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  1. lol, he isn't her equal , never was and never will be. He is one of the weakest among her vassals Dothraki khals - 7 khalsaar 100k-170k ,Daario - second sons 2k ,Greyworm unsullied - 8k,Reach - 100k knight ,Dorne -50k spearman ,Ironborn 4k pirates, and Jon Snow with 5k shit foot soldier and 1 dog She is the queen of the Essos and Westeros ,Jon Snow isn't even king in her eyes but mere traitor and opportunist whose life is in hands of Daenerys
  2. Jon Snow is brainless moron but how come Dany allowed this stupid wight mission? this is bullshit LF is killed by Sansa and Arya? really Aegon?wtf Lannister defeats Tyrells? HOW
  3. I hope that we will see less "Jon Snow and his stupidity" around Dany or in Dany's small council
  4. Jon Snow is stupid and useless weakling ,even some random commander in Dany's army has more solider than him and everyone is smarter than him . He is the worst one out of Dany's vassals, even Missande more useful than him, fucking hell i was hoping Dany would appoint Sansa as wardeness of the north and execute Jon Snow, at least Sansa is more useful than Jon Snow the stupid useless opportunist
  5. Dany doesn't need Jon and his bullshit, the reason why Dany give him option to bend the knee and didn't executed him is because of Tyrion , logically best way would be fight in neck but now she have to save kneeling moron. Can't this woman catch a break?
  6. according to reddit
  7. she is only 14 years old yet already accomplished so many things and capable than any ruler westeros had last hundred years as Jorah said You would not only be respected and feared, you would be loved. Someone who can rule and should rule. Centuries come and go without a person like that coming into the world. There are times when I look at you, and I still can't believe you're real.
  8. he is bastard, always was and always will be
  9. Kill all reat lords and outlaw lords having private army, create royal army and remove 7 kingdom borders
  10. since when did starks become ice? we have 2 ice now? and ice fighting ice? lol as GRRM said title a song of ice and fire refers Daenerys vs The others
  11. stop giving Jon Snow importance he doesn't have, except Daenerys all characters is expendable
  12. aside from Dany being the greatest ruler , her character represents change and new era, her westeros will be not same as old westeros
  13. as mentioned abovie its from Arya's chapter, also tv lore is based on books and its known fact starks rebellion destroyed peace
  14. i was talking about smallfolks not nobles who cares about politics, fact is clear under Aerys westeros was peaceful and prospered -till starks rebelled and throw westeros in into chaos under Robert westeros wasn't doing well but peaceful - till starks rebelled and nearly destroyed westeros, so many people died because of starks personal grudges logically shouldn't smallfoks hate starks for throwing westeros into chaos? and siding with wildling cannbibals who killed their cousin,child,husband,wife, father,grandpa,grandmother,etc generation of grudge in wars of the roses yorks was viewed as villains which is starks based on a hero is a villain of the otherside this pretty much describes - the north soldiers
  15. considering the fact they rebelled 2 times which destroyed the common people's life and also they made deal with the mortal enemy of westeros -wildlings