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  1. North Korea has Nuclear missiles “The IC [intelligence community] assesses North Korea has produced nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery, to include delivery by ICBM-class missiles,” the assessment states, in an excerpt read to The Washington Post. Two U.S. officials familiar with the assessment verified its broad conclusions. It is not known whether the reclusive regime has successfully tested the smaller design, although North Korea officially claimed last year that it had done so." Like I said, there's nothing to prevent. It has already happened.
  2. All evidence points towards North Korea already having nuclear missiles. There is nothing to prevent.
  3. That Paris Adrift cover is really pretty.
  4. To be fair though, Simon is consistently portrayed as a clueless numbskull in MST. The idea that an uneducated, dumb, kitchen boy was going to make a good king was always dumb.
  5. It's a short book and Atwood's writing is top-notch. That being side I think it shows its age. The feminism on display is very much of its time. Which isn't a bad thing, one of the reasons I enjoy reading classics is the chance to visit foreign countries.
  6. I'd go with Perfect Circle. It is my favorite work of his that I've read. It was widely praised when it came out (nominated for the Nebula and World Fantasy Awards) and it is nice and short (though that actually applies to all of Stewart's books). Just be aware it is literary fantasy, not epic fantasy.
  7. Which is a pity, because Sean Stewart books are awesome.
  8. Sure, I think you're right. There is an immediate rally around the flag effect when the US starts a war. Once dissent is no longer meaningful some of the naysayers will support the troops. However, I think it is hard to extract winning from that approval. The modern US always has huge initial wins when it goes to war and I think if either Bush had started a war with Iraq that had huge US losses we would have seen very different approval ratings. In any case, those high approval ratings don't last. H. Bush hit his highest approval ratings during the brief Iraq ground war in January and February. By December he had hit a low. Which is to say I'm not terribly concerned about war helping Trump's AR this far out.
  9. Yes, the Breitbart comments are amazing. It's like staring into the soul of human stupidity. But the comments are similar to what you see on reddit's /r the donald. These people are Trump's biggest supporters. True Trumpists are (white) America Firsters, not traditional republicans. Everyone was surprised by how big a faction of the Republican Party they turned out to be. They powered him to the presidency. If they start abandoning him it will be a far more serious blow to his chances of reelection than virtually anything else could be. The Iraq War went really, well for America. After huge debates and predictions of thousands of American deaths in house to house fighting in Baghdad from the Left, America was able to take over the country in a matter of days with an unbelievably small amount of causalities. The early parts of the war had the neocons beating their chests in triumph. It was only as the war dragged on that it become clear to the public how much of a quagmire it was. By the 2006 elections it was clear and the Republicans had major loses because of ti. My point being a president doesn't get more popular because of war. The circumstances around the war are what makes it popular or unpopular.
  10. Of course, popularity matters. I see no solid proof that the public is loathe to switch presidents during a time of war. When I said Trump supporters are against going into Syria I meant post-chemical attack. Go read the comments to this Breitbart article: http://www.breitbart.com/video/2017/04/06/tillerson-steps-way-remove-assad-power-syria/.
  11. Maybe read that statement about unpopularity again? And wars are not some blanket category that makes the president popular. If they were George H. Bush would have gotten a second term. If you think a war in Syrian is a popular position among the right you should probably read some Trump supporting sites. The hardcore Trump supporters completely despise the idea of going to war in Syria.
  12. Not as astonishing as thinking the least popular president in modern history is going to get a second term.
  13. This line up of nominees looks really good. I'm excited to read them.
  14. Objection: Your Honour, I think it is clear to everyone in this courtroom that the victim clearly has "it" and therefore had no choice but to flaunt it.
  15. From his interviews, it sounds like Rothfuss meant his agent Matt Bialer through Kevin J. Anderson so unlike many authors he ended up with an agent before landing a publisher. Rothfuss has talked about how the entire Draconis sequence was due to his agent asking for a climax to book one. It has always sounded like his agent had him make a lot of changes to the first book before they even started shopping it to publishers.