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  1. What proof does the high sparrow have?
  2. That would be my worst nightmare. Turning over to find theon staring deeply into my eyes with a smile on his face, saying, "I grew back one just for you, my sweet." Will arya ever become a faceless man/woman?
  3. Shaggydog's doing the best he can. Will Aurane Waters ever get his?
  4. Ask donal noye...or maybe don't Assuming the children want to take down man..why would they help build the wall?
  5. Hi ems, tabs here. No, Bronn didn't have a crush on tyrion. Did anyone else eat some delicious singer's stew today?
  6. Why am I westerosi? Essos is much better...
  7. Is this going to go on for long?
  8. Well, what can I say? The instructions are in the title. Seems to be one word limit. Maybe I'll change it to two. Also..first post! hopefully haven't done much wrong.. continued from Not-so-secrets
  9. Yes, they do. Tbp will share their plans for the weekend.
  10. Buck? What is buck? Young men are oft young bucks...and they bang buckable girls.. Where oh where can my baby be?
  11. I'm sorry, but dany needs it more Will dorne side with aegon or dany?
  12. Thank God I watched the movie
  13. Loras came before Justin bieber... If tywin comes back, will he be Unty (untie)?
  14. Finding bits of gore from Lysa arryn would be better than that... Is Quaithe trying to make dany a villain?
  15. Frivolous is giving too much of yourself, your time and effort intosomething more important than it should be.. Tpb will say whether tv show or book came first for them.