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  1. This is ethics 101 guys: two wrongs don't make a right. Tyrion thinks of himself as a statesman, he is proud of having won the battle of the Blackwater and saved the realm, but then he turns around and kills Tywin, who is the main figure holding the realm together at this point. He betrays his own principals for emotional reasons.
  2. Arya (apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan) If ever it should happen that a victim must be found I have a little list, I have a little list Of Westerosi villains who could well be underground And they'd none of them be missed, they'd none of them be missed The Tyrells took care of Joffrey and they went and crowned his brother He isn't on my list but I've a grudge against his mother She may be hard to kill but then I'm quite an optomist And I know she won't be missed, I'm sure she won't be missed. I'm occupied at present but I'm longing for the day, When I can cross the ocean and take care of Walder Frey! I'll stick the dagger in and then I'll give a little twist And I'm sure he won't be missed, I know he'll not be missed I'll murder everyone named Frey or Lannister or Bolton And when I'm done with them I'll go out hunting for the Mountain I've heard he's dead already but he's still upon my list And I know he'll not be missed, I'm sure he'll not be missed I'll kill the Brave Companions and the bloody Bloody Mummers And when they're dead I'll feed them to Nymeria and Summer And those who rape and pillage without mercy or remorse And never stop to pay for what they'd rather take by force But it really doesn't matter who you put upon the List For they'll none of them be missed, they'll none of them be missed
  3. Amen. If and when he comes back I will be playing close attention to whether his wounds are healing properly, whether he is eating normally, sleeping normally, or taking an interest in the opposite (or any) sex, and perhaps most importantly whether there is any alteration in his relationship with Ghost. My prediction is that the first three will be OK but not the other two.
  4. Since no-one else has suggested this: Jaime obviously felt guilty about the whole business could he have offered Tysh assistance after the fact, in which case he might have some insight into where whore's go
  5. The books are so complex that you can easily find textual evidence for any random crackpot you come up with, if you ignore the internal logic of the story, rather like a religious fundamentalist focusing on obscure points of doctrine while ignoring the central tenets if the faith. For a while I thought Rhaegar was the Elder Brother, until I realized that being dead was part of the whole point of Rhaegar--the guy who screwed up and then got himself killed leaving others to clean up the mess. If we want to know what he was thinking we will have to look for a secret diary or long-lost companion (good luck with that). On the other hand, the Blackfyre theory has zero textual evidence bit makes a certain amount of sense in terms of explaining what Varys and Illyrio are doing. The theory I despise the most is the one about Bloodraven manipulating everything from afar. Or any theory involving a deus ex machina or (worse) a Gandalf-type figure. This is a story about a bunch if people with insufficient information, unstable power bases and conflicting motivations stumbling about blindfold in a world ruled by hostile and inpredictable forces.
  6. You could take a step back from that and blame Torrhen. The North with its unique culture provides a buffer zone of a sort against the forces of winter. Even though the Targaryens didn't invade the North or suppress their religion, the Southernization of the North proceeded apace during their reign, culminating in the Stark involvement in Southern politics during the last three generations. Ned may worship the old gods but he's a southerner in many ways and that's the fault of Rickard and Jon Arryn, not Catelyn. So what if Torrhen had fought? Do we have any evidence of how dragons fare in the teeth of a harsh winter? I guess that's something we'll find out soon....
  7. Historically when women have been conscripted into armies it has generally been as prostitutes. Something similar happened to female convicts who were transported to Australia, which is a situation somewhat analogous to the NW.
  8. Don't forget that Bran's story arc contains a guilt component too. It can be argued that warging a human being is a worse crime than attempted murder
  9. What's interesting about this scene is that it ends there: we don't get Jaime's immediate reaction to the suggestion that he isn't Tywin's true son, in whatever sense. However, if Genna was trying to goad him into acting like Tywin she was successful! Jaime and Cersei may be Aerys's, but there is no reason why Genna would know that, and if she knew or suspected she would never have spoken as she did.
  10. A related question is whether people in ASoIaF have souls. We know dead people can be re-animated with some memory of their former life, but this could just be physical brain memory rather than the soul returning to the body. We also know that greenseers and wargs can have genuine "out of body" experiences, projecting their minds across time and space and into the bodies of animals, but IIRC in the case of wargs the consciousness fades after the original body dies. So maybe there is something like a soul, but it isn't necessarily immortal.
  11. To summarize, we really don't know whose idea it was originally, but we have two villains (Aerys and Cersei) and a suspect (Varys), or two suspects if you count Pycelle, with conflicting motivations. CERSEI: Stated motivation--Love: she wants to keep Jayme close and unmarried so he can sleep with her and protect her. Alternative motivation--she resents Jaime's male privilege and wants him out of the way so she can inherit Casterly Rock AERYS: Obvious motivation--humiliate Tywin and stop the marriage to interfere with the STAB alliance. Alternative crackpot motivation--Aerys had sex with Joanna around the time of the twins' conception and believes (rightly or wrongly) that Jaime is his son, that's why he wants to take him away from Tywin. (Note: in this case Aerys would not have slept with Cersei anyway since even crazy Targaryens think father-daughter incest is creepy) VARYS: Obvious motivation--helping his boss to achieve his goals. Alternative: Always hard to tell with Varys--if this was his idea originally, did he honestly think it was for the good of the realm, or was he actually trying to destabilize things?
  12. Since absolute loyalty is a necessity, all the crew members must have backstories even if they're not famous. Dark hair is common as dirt, violet eyes aren't that rare in Essos, but Westerosi are so the likelihood of being recognized is slim especially as the years go by
  13. I have no strong opinion about Lemore but let me put in a word in favor of the Ashara Dayne theory. Lemore is clearly not a nobody, because nobodies don't get hired to help hidden princes. That is, she must have an interesting backstory linking her to Aegon, and the Ashara story makes as much sense as any.
  14. Isn't there a line from a song: "Jenny would dance with her ghosts"? Interestingly, some people in Westeros believe in ghosts (as they do in the real world) but we don't know if they actually exist in the story (unlike zombies).
  15. Breakfast doesn't wear heavy winter clothes, and doesn't fight back or scream for help if you fail to kill it on the first try