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  1. A lot of mine have already been mentioned the only one I can think of that hasn't was in GoT when old Nan is telling Bran about the long night. I'd quote it by I loaned someone my copy. Gets me every time.
  2. I get to listen to audiobooks at work and I don't mind him as much as others I've heard. His weird accents don't bother me as much as when he is inconsistent with the weird accents. The worst I've heard so far is whoever does the wheel of time series. I was so excited to listen to them and the narrators voice was so high pitched I had to shut it off after a few minutes.
  3. I love this. If we are talking about good and bad I don't set aside murdering children and innocents and ordering gang rapes as easily as some people I guess. All Depends on what your perception of a hero is. It's just too bad these kinds of actions are excused even in these kinds of fictional based conversations
  4. Is there a thread for foreshadowing? I guess it would only be applicable in rereads just wondering if that's a thing
  5. Beric Dondarrion, Shireen, Margaery
  6. Ok I"m late on this whole read. I only just read the summary provided by @DarkSister1001 on the Euron the abomination thread. I was skimming some of the theories about the bride with hands of white fire. The first thing I was thinking of when I heard white fire is some sort of euphemism for ice. This could be way off but could we have a similar situation of the Night king and finding a bride amongst the others? If that was even the case. It would fit along with what @LordToo-Fat-to-Sit-a-Horse mentioned about him being an instrument of the Great Other Other than that random thought I'm pretty horrified with Euron and hoping things go south for him somehow.
  7. Actually I was referring to the user who made the comment about being Rickon's queen that I had quoted. I thought it was really funny. Sorry for the confusion! As far as your question I can do both but I lean more towards character analysis and character arcs than story line. I agree with your statements though other than I believe the Slavers Bay story line was her practicing at 'ruling'. Even if it is a draggy I don't think it would have the same affect in Pentos in terms of her character arc.
  8. Fair enough
  9. so @OldGimletEye are you anti-dragon? not accusing just curious
  10. I'm just sitting back and enjoying this thread. I particularly liked the above. Points for creativity. I'm 50/50 on the dany topic. I think it's a little odd that everyone is up in arms about her being entitled and 'brat-y' I mean she's a Targaryan with dragons. She's also the only one on the planet who has dragons. She should feel a little entitled. I think the reason she has been delaying her trip to westeros other than a lack of resources is that she knows she needs to learn how to rule. That should get her some credit to her character. That all being said her story line has dragged like no other. I totally understand the negative feelings about her relationship with khal drogo. I feel like she has some crimes she should be accountable for. I think her character knows that however and has an inner conflict about it on a regular basis. And I also agree that she has madness in her. Wasn't there a line somewhere from Aemon mentioning that the dragons caused madness in his family? I don't mean literally but I feel like he was referring to an obsession rooted in their psyche that drove them either over the edge or right up to the edge of madness. Unless I made that up.
  11. That's cool I didn't notice that.
  12. ahh that would make sense
  13. Also I don't think anyone's mentioned Tywin I'd rank him higher than Jamie. I think of Dany as more of a conqueror than a battle commander but I have no arguments to back that up at the moment.
  14. Since it's coming from LF's perspective I would guess that he is thinking Margery, Daenerys and Sansa. I believe he does know about Daenerys but I'm unsure that he knows about the "Dornish" plan to crown Marcella. From my understanding it was not widely known or at least not known to LF. I could be wrong however.
  15. blackfish, randyll tarly and I would say instead of aegon that connington is the actual battle commander behind the rebellion. I also don't think Jon is that great of a commander but that is my unpopular opinion.