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  1. He loves Dany and is feeling conflicted. I tend to think Tyrion will out live both Dany and Jon and he'll end up raising their child (or children - could totally see D&D choosing twin).
  2. I'm guessing it's both for Rhaegar and Lyanna and for Jon and Daenerys.
  3. Agreed. Everything follows from Rhaegar's actions, which appear specifically to bring about the birth of TPTWP.
  4. Oh, I love his voice, it's just so odd next to the other Northerners.
  5. On his part as much as Lyanna's. That doesn't seem her style, either. D&D are dumb. They could have easily made this polygamous.
  6. Never really thought about it until this season, but Jorah does not have a Northern Accent. He sounds strange next to other Northerners. Am I the only one annoyed by this?
  7. Yeah, this seems really shitty for Rhaegar and not something he'd do. Polygamous marriage, yes, but not annul one marriage and make his elder children bastards. What would the grounds be? And yeah, giving Jon the name Aegon is shitty. Really shitty. I'm still hoping for Aemon.
  8. Sam knew Aemon Targaryen. He knows the history of the Seven Kingdoms and he knows the role Rhaegar Targaryen played. You'd think he'd perk up at the mention of Rhaegar's name.
  9. The curse was a little different in the show, though, wasn't? I feel like that part of it got left out. I need to go back and watch that scene again. That said, Dany did tell that khal that she wouldn't bear him or anyone else a child.
  10. I'm not even sure she'd care that he was the shooter if he bent the knee. Getting people on her side is what is important.
  11. I think this is a consequence of cutting the season so short. If they stretch things out, they could include more of their machinations. This season is just too short to do justice to all of the show's characters.
  12. I'm sure some did. News of this battle will be spread far and wide.
  13. I guess it didn't occur to D&D to ask for more money? I feel like if they pushed it, HBO would give it to them.
  14. Are they always recessive? I wonder. Aegon V's wife was called Black Betha Blackwood for her black hair and dark eyes. Yet, it seems only one of their sons had black hair (not sure about the two daughters). So what happened there? In GRRM's universe dark hair seems to always trump blonde hair.
  15. I actually think Bronn is beginning to question his support of the Lannisters. He was obviously not happy about the rewards he has been given so far. He saved Jaime because keeping Jaime alive means Bronn gets a castle. But if Bronn doesn't get a castle soon and things start going further south for the Lannisters, he might just switch sides. All of that is in keeping with his character.