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  1. So what makes him 'less' misogynistic than them? I mean sure, he'd shine if compared to Randyll Tarly, but what else?
  2. I know. But even if his intent of putting down a female is justified, the fact that he instantly resorts to sexual harassment, makes him a huge creep. Doubly so if he's related to her. Not to mention that he has a record of that even if Cersei isn't present to know it - for example in his conversation with Oberyn or the incident of masturbating into her stew.
  3. Yeah, this is my 'Tyrion is definitely not a hero' to-go argument.
  4. Tyrion was on of my fav characters when I was reading the books (that list also includes Tywin and Jaime), but I sort of see what you mean. More so, after encountering the fandom, a big portion of which worship Tyrion and won't hear any criticism toward him. His morality is very grey, but at least initially he tries to be good (something no one else in his immediate family is concerned with), and as muchy as a privileged little Lannister shit he is as a noble, he also gets a lot of undeserved mistreatment from the world for being disfigured, so I guess I sort of can excuse him for taking an advantage from what good he has in life. Hahahaha. Yeah, I guess he sometimes comes off as more obnoxious than the author intended. And that habit of presenting his sexual harassment whenever he wants to insult a woman, as 'wit'... I guess it's something of a 90's trend, making a character come off as 'edgy' and 'politically incorrect' with making them behave as pigs. Not to mention, that for someone who looks down on his siblings for incest, Tyrion always have an awfully handy of sexual comments directed at his own sister. So even given who Cersei is, Tyrion comes off as a huge creep.
  5. 'Oh, my son just died suffering in my arms murdered on his own wedding. Never mind finding the murderer, hurray, let's use it as a pretext to get rid of Tyrion!' Well, what you're saying is probably true about Tywin, but Cersei was completely, if incorrectly convinced that Tyrion was a murderer. And so were many at the court, and so probably would we if we were sitting there instead of watchind the series and knowing better.
  6. Cersei was right that Myrcella wouldn't be safe in Dorne. But... There was no place where Myrcella would be really safe. This is DD-land- Westeros. Joffrey and Tywin died in KL and not during war but when the Lannisters were in power. Oh please. The trial by combat was Tyrion's idea. The championing was Oberyn's idea. The screaming-instead-of-killing-the-damn-enemy was also Oberyn's idea. The trial itself, if I remember correctly, was Tywin's idea. Cersei would've been OK with Tyrion executed immediately right then and there. And Tyrion was Olenna's designated scapegoat. Cersei was far from being the only person to suspect him of Joff's murder. It was kingslaying right under everyone's noses, it was a little hard to avoid blaming anyone and declare 'Oh well, he was an ass anyway, someone had to kill him, let's move on.'
  7. Wow, the juxtaposition of Cersei's and Dany's speeches really showed the difference of quality in Lena's and Emilia's acting skills...
  8. Yy, I said exactly this. Cersei could have been dominant over Robert even if she had children with him. Because she used her brother (another pack of Lannister genes), the children look Lannister and that is no 'proof' of her infidelity - they could've looked so anyway.
  9. What? While at it, Robert is genetically as much of a Targ as of a Baratheon. Actually more, since the Baratheons supposedly didn't bang each other. Every descendant of every House is as much a descendant of his 'name' line (the purely male line), as his purely female line and every other line that came in the mix, but the name didn't prevail. The theory of a 'family look' (family associated with the name) is erratic in itself, unless we have inbreeding or the genes are really dominant. Had the current Stark generation had normal lives, the next 'Stark look' would have Tully colors (or Robb's, Bran's or Rickon's wives', if they had strong genes). And Ned had lots of supporting evidence during the Baratheon-Lannister case. Was it only the Joff-Myrcella-Tommen trio, without Robert's bastards to provide statistic, his theory of Cersei's children being Jaime's wouldn't be convincing, at least for a modern mind. Three children of even supposedly recessive features are completely possible, and by using her own brother to do the deed, Cersei didn't bring any genetic third party to the mix. She could've even produced three Lannister-looking heirs innocently, with her husband, even if it's statistically unlikely.
