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  1. Exactly, she has an undead knight as her champion right now. Plus, wasn't Tyrion on the receiving end of such presentation back in the series, with a right's hand? If I recall correctly, he dismissed it for petty reasons, made the guy wait and the hand decomposed.
  2. Well, with the exception of Olenna Tyrell. But the old girl still poisoned Joffrey and threw Tyrion under the bus, which triggered the most of Lannistercide, so she sort of deserved to suffer the consequences of Cersei going bonkers. But the rest... The Sand girls are supposed to have a problem with the Lannisters' role in deaths of Oberyn and Elia. The only Lannister who can be held responsible for Elia is Tywin. OK, it's a secret that a certain Targaryen jerk secretly divorced a certain Dornish princess to marry some other girl and make his son with her a heir (and screw his children with the Dornish princess). But it's not a secret that he abandoned Elia and her children to their fates to run off with Lyanna. If the Sand Snakes believe in family responsibility, they should hate the Targaryen's on par with the Lannisters. Not to mention that they themselves murdered more Martells than them. If we insist to blame Oberyn's death on something else that his own poor choices, then we should look for Joffrey's murderer. In reality - Olenna. Supposedly - Tyrion. The one whom Oberyn was defending - Tyrion. The one who orchestrated the trial - Tywin (dead, killed by Tyrion). Cersei back would have been completely fine with tearing Tyrion to pieces without any trial. Not to mention - again - that they did more to Cersei's family (and their own) that she did to their until they allied with Daenerys. Tyrion has his reasons to hate Cersei, but then again - he realizes that Tywin didn't believe his fault in Joff's murder, but Cersei herself (and many of the people more reasonable than her) did, so she just acted accordingly. And when he learns who murdered Joffrey and put him in this situation - well, Olenna again. And Davos had his son burned alive because of Tyrion, but then I guess he's just being the bigger man.
  3. If Sansa is power hungry, then the series is doing a very poor job in showing it. She sleeps in the chambers of Lord and Lady Stark? Well, no shit Sherlock Arya, she is the current Lady Stark (by the show's current rules), and so who is suppose to sleep there? Spiders? She is in the position of authority now, she is supposed to act it, and not to apologise for existing. Listening to people instead of wanting to behead them? N/c. Acknowledging that some of them came there for her and not for Jon in the first place? (and saved their sorry asses, but I guess that's not going to be addressed in the show) That's called not being dumb. Acknowledging that Jon might not come back and there has to be a back-up plan for that? Hasn't Jon himself stated that he went to Dragonstone aware of the risk that Daenerys might execute him? The thing is that Arya is being annoying, unlikable and unreasonable. She isn't making any good points, yet the show plays it like she's hitting the bullseye about Sansa's supposed dark intentions. And the fact that this forced and atificial conflict is advancing by LF out-ninja-ing our supposed invincible shade assasin is making it a whole level dumber.
  4. JonxArya was the original book endgame (and I Wonder if Martin was writing Jon-Arya scenes in the first installment - meaning all their scenes together so far with this in mind). And trust me, their reunion will just reek of incest vibes. And this forum will explode. (even though I don't think it will come to fruition)
  5. JonxSansa is dead. In this episode Sansa was like 'OMG Arya I'm so glad you're here, because Jon was happy to see me, but with you the incest crowd will have something new to go bonkers about'. Dickon probably only got a name so somebody very, very far away from the Starks gets to say 'Rickon'. And the Hound is going North, I'd wait for him-Sansa-Arya-Brienne four-way reunion.
  6. Sansa first looked uneasy when Arya mentioned her kill list, so I think it's more about seeing her little sister really appearing like a capable killer (especially after Bran mentioned the crossroads scene). Of course, Sansa being disturbed by someone being a killer is ridiculous for many reasons, but hey, we've already accustomed with ridiculous here. In my own little world Sansa was just thinking: 'oh gosh, what an annoying effing Mary Sue, is he slaying the Night King, Gregor Clegane or just a dragon in the next episode?'.
  7. Of course Jaime isn't dead, how is this even a question... Btw, didn't we have a similar cliffhanger with Tyrion after the Battle of the Blackwater?
