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  1. Wow, I couldn't agree less.
  2. That's not what happened. Cat agreed with Robb and that the North should never pass to Sansa. Catelyn was against Jon being named heir Bd legitimised. Robb also said Arya was as dead as Rickon and Bran... yet he never included her among his dead siblings at the Sealing. George never mentions Jon or Arya in that scene in front of his witnesses.
  3. Great points. LSH was one of the witnesses to the Will's sealing, she would know what Robb put in there. If she was against Jon's being the heir when she was alive, I'm sure that opinion would only grow stronger after her "death". So we observe her actions and the fixation she has with finding Arya comes across very clearly. Ironically, it's Arya that will end up bringing her the mercy she needs. It's gonna be a heart-breaking read! About your theory on the direwolves sensing other Starks... When does Jon accept Arya is dead? And then later, he doesn't think of Arya in the past tense, like she was dead.... Eventually he accepts it, but there seems to be some lingering feeling that she may still be alive.
  4. Beyond perplexing.
  5. To add to the excellent point @kissdbyfire made... Robb told Cat to not have any hope and that Arya is dead. He should have mentioned her name among his dead siblings if that is still the opinion he holds. The fact that he didn't suggests something has changed. You said earlier that it wasn't "important" to include one of the heirs of Winterfell. If she is found alive, that would be preferred but he clearly doesn't think so in the conversation with Cat. Yet it seems something has changed since then.
  6. Are you going to explain why? There are just too many reasons why that won't happen.
  7. She is looking for Arya. That's why she moved the BWB to the Saltpans (that's where Arya was last seen) and the whole time Brienne was actually on Arya's trail and closer to finding her.
  8. We have Cat directly arguing for Arya's rights as an heir. If she were not lost or presumed dead as Robb explained - she would be heir to Winterfell. An impostor eventually uses her claim to take Winterfell. So why would you think it's "unnecessary"? You don't think that's important to mention? It's odd because we know Robb's thoughts on Arya yet he fails to mention her when he lists his dead siblings. This is left ambiguous on purpose by George and as the Will is going to play a role in Winds - we shall hopefully get some clarity then.
  9. I completely agree! Not only appeasing Cat but it could also explain why LSH is so actively looking for Arya in later books. I don't think it will interfere with Jon's being named the heir either.
  10. How is he honest if he is cheating widows and children out of money that belongs to them after they just lost their husband/father at sea? LOL What?
  11. Precisely.
  12. Then why didn't Robb name her among his dead siblings? There is purposeful ambiguity in that whole scene.
  13. Now imagine the reunion. Im already done and gone. These two are just.... I need Winds!!!! Now serious question:
  14. That is beyond sad. lol