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  1. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Yawn......So Jon should stop trying to save humanity because (gasp), it's time for a family reunion? Gimme a break already. Bran is heir to WF yes, but not KitN, that has already been discussed ad nauseum. I will reserve judgment on Jon kneeling to Dany in the dragonpit until I see the scene. It might have been an ill advised attempt to try to get a three sided alliance against the WW. Boat sex is inconsequential.
  2. Robert's Rebellion: the Series

    Would rather see Bran the builder and the original long night than RR.
  3. Little Things You Want in Season 7

    Ice Spiders
  4. Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    You mean if "the winds of winter come out". How can D&D change something that has yet to be written. Is Grmm getting some of his ideas from the shows now? My guess is the Dany will lose a dragon to the Others in the book as well. It confuses me a bit though, if you can kill a white with fire, couldn't you kill a white dragon with fire as well?
  5. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Makes sense, much like the way WF was taken when Robb was away.
  6. Bran will be responsible for the 2nd Long Night...

    It's not the reason. The Wall is a physical barrier as well as a magical one. Had being branded by the NK alone allowed him access to South of the Wall, don't you think the 3ER would have said something? Or Benjen?
  7. Bran will be responsible for the 2nd Long Night...

    The others were already gathering their forces long before the night king touched bran. The wildlings were already fleeing the North because of this. Prophecies were already predicted the second coming of the long night. If all this could have been prevented by simply not having the Night King touch Bran, then why would the bloodraven have summoned Bran in the first place? By simply not doing so, the whole mess could have been prevented.
  8. [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.3

    They most certainly can. Again, your taking the prophecy much to literally. Your also totally ignoring the pre-text, that of the long night. Are you suggesting that only targaryen forces were instrumental in the original defeat of the others? Three heads of the dragon, Three allies, come together to fight a common evil, it really is that simple. No targ blood needed. Why the wight hunt? Why the exhibition? Because Dany need to add the third head. When they all come together for a common cause, the Cause itself is the "dragon". Fire vs ice. Night Vs Day. Tyrion's role will be to kill Cersei. Leaks have Jamie leaving KL, I believe he will gather remnants of the remaining forces of Westeros to fight the others. No no no It ignores no such thing, and nowhere has it ever been said that the three heads must have targ blood. Furthermore, not all Targs where dragon riders, so the connection between a dragon and its rider is magical.
  9. [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.3

    The "three heads" refer to three heads of powerful households. Who, where, or when a person rides a dragon is irrelevant. As to whether or not they have targ blood is also irrelevant. Simply put, Jon's and Dany's forces combined are not enough to defeat the WW's, enter Jamie's importance. Tyrion, while important in his own right, does not bring a lot to the table in the battle against the others. Post war Westeros would be his forte. The prophecy is quite clearly about an alliance of necessity.
  10. [Book Spoilers] R+L=J, A+J=T and other theories on HBO V.3

    I think your taking the prophecy of "The dragon must have three heads" far to literally. It's not a reference to dragon riders at all, its a reference to an alliance. Stark/Targ/Lannister. Jamie will be every bit as key (if not more so) than Tyrion in the battle.
  11. Do you think Daenerys and Jon Snow

    No, Again your wrong. Rhaegar was not Aery's heir, Aery's children where Aery's heirs. Using your logic, Stannis would have been heir to the throne when Robert died, but the throne went to Joffrey (who at the time was believed to have been Roberts son). Please stop this silly argument.
  12. Do you think Daenerys and Jon Snow

    I am betting this is the course of action D&D will take, and it will leave the "Eww Incest!" people with no legitimate gripes. Dany and Jon in a relationship, not knowing they are related, Dany becoming pregnant, and THEN they learn the truth. That would lead to an incredible plot twist and all kinds of soul searching for Jon.
  13. Do you think Daenerys and Jon Snow

    No, your wrong. Direct heirs of the King have precedence to heirs from the prince, sorry.
  14. Do you think Daenerys and Jon Snow

    Unless they never find out, Bran dies, or chooses to keep it hidden from them.
  15. Do you think Daenerys and Jon Snow

    I don't get this post. First of all, Rhaegar was not the King, Dany's father was, so your original assumption is wrong. Second of all, due to conquest, the only "heir" that would have a legitimate right to the throne would be a Baratheon. This is all a moot point if Dany conquers Westeros.