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  1. Rothfuss XII: The Doors of Twitch

    From his interviews, it sounds like Rothfuss meant his agent Matt Bialer through Kevin J. Anderson so unlike many authors he ended up with an agent before landing a publisher. Rothfuss has talked about how the entire Draconis sequence was due to his agent asking for a climax to book one. It has always sounded like his agent had him make a lot of changes to the first book before they even started shopping it to publishers.
  2. Rothfuss XII: The Doors of Twitch

    If you've read interviews with him, he talks a lot about the changes he made to TNoTW due to requests from his agent and editors. It isn't until the second book that he's able to start doing things his way.
  3. Rothfuss XII: The Doors of Twitch

    Rothfuss's editors really have no say over what he writes. If he was a mid-list writer that'd have influence but at this point any publisher in the world would be happy to have Doors of Stone. Rothfuss will only be edited as much as he wants to be edited.
  4. Upcoming Cover Art VII

    Yeah, it is very static. One of other sketches has an awesome sense of movement and I would have preferred they used it.
  5. Rothfuss XII: The Doors of Twitch

    There was a twelve year period were I basically refused to start any series that wasn't finished. I still try to avoid avoid unfinished series if possible.
  6. Rothfuss XII: The Doors of Twitch

    Rothfuss explained this back in January of 2008, back when The Name of the Wind had been out for less than a year.
  7. So... I'm engaged now.

    Congratulations! That's awesome.
  8. Upcoming Cover Art VII

    I would be hard pressed to name a series that has better covers than the Mirror Empire. Really spectacular.
  9. March Reading 2017

    I'm reading the Cloud Roads by Martha Wells. Just finished up the last book in the Tale of Shikanoko, The Tengu's Game of Go by Lian Hearn. I didn't realize until the end that it was a stealth prequel to her earlier series, Tales of the Otori. Overall, the series is very poor and I'd advise people to not bother with it, even if they liked Tales of Otori.
  10. Was GRRM influenced by Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series?

    Wow, that newsletter is something else! Drake projecting his anger at Lord of the Isles onto Jordan (because New York Times #1 Bestseller Robert Jordan couldn't write his books the way he wanted, lol), the mean spirited jabs at Scalzi, talking up the return of thieves world to be published by noted fraudster Connor Cochran, and than blaming his slow writing on the government because they give him social security. Dude is a fragging tool.
  11. Top Fantasy Web Author made $16.5 million in 2015

    Dude, who are you and what is your stake in this?
  12. Dr. Pepper, Author: The J.T. Leroy Story is streaming on Amazon (US). I watched it the other day and think you'd like it.
  13. I had no idea young Stalin looked that dapper. Or that "the red scare" referred to him coming after your girlfriend.
  14. Upcoming Cover Art VII

    That's a cool cover and very Malazanesque.
  15. Year in Movies: 2016 edition

    That is helpful. Thank you.