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  1. @ARYa_Nym did a great comparison you could read here: It feels like GRRM is subverting the trope and in the above link, they introduce the idea that the KM/HoBW are the stand-in wizard in the story. Arya is No One by day and the Night Wolf at night. Odette prefers the reverse of her ordeal: stay a maiden and stop being a swan. While at present, Arya wants to be a wolf and not stupid little Arya. George is playing with this dynamic, imo. But we also have Arya being taught (through her blindness) to love both the dark and the light equally. The Black and the White. The lake Odette and the other swan maidens danced on was made of tears. Arya drinks from the lake the 3 Black Swans were gliding on, the same lake that was calling out to her: "The green water was warm as tears, but there was no salt in it." - Arya, ACOK So there is a lake by a castle ruin in the Swan Lake story? And it's Gods Eye & Harrenhal for Arya's story.
  2. I found it on several places: http://wikidiff.com/dove/squab ^ Compares the two. Yup, but definitely not a water bird. So the implications could mean other things. But specifically regarding the black swan connection (which is clear and unequivocal) .... what are your thoughts? (Beside the swan song idea) The addition of three black swans in the location she saw them at with the odd feeling of the lake calling out to her. Remember earlier on, Arya has also had the desire to dance on water too!
  3. Squab translates to "baby dove". Arya takes on that name. I think the standing on one leg thing is linked to her water dancing and the "ballet" motif, which I explained. Yes, but the association with both Arya's name which is related to singing and the swan name translates "to sing" are both paralleled. Yup, exactly! I think there is a bigger picture here linking all the water themes to Arya's story. Including her Water dancing and the Ugly Duckling fairytale. Plus, the fact she saw 3 black swans should be very illuminating in what they represent as well.
  4. Yes, I think duality is the key to Arya's future. The Kindly Man observes that Arya already has that ability: It was only for a Swann that Arya was willing to be a Lady for. Her next mentor is likely to be a courtesan who will continue Arya's transformation into a Swan. How will that impact where he story goes in the future? Besides swans, what other birds are associated with Arya? I can only think of a pigeon or a baby dove. Neither are water birds. Standing on-point on one foot relates to her water dancing which is reminiscent of ballet. The Swan Lake ballet in particular connects to her overall narrative regarding identity. She even walks around Braavos for the first time in pointed shoes and George relates her (water dancer legs) to bird wings. Speaking specifically of the Swan - the word origin is "to sing". You have Arya wanting to become a black swan. I think it may relate back to her theme of Identity. Perhaps, coming full circle, Arya will get to a point where she will want to be Arya again (the girl she is determined to be) but sadly she will have to accept there is no place in the world for Arya. The "Arya Stark" the world wants is the Lady she never wanted to be.
  5. I agree completely. Her information gathering is being perfected inc, she can speak 5 languages, her ability to travel blind through the city of Braavos at night with just her sense of smell and memory is incredible. I think in Winds, we will see Arya in a different more grand setting - perhaps at the Sealord's Palace or maybe the Hall of Truth. Her escape from the FM might require some trickery (similar to her trapping Jaqen into her service by naming him) or some final test where Arya will have to find her way out.
  6. Swans also usually mate for life. I can see that type of situation for Arya, where she'd pick her partner and it would be a lasting bond. What do you think about the entrance of 3 black swans where both the lake (Gods Eye) they are gliding on (is calling out to Arya) and her desire to become one of them? Black Swans represent true rareness and unpredictability - I think that definitely connects to wherever George has Arya's story going. It's hard to judge, but once she returns to Westeros and her future beyond - I think we're in for shocks and several unexpected events (judging by the number of black swans she saw). Also the "singing, song" element to the Swan name origin is a wonderful link to Arya - what will her song (moment) in the story?
