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  1. Thanks, been meaning to read that for a while.
  2. Pick Up Flick Monsters Inc Toy Story - 6 A Bug's Life - 2 - Toy Story 2 - 9 Monsters, Inc - 8 Finding Nemo - 9 The Incredibles - 11 Ratatouille - 10 WALL*E - 7 Up - 11 Toy Story 3 - 7 + Inside Out - 9+ Coco - 5
  3. I feel so lucky to be in the US. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  4. So why are you claiming to have predicted anything? Maybe Trump could have won the popular vote if there'd been a terrorist attack but we don't know that because one didn't occur. And Clinton being unpopular with the white working class was well known. Like I said, "if you'd predicted that Trump was going to narrowly take several democratic leaning states and win the electorate college while losing the popular vote you'd be on to something" but you didn't predict that. So when are you going to acknowledge that your internet comments strategy didn't produce any reliable predictions?
  5. When are you going to to acknowledge that you're reading of internet comments does not actually constitute evidence of anything? Hilary Clinton crushed Donald Trump in the popular vote. She won by three million votes. This clearly shows that you're attempts to predict election outcomes based on internet comments are worthless. If you'd predicted that Trump was going to narrowly take several democratic leaning states and win the electorate college while losing the popular vote you'd be on to something. But you predicted that Trump could win the popular vote. We've seen the results. You were wrong. The people that told you "Trump's goose is cooked" were right.
  6. Sure, there's a lot of Republicans that don't understand macro economics. Then again, I'd say the same about Democrats. She seems happy with her health insurance and Trump promised to put something even better in place. She thought it was handled. Sure, margins definitely matter and can give groups an outsized influence on events and nominations, but that doesn't mean they're the majority. I say Republicans have definitely been drifting to the right and I attribute it almost entirely to right wing media. I have a hard time calling extreme conservatism radicalism though. After all, most of there objectives are simply to roll the clock back.
  7. Sure, some people vote based on faulty ideas. Trump promised a better health plan and so far hasn't delivered it. However, that article never states why she voted for Trump beyond saying she thought he'd shake up Washington. It sounds like health care wasn't a big part of her reason for voting.
  8. The "voting against their own interests!" canard is always condescending bullshit. It's a sociopathic view of the world that thinks economic interests are the only interests people should care about. It is obviously hypocritical in that people that use it never apply it to their own party. If they did we'd get think pieces about why rich people keep voting against their economic interests by voting for democrats. It's condescending to tell other people what their best interests are when clearly they are the best judge of that.
  9. We agree that millions of Americans want radical change. We don't agree that they are any sort of majority. You're talking about margins. If Barack Obama's first election was people excited about a "radical" and Hilary was a centrist than we know the difference between the two is about 4.5 million votes. The difference between "radical" Trump and establishment Romney was 2 million. I'd say the obvious conclusion is that America has two partisan voting blocks that will vote for their party no matter what and each of them have a roughly 10% fringe that will be effected by how energizing a candidate is. Ultimately though, I don't think framing it as radical verses establishment tells as anything particularly useful about the electorate.
  10. This seems like an exercise in bringing out your hobby horse (appropriate considering the article in question). Basically, every bit of data runs against you. Trump lost the popular vote to Hilary Clinton (just about the most centralist candidate imaginable). Bernie Sanders lost decisively to Clinton. Trump under performed substantially compared to the Republican house races and never even managed to get a majority of the Republican primary votes. Trump didn't outperform McCain or Romney in any meaningful way. There's a substantial amount of people who want radical change but there is no evidence they're a majority. Political races being about motivating your base to show up and demotivating the other side is basic political science.
  11. North Korea has Nuclear missiles “The IC [intelligence community] assesses North Korea has produced nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery, to include delivery by ICBM-class missiles,” the assessment states, in an excerpt read to The Washington Post. Two U.S. officials familiar with the assessment verified its broad conclusions. It is not known whether the reclusive regime has successfully tested the smaller design, although North Korea officially claimed last year that it had done so." Like I said, there's nothing to prevent. It has already happened.
  12. All evidence points towards North Korea already having nuclear missiles. There is nothing to prevent.
  13. That Paris Adrift cover is really pretty.
  14. To be fair though, Simon is consistently portrayed as a clueless numbskull in MST. The idea that an uneducated, dumb, kitchen boy was going to make a good king was always dumb.
  15. It's a short book and Atwood's writing is top-notch. That being side I think it shows its age. The feminism on display is very much of its time. Which isn't a bad thing, one of the reasons I enjoy reading classics is the chance to visit foreign countries.