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  1. What does the outcome of the battle of the bastards now mean for House Glover, considering that they rejected the stark fealty ? and pretty much abused jon and sansa and condemned Robs rebellion ???
  2. Aerion and Dareon were both men and egg was a child of 8?? and he was already known to lie........
  3. Maeker had two of his sons against dunk. dont forget that he was also framed for abducting egg. so from maekers point of view it was his two sons vs some unknown knight
  4. They are not tully men walking through the camp, they are frey men. you can clearly see the twins on there banner, also they are in frey Armour and those stupid helms the wear
  5. yes this would be great, going out in a similar way to the Dog from "i am legend". would be so sad though
  6. If Faceless men are so expensive to hire that not even kings and lords can readily afford to hire them, then how could a lowly actor from an acting troupe afford to hire one to kill lady crane??????
  7. MVP: Davos LVP: Bran (Fucked up and went into vision alone, resulting in Hodor having to hold the door :/ ) Likeability - most improved: Sansa ( Shes just so Hot) Likeability - biggest drop off: Jamie (Turned soft and weak) Position - most improved: Jon or Brienne (Finally she's got purpose back) Jorah (gets love back from Dany) Position - biggest drop off: Roose, Balon Rookie award: Euron Best assist: Hodor , Brienne Best fight: Pod rocking the boltons Hottest character girl: Missandei , Sansa , Young girl from Dosh Kaleen who was with dany and hated her Kharl Hottest character guy: Not Applicable Best Episode: The Door Best scene: Brienne swearing her Oath to Sansa or Sweet robin and his terrible archery skills And Tormund eye fucking Brienne Worst scene: Kings Moot Best monologue: Sparrow on why he can no longer afford shoes Best kill/death: The Mountain smashing that dudes head Worst kill/death: Trystane Most exciting area: North or Iron islands Best verbal battle: Olenna rocking Cersie Most likely to die: Sweetrobin Most likely to kill someone: Pod
  8. our knees do not bend easily
  9. Love the mention of Blackfish, aswell if Bronn was up to it you would be in for some fun. Assuming Jaime still has both hands??
  10. Is the only way to stop the coming apocalypse of the OTHERS through diplomacy?? I Feel Jon already being the diplomat he is, will try and reach an agreement with the others rather then wage war, there is just no way victory can be reached through means of arms (Even if Jon is AA) and he will seal this pact with a marriage to an OTHER.
  11. i would say Dothraki, Just basing off what we saw from Khal Drogo. in his one fight scene he was insane, killed a blood rider without any weapon whilst taking the piss out of him
  12. ^^^^^
  13. ^^ Bang On
  14. Assuming all are loyal to your cause, Go!