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  1. Woo hoo! Nice final 15 minutes or so for the Warriors on the road without Durant (or Livingston). Hope GSW gets healthy and starts hitting on all cylinders - the playoff path in the west is tough and Lebron and his Cavs probably await in the finals.
  2. Interesting point. I think the authors also picked Phoebe for scientific reasons. Unlike most moons, Phoebe is retrograde. It revolves around Saturn in the opposite direction of the planet's rotation and the revolution of Saturn's other major moons. Its orbit is much further out than Saturn's other major moons and also very eccentric. It even may be made of different material - it's albedo is far lower than most of Saturn's other moons. If I understand correctly, this makes it much more likely that it is a "captured" object rather than one that, like the majority of moons, was formed when the planets were formed (the latter tend to revolve in the same direction as the planet's rotation and be a bit closer in with a less eccentric orbit). Now there are other such moons in the solar system that are likely captured objects - e.g. Triton which is Neptune's largest moon. But still, Phoebe's nature makes it a great candidate for a moderately hard science fiction book series like the Expanse to suggest that it came from outside the solar system and that there is something ... unusual ... about it!
  3. I think Season 2 Episode 2 probably had the best space battle, between the Roci and (in the series) the Protogen stealth ship guarding Thoth station, with the Roci also trying to protect the Guy Molinari and the breaching pods with belters from Tycho. (In the books, it's 2 smaller ships guarding Thoth). Not necessarily realistic, as it shows the ships gliding past each other firing PDCs when in reality they would zoom past each other faster than an eyeblink, and it also shows the Roci hiding inside the Thoth ring station, which seems dubious in that situation. It also shows Holden letting a coffee cup (not bulb) float next to him just before being set straight by Amos on securing it, a mistake even Holden would not have made in the books. But still a satisfying battle, and it shows what happens to people (Amos) on ships who have to get off the crash couch to fix something while the ship is maneuvering. Not a battle, but the launch of the Nauvoo and its approach to Eros in Episodes 3-4 (I think) is also amazing, if again somewhat unrealistic in the time/speed/distance area. It's possible that making these things too realistic just wouldn't be great TV, and the above things were all, IMO, great TV. Also, @karaddin, since above we were going back and forth on the Roci and WS's escape from Ganymede in the face of the combined fleet, on a separate note, I remember you were interested in mythological references within The Expanse. In some other thread we had discussed Julie/Persephone, which works better in the books where Eros is much more "hellish" with carcasses dragging themselves around the black muck, whereas in the show it has an almost dreamlike/undersea quality. Anyway, here's another one for you:
  4. Possibly. I don't get the feeling the Mars and Earth trust the Roci. In the books it's an active shooting war above Ganymede and as the Roci is departing, they shoot torpedoes at the Roci which Alex has to use a close skim around another Jovian moon to avoid. Also in the books, on the way in, Alex describes his approach as never being the #1 threat on any other ship's list of threats, implying that if he charted the wrong course, he very easily could have become the #1 threat and been shot at. From the books, I'm not sure we've seen a torpedo that is not nuclear unless... Every direct hit from a torpedo is considered to be lights out for the ship that is hit. So in my mind, certainly the MCRN fleet has nuclear torpedoes, not to mention PDCs and rail guns. The Roci at this point is a standard MCRN "corvette-class" frigate with torpedoes and PDCs and no rail gun. A very tough little ship but... The Roci by itself would not stand a chance of either surviving or doing any damage against the MCRN fleet with capital ships like destroyers, cruisers and battleships (like the Donnager) that is paying attention to it. This is easily shown in the Caliban's War book when... Of course the show is the show and can substitute whatever reality it wants. Maybe it's what you said earlier about somehow trusting that the Roci is 3rd party. Perhaps combined with the MCRN fleet being too busy watching for attacks by the Earth/UN to be willing to turn their full attention on the Roci.
  5. Didn't they have the option of NOT removing Dao from the plane, cutting their losses, and finding an alternative way to get 1 or more of the flight crew to St. Louis, which is a 5 hour drive and 1 hour flight away. This is a large airline operating out of their hub (Chicago O'Hare), potential options to buy seats from other airlines, or to hire a town car etc. - seems like $800, and certainly $1,350 would have been enough to cover one of those approaches and perhaps even leave enough to compensate the somewhat inconvenienced United flight crew employee in a minor way. Longer term of course, United could switch to a reverse auction like Delta to more efficiently identify passengers willing to get bumped and not end up picking the one guy that apparently was *least* willing!
