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  1. Sure he was. He didn't put himself and his women in danger for no reason. They went in looking for Arya because that was the mission given them by Jon Snow. They broke guest rights to do so because they murdered Bolton soldiers and maybe even killed Little Walder (despite their denials).
  2. The fact that Jon recognized the threat and still chose to put them all in danger just to rescue his sister makes his decision to do so even worse. Jon should die and stay dead for what he did. He put poor Bowen Marsh and the watch in danger when he meddled with the Boltons.
  3. Jon screwed up at the wall. He's not cut out for leadership. He had a chance to build a strong coalition and blew it because he could not leave Arya to fend for herself. Very dumb move on Jon's part. It does no good to save Arya at the expense of the Night's Watch. She's not worth it. She will die anyway when the white walkers cross the wall. Jon's best chance of saving Arya was to focus on his duties at the wall. Jon allowed his feelings to steer his decisions. He executed Slynt for disrespect when the appropriate punishment was time in the cells. You really can't call it insubordination because Slynt eventually agreed to go on his mission. Mance in comparison to Slynt is guilty of oath breaking and attacking the seven kingdoms with his wildlings. Not to mention trespassing where he doesn't belong. Jon was thinking of Ned when he decided to execute Slynt.
  4. Dany has dragons, the Unsullied, and soon the Dothraki. The dominant religion of the largest land mass thinks she's a god come to life. I will have to say, yes. She can do it. She will have to appoint governors who will basically allow people to have local administration as long as they don't practice slavery. In Westeros, the king creates the laws and leaves it up to the wardens and lords to enforce the laws. This system should work on a larger scale.
  5. Hard to guess without looking at Brynden's resume. Eddard had experience managing a castle at least. Brynden managed a gate.
  6. Craster's boys are special enough and valued enough that the Others tolerate Craster. Some fans tried to turn this around and pointed to Bloodraven as a possible father to Craster. The problem is, Bloodraven is pale, with the albino gene. With the closed breeding program going at Craster's Keep, some of those girls would have been albino. Yet, none have been specifically mentioned. So Bloodraven is very unlikely to be Craster's father. I agree with Noble Lothar, Craster is a Stark.
  7. Jon becomes unreliable where the interests of the Starks conflict with what's good for everybody else. Samwell made a good decision to keep that secret from his conflicted friend. The watch is far more important than the Starks.
  8. The cups represent the temptation to learn more knowledge. The gods must naturally try to guard their secrets else they will lose their power over humans. Daenerys Targaryen was hungry for knowledge and tasted of the cup but thanks to her smarts and her dragon, she was able to defeat the trap and roast the Undying Ones. I guess they're no longer the Undying but the dead ones after Drogon cremated them. It will be interesting to see if Bran can break out of the Children's trap. I think we should explore these cups a little bit deeper. Daenerys went to the Palace of Dust because she wanted to know where to find an army big enough to conquer the seven kingdoms. She's smart and she knows the Baratheons are not going to step aside. The Undying didn't really give her any answers to that question. They showed her random visions that may or may not really mean anything. Jorah came up with the idea to go to Slaver's Bay and it was Daenerys herself who came up with the plan to free the Unsullied from their brutal masters. Can it be that the only person one can rely upon to solve their own problems is themselves? The Undying did not really tell Daenerys how to obtain an army. I give Jorah the credit for the idea and Daenerys herself for the brilliant move that got her the best infantry in the world.
  9. Interesting question. We don't know the volume of trade traffic in quantifiable terms but even a small percentage is significant if the total volume of trade is large. The volume of goods passing over through The Twins may be a small percentage of the total but if the total is a large enough number that small percentage is enough to make the Freys very rich. A smart business doesn't just rely on one cash cow. The Twins generate income from rich farm lands and fishing. Goods are taxed crossing the bridge. If the Freys are smart, which they are, they will also tax goods passing beneath the bridge.
  10. What will happen? 2 - They end up with the Tarlys. Where do you want them to go? Slaver's Bay Yes Marwyn wants to be Dany's advisor. This is not a bad idea for Dany to accept him in her service. After all, she already has Qaithe, Jorah, Barristan, Missandei, Skahaz, Greyworm, and Daario. She won't be dependent on Marwyn for all of her information and that gives her an advantage over the average lord of Westeros who depend on his maester for everything. Gilly can be the ambassador from the Free Folk of northern Westeros. Which, let's face it, the way things are going between Roose and Stannis, may be the only people left in the north.
  11. There is no guarantee of anything. But if I were the Targaryens Rickard and Robert would be on my To-Kill List.
  12. And maybe Rhaegar wanted to sleep with Jaime all along and since Cersei and Jaime look alike it was the next best thing. Just kidding. Could Cersei be faithful to Rhaegar? Tough question. If I had to guess, no. Temperament wise, Princess Ellia was the most compatible with Rhaegar. That was actually a match made in heaven. Jaime never had any intentions of ending their relationship.
  13. Those plans were brewing long before Aerys showed instability. Besides, if all they wanted was to remove only Aerys, they had Rhaegar. Those men wanted to remove the Targaryens and replace them with Baratheon rule. That is treason. Jon Arryn was not offering an heir. I don't think he's the ringleader of the criminals. He knew of it and he's also a traitor but he was not the ringleader. He was not the head of the snake in other words. Rickard Stark was the leader. I would not have let the situation get as far as Harrehall. I would have had Rickard Stark and Robert Baratheon assassinated prior to the tournament. Better yet, arrange an accident for Brandon during the jousting and then poison Rickard Stark soon after. Robert should have had an accident during the melee. Ashara can prove her loyalty and seduce Ned Stark. Ned can always be killed later if he shows any hostility towards the Targaryens. The Targaryens should not have waited this long to nip the problem in the bud. They should have immediately started by killing off the older Starks and Robert B.
  14. Robert and Rickard were up to something. I don't think we can dismiss the marriages of Robert to Lyanna and Brandon to Catelyn as mere lords trying to increase their social prestige. Like you said, it's obvious to anyone with eyes and common sense what will happen to the power structure of Westeros if those marriages were allowed to happen. Those marriages will shift the power balance to Rickard and his cronies. If this is true, meaning Robert and Rickard were trying to remove the Targaryens from power, then those men deserved to die as the traitors that they are.
  15. The decision to stay in Mereen is a good idea. It's hard and it's slow but it is the right thing to do for many reasons. Gives the dragons time to grow, gain battle experience for the soldiers in training (which is the bigger part of her army), learn how to rebuild after a major social overhaul (might be needed in Westeros if feudalism falls apart).