  10. I would like to add that Lysa is never referred to as a Baelish... Though maybe it's because we at that point see her only through Sansa's eyes, who thinks of her as 'aunt Lysa'. Yes, but if Renly wasn't the king, then the widowed Marg should be considered a Baratheon, not a Tyrell. I'd say that laws aside, it just depends on: a. who is talking (for example Cersei thinks 'Catelyn Tully' not 'Catelyn Stark') b. what is important about the lady in question in the speaker's eyes. If she is just an addiction to his husband, then she's referred to by his name. If she is the vessel to a powerful House, then everyone consider her Margaery TYRELL, Cersei LANNISTER, etc. Even Sansa is referred to as a Stark after her marriage (except by the ever so particular Stannis), because her being the last Stark daughter trumps the importance of her being married to a (expandable in the eyes of most) Lannister chap, especially after they're both suspected of murdering Joffrey, and the Lannisters definitely don't think of her as of a family member. Cat and Lysa come from a Great House, but Cat definitely identifies herself with her husband's interests, and Lysa's position is mostly Lord Arryn's mother (even after her second marriage). As for Cersei, her husband would be the first to consider her 'a Lannister woman', so it's no wonder that everybody else does so. Btw, how does that play out in Dorne, where women can be the heads of their houses?
  11. But... he did win. And invited the Martells to sit in the Small Council, and the Tyrells (who came to his side, but before that actively rebelled) to make babies with his grandson. Also, the Arryns (ie. the widow with her brestfed child) and the Martells were the only two of the Great Houses that didn't go against the Lannisters, so punishing them would be outright stupid. That said, Lysa's duty technically was supporting the rightful (hehe) king, and not sitting and waiting who'd win. And if the crown didn't call for her help, it may be defended by technicalities, but if they did, yes, she committed treason. Just a small one compared to everyone else, and she is no material for a rebel anyway.
  12. He would (or at least would delay it) if it was against common sense. And antagonizing Lysa at that time was clearly against common sense. Also, Tywin has some 'respect' for force language, for example he sort of recognizes Balon as a king by 'the right of conquest' and even considers negotiating with him, were it profitable (it wasn't because Balon was harassing the North anyway, so leaving him be, for a time at least, was the the pragmatic thing to do). He wouldn't demand to punish everyone around when he didn't have the means to do it (there was an actual war going on) and make everyone his enemies, that's Cersei and Joffrey's thinking. Btw, it's Cersei who feels offended that Lysa doesn't come to the KL to make a vow of loyalty to the crown, and she's probably right this time (seeing Lysa's pissing on the crown for exactly what it is). And was it treason? Well, if the crown called the Vale for troops and/or renewing their declaration of loyalty (did they? I don't remember), then it technically was.
  13. But he could his daughter, had he wandered into a wrong brothel Poor Viserys, actually... But if Cersei married Viserys or even the widowed Rhaegar, Aegon would still be the heir to the throne and Cersei wouldn't be the mother of the heir... Unless they planned to go classic Targaryen and Cersei's daughter would marry Aegon (or there would be some unfortunate accident)
  14. I think that his glamour game was so strong, that Cersei could've lived her fantasy for years. Sure, she's toxic herself, but if granted with a better marital life (we assume here that Rhaegar doesn't go for Lyanna in this scenario), the nightsoil wouldn't hit the fan so strongly, quite similarly as with Lysa (I agree that they share several parallels, and somewhat unfortunate 'prickly daddy & the boy who got away & repulsive husband' combination in life).
  15. So is also Robert bad to the core if his 'love' for Lyanna didn't stop him from fucking other women? Wasn't nominating Jaime as a KG the incident which caused Tywin to pull Cersei out of the court? I think Rhaegar was at that time already married and I truly don't know what Tywin had hoped for his daughter. Viserys? Oberyn Martell? (he's a third son) Willas Tyrell? Viserys and Willas are still kids by that time, and Jon Arryn is old and with bad fertility record, so unless Tywin gives Cersei to, say, Ned Stark, she is still unmarried and in KL when Jaime marries Lysa. The Rhaegar & Lyanna mess still happens, RR happens, Tywin is torn because he's now in alliance with the Tullys, but his daughter resides in KL... and without a Kingslayer ready, Aerys quite possibly will make the city explode.