  8. Sansa's opinion that Cersei is a threat is BS (although given her story it's understandable). However, the Stark tradition of getting killed because 'hey, we have a beef with this family but that's no problem, let's just talk! ^_^' already finished Ned and Robb. And hey, shouldn't those people discuss matters and make decisions before making them public to the crowd? I mean, one time this habit of making controversial moves and not listening to anyone might get Jon killed OH WAIT. Ah, and the 'daddy didn't swear in front of the girls' was really cute, but when daddy got beheaded for his way of life it was the girls who got to watch it. I get that Ned is a nice nostalgic memory for his kids, but bringing him up as a worldview example in times of conflict is somewhat ridiculous. Agree, but we all know he's making a comeback in her life sooner or later.
  9. I judge him mostly by his deeds. And I've said that he is gray. And that overall I like him. But I've also said that I think his habit of choosing to say something sexual related when he wants to insult women - whether or not the act of insult itself is justified - reflects badly on him. And yes, if you know that the woman in question will be offended and put off, it's clearly a sexual harassment and that's your damn intent in this case. Then we can say that what Tysha broke Tywin restored, because following that incident Tyrion still has a mindset of a nobleman (although more empathetic than most in some aspects).
  10. True, but 1. He was thirteen. 2. Gotta be cynical here - he had to notice he wouldn't be madly desired by women, and he points out that Tysha was the girl who loved him even though he didn't think it's possible. Did it? Again, Shae, he treated her like he owned her. And about the caste system - Penny has to instruct him how to act to survive around 'tall people' because Tywin used to call them 'smallfolk' and that's the world Tyrion lived in, being a noble through and through (though having humanity towards lower social castes, which isn't the case with all nobles). Been and heard worse, so what? Still would consider someone who says those kinds of things at least a bit of douchebag and I'm not any kind of an exception here. Catelyn Stark on the other hand probably didn't go to too many bars and is a lady, so yeah, it's even more of a douchebaggery. (not that I'm particularly hung up on that Tyrion's comment, it's one of the less offensive ones, but it fits the pattern of his habit of verbal sexual harassment).
  11. Not really, at least if the woman in question isn't close to you, obviously interested in you or, well, is someone's wife. Chastity-obsessed Westeros? Talking this way to a highborn lady? Please. Both Tyrion and Dany are assholes more often than it's necessary and their 'compassionate' acts sometimes boil down to 'I want to feel good about myself and have people smile at me.'
  12. That's a 'being a decent person'. Not very common in Westeros, but not above 99% of the people either. The women of his stance don't sit in the kitchen or go barefoot anyway. They have the decorative/marriageable role - and Tyrion does go along with that. They are people and capable of actions of his own - Tyrion sees that, but that makes him just a person with a brain. He's actually surprised by his own thought that Cersei might not automatically support Tommen's rights over Myrcella's just because the former is a boy. (I'm not bringing his 'oh Cersei, aren't you mad that you don't have a cock' inner gloating, because they're going to be dismissed as 'but this is Cersei!'). He is a product of a culture where women are submissive to men and it prevails. And his actions in Essos. I will agree, his treatment of whores is even exceptional, it's clear that he interacts with those who want to have him (for his purse of course, but still), or with those treating prostitution as a respectable profession, not Jeyne Pooles. Still, a) whores are the group of people who treat him the best, so it's not like it's really born from his respect to women. Actually a lot of his kindness to women is quite mercenary too, hoping to win their favours, opening their legs and a smile. b( He treats Shae like he owns her, with slapping her or trying to put her on unwanted position in the castle - while being deluded he's in a romantic relationship with her. His relationship with Bronn for example is much more respectful. And I can sooner excuse him slapping and losing his patience to Penny, when they're in a life-threatening situations and he needs her to be an adult, that this "oh I will abuse you so we can be together!" bs to Shae. Ah, and what does ultimately trigger him to kill her? The 'Lannister giant' comment', the revelation that she was - surprise! - a whore all the time.
  13. So what makes him 'less' misogynistic than them? I mean sure, he'd shine if compared to Randyll Tarly, but what else?
  14. I know. But even if his intent of putting down a female is justified, the fact that he instantly resorts to sexual harassment, makes him a huge creep. Doubly so if he's related to her. Not to mention that he has a record of that even if Cersei isn't present to know it - for example in his conversation with Oberyn or the incident of masturbating into her stew.
  15. Yeah, this is my 'Tyrion is definitely not a hero' to-go argument.