not mean the Cavs suck and wins weren't impressive, just like the Cavs winning by 20+ in game 4 does not mean the Warriors are an easy foe. The teams are battling hard. Give credit to the victors in each case. Easy to call players names sitting behind a keyboard. Game 5 will be a battle.
  9. Great win by the Cavs. As for what ifs and hypotheticals, what if the Ws had won game 7 last season? But they didn't. The Cavs did and were champions. The Warriors are not yet champions this season but they deserve to be up 3-1. On to game 5.
  10. Luck happens. Cavs got lucky that they got an all-time player like Lebron from their own backyard. Doesn't make their 2016 championship any less worthy. the whining from Warrior-haters sounds much bitchier than anything KD has done.
  11. Is that really the nights they avoid? Honest question - I did not know. Games 3, 4 and 5 are: 3. Wed. June 7th, 4. Fri. June 9th, 5. Mon. June 12th If they want to avoid Fridays and Saturdays, shouldn't they have gone 3. Tue. June 6th, 4. Thu. June 8th, 5. Sun. June 11th? As for the long initial gap, perhaps they should have flexed some prior Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays as possible dates in case the earlier series wrapped up early as they did... I think there's a chance they are hurting their brand a bit in terms of long term fan interest. I keep hearing that the Warriors and Cavs being super-teams is also hurting the NBA brand. And maybe that's true. Just strange that when the Lakers and Celtics were rolling their conference foes on the way to the Finals in the 80s, it was all good.
  12. I get something similar from a Republican friend (this is in the San Francisco bay area mind you) who will never admit directly to supporting Trump (he says he didn't vote) when out with a bunch of buddies at a bar. He was my partner playing pool and, I know this over the years, is generally a good guy personally - honest, trustworthy, hard-working, fun-loving. He says that Obama and H. Clinton were soft and let the world have their way with the US. He wants to go back to the days of the world being pissed at us because we F'd them over and they fear us. Think a young Tywin Lannister seething at the Westerlands lords and ladies taking advantage of his father's vain generosity and foolishness - that's what he thinks of Obama and Hilary Clinton. Sigh. Besides the fact that the US did continue to F the world over to some extent under Obama's administration, I wanted to draw a basic Prisoners' Dilemma square on a napkin... if your strategy is to confess and screw over the other party every time, it ain't going to work out for you long term, especially when there are many diverse players in the game. And that's not even getting into the overall net negative of climate change. So yeah, Trump supporters (even ones who say they didn't vote for him) don't view trying to interact with our allies in Europe like a 5th grade bully would as a problem at all. They love it.
  13. Last year, one reason the Cavs were able to prevail in 7, in addition to Lebron's heroics, was that they were able to partially hide their 2 "good offense / mediocre defense" players in Irving and Love. Irving they hid defensively, ironically sometimes on Curry of all people who was playing on one leg. Love they hid defensively on a slumping Harrison Barnes - they just sagged and left Barnes open and Barnes was ice cold. You can't hide Love on Durant. No explanation needed. Tonight was more evidence. And Irving does not match up as well on a healthy Curry. The Cavs need to have Irving and Love on the court though for great offense and pick-and-roll with Lebron (Irving) and stretch-4 shooting and rebounding (Love). So what do they do? 1. It's a seemingly crazy idea, but I wonder if Lue is considering hiding one of Irving or Love defensively on Klay Thompson, sagging and leaving him open as they did with Barnes last year. I mean normally that would be suicidal, but with the way Thompson is shooting, it would be an incredibly gutsy gamble and would completely change the dynamic of the Warriors' offense if it worked and Thompson's slump continued. 2. Or of course Lebron, the best player of our generation could just take over and make all of the above talk of scheme secondary. As a Warrior fan, I think the series is far from over. The Cavs do need to find some answers, but I expect they will and come out blazing and win a couple. Series could still go either way, though if I had to guess, I'm going Warriors in 6.
  14. I think one of the bigger things to worry about in the world is witnessing a large part of the electorate of the most powerful nation in the world practically reveling in a congressman (not some random dude) from "their side" assaulting a persistent reporter who they consider to be on "the other side." Seems like a dark path we're treading. And yes, it's wrong to sucker punch Richard Spencer too, but it's not like some Dem congressman did that. And has the press really become less sympathetic than a Nazi to Trump supporters?
  15. Woo hoo! Nice final 15 minutes or so for the Warriors on the road without Durant (or Livingston). Hope GSW gets healthy and starts hitting on all cylinders - the playoff path in the west is tough and Lebron and his Cavs probably await in the finals.