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  1. Ya, especially Falyse Stokeworth.
  2. Cersei is a woman in a patriarchal society. Now, she is obviously far less opressed than most of the other women on the continent, but still.
  3. Only you usually have one monarch to take as your husband during your marriageable period (let's forget Margaery Tyrell's case here...) and your choice is between him and other suitors, with several variables other than the social standing. If you already are in the position when you can marry the king, your other choices are probably meaty too. Now, how often the king will be the best bet, considering all the circumstances? I believe there is a thread nearby about how Ned Stark shouldn't have been ok with bethroting Sansa to Joffrey.
  4. And not many sane noblewomen with normal families during the peacetime would (if they knew her circumstances, of course). And some of the luckier in life peasant women probably wouldn't either.
  5. Actually he is (like all Targ descendants) more % a Targ than an anything else, so yup. We had dozens of children murders and rapes, what exactly makes those stand out? I'd just give Ramsay the prize for the, hm, individual work. But then again, maybe people kicking off wars for petty reasons (fully knowing what's happening on wars) are worse.
  6. Rhaella Targaryen likes this post.
  7. Judging from Cersei's flashback, she was a horrible person since her childhood, but I still think her life circumstances helped a great deal to make her worse (and special thanks would go to Tywin and Robert). As for the main thread - my world used to light up when Lord Tywin Lannister was taking the stage <3 And to a lesser extent, Roose Bolton. Also, during re-reading, I have some fun while reading about Joffrey.
  8. And a 'power imbalance' is pretty much the standard in relationships in this series (though some exceptions occur, like Missandei-Grey Worm). If that was a show in the modern setting, about normal people, a character acting like Tormund would've been a creep, but in GoT... since it's clear he doesn't pose any threat to Brienne, I can accept it can be played as comedy (though I don't 'ship' them).
  9. I honestly don't see Sansa, Bran or even Arya being capable of swinging a huge-ass execution sword. But they certainly should've done better than butchering LF with a knife in the hall. As far as the execution decorum goes, even Joffrey did better with Ned Stark.
  10. We will find out that the High Septon of Essos had annulled Grey Worm's castration.
  11. Ned tried to back away once he fully realized what Sansa was getting into. That said, he was in no easy position either, telling the king: 'hmm, let's see if your son is worthy of my daughter' was not really an option. As for Tyrek and his baby bride, Risto said it: war circumstances. And also this force called Tywin Lannister.
  12. pls delete
  13. The princess and the second, or even third son? If Joffrey already had a bride (other than the other Stark girl), then sure, but he didn't, so his marriage comes first. Also, Tommen is a child, and the youngest of his siblings, and those were the times of peace, so no need to have him bethroted. Joffrey and Arya? (I know that this isn't included, but it's one of the options) Why her if her older, more beautiful and ladylike sister is avaiable? On Ned's part he also would have known that having Arya anywhere near similar role would have been a disaster while Sansa wanted to marry a prince. Maaaaybe, but as others pointed out, the marriage of Joff comes before Robb's in importance. Also it's the family of the bride that 'gives' her to the family of the groom, not the other way around. Since the Baratheons are the more important family it makes more sense to have Sansa sent to the court than Myrcella to some distant, frozen wasteland. Plus, given Myrcella's age, there's more waiting. Joffrey might have been a little shit but he had to be married off. And he was supposed to become the king, so he couldn't just go to waste. It's understandable that Robert wanted whom he regarded as the best wife material for him, and not giving him some daughter of a lord he didn't like and making them repeating himself-Cersei scenario. Aside of politics and being a sentimental fool, Robert probably also hoped that Joffrey would have somehow improve under the influence of the people he (Robert) trusted and respected.
  14. Cersei is the only safe bet. Even Euron has like 50% chance to against Cersei and try to get into Daenerys' pants good graces, although she won't have him.
  15. I suspect that since they went to truly ridiculous leghts to keep this information from Sam (I mean - first the Citadel, then the guy was travelling to Winterfell ON LAND. His father was the frigging Randyll Tarly, a lord so important that apparently the Tyrells went down in a minute after he turned on them. Seriously, how could he possibly not hear about it?), they're indeed saving it for their meeting. Then again, time will only tell if it wil be really a problem against Dany (she sould have burned anyone... but her lover's best bro's family? UNFORGIVABLE!), or a two-minutes conflict. Sadly, I think the latter. I mean, Ellaria killed Myrcella, Tyrion burned Davos' son alive, Oberyn died as Tyrion's champion and Olenna Tyrell was the one who triggered half of that circus (ok, nobody knew about the last one), but still they worked together because oh the mighty Dany. Dany is a Targaryen, she might just decide to keep banging Jon and rule together with him as her husband, per family tradition.