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  1. Alright thanks, wasn't aware of that chapter!
  2. Thank god for some positivity! I loved the scene with the snow falling over Kings Landing.. And the fact that Jaime is finally turning his back on Cersei. Really liked the scene between Arya and Sansa, standing on the walls of Winterfell, as well. Plus, that brief conversation between Brienne and Sandor... That look on Clegane's face
  3. Why would Cersei and Euron get together in the books? Euron is sailing for Daenerys... And although I highly doubt Dany will marry him, she might keep him around for a while, like Cersei does in the show? I mean, letting him turn away wouldn't be very smart, with her needing boats and all that. What am I missing?
  4. That annulment... Seriously?! That was such a big thing, and I appreciate someone stumbling over it by accident... But not like this?! And I really hope LF has some genius, logical plan up his sleeve!
  5. Offtopic: that Asterix album is awesome, very fitting indeed..!
  6. It seems very likely to me that LF is indeed trying to drive a wedge between the Stark sister... At first I didn't really get why, but like said above, in order to marry Sansa he needs to put more distance between her and her family. Maybe at first he tried to butter up to the Stark's (weird conversations with Jon and Bran, who both made quite clear what they thought) and since that didn't work he is trying try to separate Sansa from the others... At the same time trying to get her to be Warden of the North, so together they rule the North and the East.. I doubt this will work out though - I think Bran repeating LF's line "Chaos is a ladder" and then giving LF's knife to Arya was some pretty good foreshadowing to Arya killing LF with his own knife... I'm pretty sure Bran has atleast a hint about the real owner of the knife. Don't think he'll interfer anymore though, the kid seems pretty busy battling the Night King and wanted Arya to put the knife to use.
  7. Yes Quaithe! So intrigued by that character, who's side is she on? How did she get her powers? And what other powers we haven't seen yet does she have? Then there is of course Jaquen... Why is he at the citadel? And did he expect or even wanted Arya to go to Braavos to learn from the Faceless Man? Or was the coin just a way of saying "thanks - now goodbye". I'm very interested in the Maesters of the Citadel in general. What do they know and what do they plan to do with that knowledge? Or are they just going to sit around? Also looking forward to some more chapters from Melisandre's POV! Edit: Forgot the Daynes... Quite fascinated by their sword and the connection to Ned..
  8. In season 2 Tyrion contacts Hallyne, the head of the Alchemists' Guild in King's Landing. According to the Wiki Hallyne was an acolyte of the Guild during the reign of Aerys, so I guess Hallyne knew about the wildfire spread under the city and told Tyrion.
  9. My god yes that really is a huge plot hole... Didn't even realise but that is very very unlogical.. @Stannistician I certainly hope that Mel walks away alive from this thing though, I actually like her a lot.. She's fascinating and now that we know she's that old I'm very curious to know what she has seen and where she has been... If we ever get to see that at least. And it's thanks to her the show deals with AA.. Although she obviously screwed up with Stannis I think she could give a lot of clues on where to look next for AA and lightbringer.
  10. I think there is also quite a difference between following Ned, who they knew was a good ruler, and following his children. Their ruling skills are unknown, the last child who ruled screwed up pretty bad, and they have a herd of wildlings coming along... Quite a big risk to take if you have the Bolton's wrath (and possibly the Crown's) to face if things do not go according to plan.
  11. Yeah that scene with Tyrion was definitely a reminder of the wildfire under the city! Bit of a pity in my opinion, it would have been more of a surprise if they hadn't put that in... Guess they had to remind people of the fires to make the events in the next episode more "logical"? Also I just remembered Cersei setting the Tower of the Hand to fire in the books... Maybe she will even (knowingly) burn part of the Red Keep?
  12. Can't help it, am a sucker for girlpower.... And slightly in love with Sansa. Thought the battle was filmed extremely well, the charges were amazing... The episode had me cheering! (especially for Wun Wun, why can't I demolish a door like that?)
  13. It would fit with the Valonqar prophecy though: Tommen dying due to actions of the faith, Cercei going mad & trying to extinguish Baelor's sept and thereby setting the city on fire.. And the valonqar killing her, either because she asks him to or to save part of the city..? (I do hope Margary lives... although surviving king no. 3 might be a bit optimistic..)
  14. Yeah, absolutely agree with the "big moments" feeling rushed & unearned! Just couldn't really define what bothered me til reading this thread... The first episode felt completely rushed to me, and although the second was less rushed it still seems like they're just hitting plot points... Have read the books for the first time while waiting for se06, wondering whether that's why this is now annoying me?? Regarding Euron - the actor playing him is really good so am willing to forgive & forget that he looks nothing like I imagined him.. Although I do think 33 fits with his current looks?