  6. I think it was very good, maybe the 3rd or 4th best episode of the season behind e5 (the best), e4 and perhaps e2. I completely agree about the big beltalowda being the highlight. That scene at the end with him, Naomi and the refugees was fantastic. Quite a departure (continued) with Errinwright (sp?) and it will be interesting to see where they take that with him threatening Mao directly to force Mao to choose to sell the Caliban technology to Earth. In the books, Some random quibbles that did bother me: I think it may resolve itself, but as others have said, Holden is too dark without the audience having got a chance to know him as a well-meaning guy. Yes in the book, he freaks out when he finds protomolecule residue from the escaped Caliban on Ganymede and worries it will become another Eros, but there has been a long stretch of him being likeable before it even starts building towards that. I know it's harder in the show because the book can reveal Holden's thoughts. Also, how did Holden, Alex and Prax get on the Rocinante so easily with the Caliban soldier just outside the airlock at the end of Episode 11? Ok not "just outside" but it looked like it was within 100m or so. Did they just stroll out to the Roci in their vac suits, get in, take off all while the Caliban just watched them from nearby on the surface of Ganymede? And if so, shouldn't they have shown that? And finally, Holden's threat to get the MCRN to lay off the Weeping Somnabulist. Ok fine, the Roci took out the one torpedo. But after that there's an entire MCRN fleet out there, including presumably destroyers and cruisers with rail guns. It's not mutually assured destruction - the Roci is a frigate and a tough ship, but in the face of that whole fleet of larger more powerful vessels, it would just get wiped out. The Roci... ... does not have a rail gun. So the MCRN fleet, per all the battles in the book could have created a collective defensive screen of PDCs to prevent the Roci's torpedoes from damaging any individual MCRN ship, all while taking out the Roci with rail gun rounds, torpedoes whatever. They had no reason to take the Holden's threat seriously. Of course, maybe the MCRN just decided it wasn't worth engaging their entire fleet to stop a rogue 3rd party frigate since they were more concerned about an impending attack from the Earth/UN fleet. And the Earth/UN fleet had (somehow - rail gun?) apparently just taken out the stealth ship Karakum (sp?) which was there to rendezvous with the Protogen team on the surface. So maybe that explains it.
  7. Great point on the "would have stopped" parallel. Never would have thought to see a parallel between Holden and Errinwright. Both seem to be different characters in the show than in the books. I liked the scene when Bobbie makes it to the ocean - how they shoot it to look different in her eyes than later in Avasarala/Cotyar's eyes. I will say that I no longer see how they finish up all of Caliban's War in season 2. I am trying to think what the ending point for season 2 will be. Maybe the story itself is changing (it already has in major ways - e.g. the aforementioned Errinwright's confession to Avasarala in the episode today...).
  8. As demonstrated, say, in China... Ignorance is Strength.
  9. Yep they just introduced Basia Merton. But I think there may also be a chance that they just introduced Lucia Merton too at the beginning of the clip. If that's indeed her, Lucia is not far from how I pictured her. However, TV Basia is much skinnier and less physically imposing than book Basia, who is a fairly big, blue-collar guy (welder). Hell, in the TV series, even Prax looks more built than him! I had pictured Basia as a more ethnically mixed and only somewhat smaller version of Amos. Basia has a different personality than Amos of course, though still one prone to occasional violence, but not emotionless violence like Amos is. In the books, Prax and Basia also fight, both half-crazed about their missing children Mei and Katoa respectively, but Prax swings first and then Basia proceeds to pummel Prax almost to death until Basia's daughter Felcia (Katoa's older sister) intervenes to get between her dad and Prax.
  10. As a little easter egg for book-readers, did anyone notice that Mei had on a "Misko and Marisko" backpack? Reference to the children's show whose theme Holden and Miller hummed to try to stay sane while dying from severe radiation poisoning as they tried to survive and escape the devolving nightmare that was Eros while the rented CPM thugs kept the crowd penned on the casino level (more drawn out in the books than in S1 E9/10).
  11. Like Happy Ent, spoilers for all books, though I give fewer specifics than Happy Ent does.
  12. So if Cara Gee's character is Drummer but merges in Sam Rosenberg,