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  1. And the Bolton's flaying practices may have had some ritualistic significance as well as being a fun way of terrifying their enemies. Chances are when the Boltons wer flaying the Starks back in the day the Starks were doing something equally nasty to the Boltons
  2. I was with Jon until the mission to Hardhome, which seemed like an inexcusably risky allocation of scarce resources. The parallel with Jaime and Aerys is apropos because although Jon is no Aerys, he is unmistakably acting like a Targaryen. There is an irresistable parallel between Jon's insistence on rescuing ALL the Wildlings and Dany's insistence on rescuing ALL the slaves of Slaver's Bay. Targs don't do things by halves.
  3. I think we have to trust Brienne's judgement on this. She swore an oath to Cat and would be obliged to obey her no matter how misguided if Cat were still alive, but she's not, she's just a "thing". I would ideally like Brienne to do a mercy killing on LSH and then convince the BwB to go back to doing more constructive things than just killing Freys. Jaime's presence actually complicates things in this regard however because any of the BwB would happily string him up anyway without any encouragement from LSH
  4. I believe if anyone whether a Lannister or some random back bencher manages to ride one of Dany's spare dragons, they and everyone else is going to assume they have Targ blood somewhere, at which point some wet-nurse can come forward and reveal the truth that she has suppressed all these years. My personal crackpot is that Aerys fathered the twins, and Jaime suspects because Aerys something to him when he is in the KG, which would help explain the weird dreams as well as his extreme reluctance to inherit Casterly Rock.
  5. And then what? She can't "live" long enough to se anything because she isn't alive. The real Cat released Jaime even though she hated his guts because she had more important things to think about than vengeance. UnCat doesn't have an actual plan because zombies don't think about the future. My point is that her followers need to realize this at some point.
  6. Cat was a real actor when she was alive, but now she is strictly a symbol of a negative spiritual force (vengeance). Even though this is a story about aristocrats almost exclusively, I strongly feel that the real actors here are the rank-and-file members of the BwB, and I hope to see them play a bigger role in WoW.
  7. I don't think Tyrion's appearance is really all that relevant since he is clearly a mutant. You might as well theorize that Joanna had an affair with a performing dwarf! On the other hand, J and C could have inherited their appearance from their mom regardless of who their father was.
  8. I'm 100 percent sure that Tywin would have had Tyrion killed if he had any inkling that he was not his son
  9. GRRM revealed the history between Aerys and Joanna quite late in the game, in The World book and in Barristan's talk to Dany. Was this a red herring introduced to tease the readership, or part of something he had been setting up for a long time that most people hadn't noticed previously? I don't think it is necessary to explain the animosity between Aerys and Tywin, which had complex roots. One thing that makes me believe in a complex set up is the fact that he made Joanna Tywin's cousin. This means in theory that the children can look like Lannisters even if they are not Tywin's. This is just one of many hints that seem to point more to the twins than Tyrion.
  10. It is stated in the books that the Kingsguard are answerable only to the king. If they are following Rhaegar's orders it is because Aerys told them to do so. Anything else would be treason.
  11. If you are going to blame Stannis, you have to start by blaming Ned, who basically staged a coup on Stannis's behalf without consulting him or having any notion whether or not he would be a good king. At least Stannis had the virtue of caution.
  12. I think I may have cracked the code. Thanks to TW for blowing the Bloodraven theory out of the water, and to LFDL for mentioning Tyrion's absence, which led me to the following line of thinking. Jayme is naked in his dream, which means that we are looking at the "real" Jaime, shorn of pretentions and defenses. This is why he is being rejected by Tywin, Cersei and Joffrey, because they have no use for the real Jaime. He has lived a lie for the sake of Cersei and the kids, and they depend on him continuing to do so. Tywin wants him to be a Lannister first , last and always, with no consideration of honor or personal feelings. Tyrion doesn't belong with this crew: his love is selfish in its own way but it doesn't depend on Jaime living a lie or maintaining a particular persona. Brienne, of course, represents honor, but he also sees her as a real person whom he can trust (on short acquaintance) to support him if he chooses to do the right thing regardless of the consequences. This is why he trusts her with the wildfire story, and why she defends him in his dream. What she can't do is defend him against the ghosts of his past, he's on his own with that. But then what do the swords represent? I think they may actually represent free will. Tywin says that he gave Jaime a sword which I think means that Tywin raised Jaime to "be a man" and act for himself, rather than trying to break his spirit as he did with Tyrion. Brienne, of course, is possessed of abundant free will (her famous stubbornness), which is part of what Jaime likes about her.
  13. Somehow this quote makes me think that Rhaegar is something of a phoney. Cersei is the world's least empathetic person, so if she thinks Rhaegar is "wounded" I feel like she is responding to his charismatic, wounded romantic hero persona rather than to something real. We know he has the same effect on Lyanna and probably on other women, although to do him justice I don't think he typically misused this power to seduce women. At any rate, once the infatuation wore off I think Cersei would have resented Rhaegar the way she resents anyone who doesn't give her what she wants.
  14. I think there is a strong parallel between Lysa and Cersei. Lysa at one point thought she was going to marry Jaime, as Cersei thought she was going to marry Rhaegar. Then they both lost their golden boys, and subsequently they both lost their virginities before marriage (which whatever anyone says is a BIG DEAL in Westerosi society) and ended up marrying toads. Difference is, Cersei plus Rhaegar would have been an epic train wreck, whereas I think Jaime and Lysa could have muddled aling like most arranged marriages (regular sex and healthy kids count for a lot).
  15. Interesting. These guys are the Kingsguard, they are famously, irrationally loyal, so logically whatever they are doing they have to be ultimately following Aerys's orders, not Rhaegar's.