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  1. Did Peter Jackson's early horror comedies strike you as having the same tone as LOTR? Don't typecast Sam Raimi's film genres... A good director can make several types of films
  2. This show gets right what vikings doesn't... That you can't rush character development in one episode and people actually behave in a logical way... The story is also fast paced, no fillers and really bad ass likeable characters. I hope it gets renewed, this has been my staple European medieval show to watch on tv since I stopped Vikings (S4 was atrocious)
  3. Harry potter, narnia, goosebumps
  4. So stoked for this.. Im hoping its either an outright adaptation of the books(including the short stories) or maybe deals with original characters in some other time period..
  5. Can we expect the 4th book this year only?
  6. Amazing show... Will there be a 3rd season? Also can anyone explain how they are doing inter dimensional time travel?
  7. Any idea when Joe's next First Law trilogy is coming out? I really need to do a re-read of this one as well....forgotten alot
  8. They weren't even all that erotic. I got more out of Jaime cersei icky sex scenes than that fairy crap xD
  9. Can this guy just release the next book now instead of wasting time with TV shows and video games?
  10. Tell me about it... I used to endlessly re read hundreds of Goosebumps and Fear Street novels as a fourteen year old..
  11. Yeah sometimes I even abandon certain series when I reach the final book cause it gets too boring/shit. Eg: inheritance series by paolini, ink heart series, scavenger series kj parker (Got bored by book 3). Lots of time and money down the drain but can't help it... And then there are cases where the book is good but my mood is suddenly off for reading that particular stuff. Like I finished reading 800 pages of shogun but can't bring myself to finish the remaining 200 :/
  12. So I've always been the type to eventually re-read around 60-70% of my books,either because their part of an ongoing series and i need to refresh my mind with all the fine details again,or simply because I loved the feeling I had when I first read them and want to experience that again...My sister on the other hand is firmly of the One Night Stand variety of readers who gets bored with another read and basically never reads any book or series more than once.. She feels the story has lost its suspense. So which category do y'all fit into?
  13. Do y'all think dolores actually shot ford and the others out of her own "free will" to initiate her "rebellion" or was it more subtle programming, like how arnold had programmed her as Wyatt to kill him? Ford could've done something similar...
  14. Ok so once again on Steam the Most Helpful Reviews for dishonored 2 are all thumbs down-not recommended. Wtf is wrong with those people? Every major media outlet has given it and deus ex MK great reviews... Although most major complaints seem to be about the pc port.
  15. Thanks wert. I'll probably get the GOTY edition with all Dlcs at some point... Anyone's been playing dishonored 2?I loved the first one, really looking forward to getting this one day.