  7. Arya has a strong connection with Swan/Bird imagery in the books. One of her identities while in the Riverlands is Squab which is another word for "little bird" or "baby dove". Thanks to Slipguard for pointing this out: So according to that translation it literally means "the singing bird". Aria is also the Latin word for Air. And we know she has wished for wings. A beautiful coincidence? Arya means Lioness in Hebrew, which is ironic considering her clashes with the Lannisters. ~*~ BLACK SWANS A black swan was proverbial for "something extremely rare or non-existent". So while Arya is travelling along the Gods Eye lake, she climbs a tree to get a better vantage point and she sees the Isle of Faces (The Children of the Forest's most Holy place) right in the middle of the Gods Eye lake. She sees not one but 3 black swans. A very rare sight! She wants to become one of them but she also wants to eat one. Swans of course became a luxury dish for the royal and highborn class. From @sweetsunray in this thread: Arya ends up at Acorn Hall and meets Lady Ravella Smallwood (of House Swann) their sigil is a black & white swan facing each other on a shield. Ravella puts Arya in a dress and tells her she is pretty. Arya remembers her fondly and would only act like a Lady for Ravella. Swans are black and white and so is the House of Black and White and that is where Arya is being reborn at every full moon. Arya is literally the odd one out among Ned's children, born with the traditional dark Stark coloring unlike all her siblings who followed the Tully side. WATER DANCING Arya stands on her toes, on one leg. This is indeed reminiscent of ballet. Ballet dancers learn to stand upright, on the tip of their toes, often on one leg. It's explicitly linked to the water dancing. So, "water dancing" = "ballet" and Swan Lake is a ballet that also has narrative similarities to Arya's story. Later on, Arya wishes she could dance on water. This is what the Swan ballet dancers do! In Winds, grrm highlight's Arya's gracefulness both in character and physical behaviour. And even adds this imagery: She also walks around Braavos in pinched shoes! UGLY DUCKLING MOTIFF: Arya's insecurities and her Ugly Duckling situation (a swan born among ducks): The only child of Ned to actually look like a traditional Stark while all the others followed the Tully coloring. Dirty and unkempt as a child, teased and outcasted - Arya Horseface - she will grow into a beautiful swan.
  8. She's in Winterfell. https://i.imgbox.com/LsVbKVDM.jpg Makes you wonder if these promos are from the first couple of eps?
  9. The Mercy chapter was finished. After George decided to scrap the 5-year gap, Mercy was going to be in AFFC. Then he wanted to use it in ADWD instead as a concluding chapter to her story in that book. But just before publishing Dance, he decided to save it for Winds as an opening Arya chapter. The chapters feels like such a great standalone piece, it's easy to slip it in without much timeline issue. Why would it come 200-300 pages in?
  10. Thank you @Horse of Kent @ravenous reader and @zandru for the great analysis! Makes you wonder where George will lead these two different states of being in the next phase of the story. The trajectory can see Arya going in a more challenging and dangerous direction that will reconcile her level of awareness. George needs her to be open to the real truths in the world for a reason. Same with Sansa, will she grow out of the lemon cakes or fall fowl of its deceptions?
  11. A man was pushing a load of tarts by on a two-wheeled cart; the smells sang of blueberries and lemons and apricots. Her stomach made a hollow rumbly noise. “Could I have one?” she heard herself say. “A lemon, or … or any kind." [...] Arya would have given anything for a cup of milk and a lemon cake, but the brown wasn’t so bad. - AGoT - Arya V ~ She drank it down at once. It was very tart, like biting into a lemon. A thousand years ago, she had known a girl who loved lemon cakes. No, that was not me, that was only Arya - The Ugly Little Girl, ADwD The girl she remembers is Arya?
  12. An observation to consider about D&D playing down Jon & Arya's show-connection: George has more story and book pages to flesh out their relationship but D&D just need a handful of episodes to create a situation (for shock value) near the end that would see this endgame book pairing happen in S8.
  13. They make up the most BS of any segment of the fandom. They usually drop these fake "leaks" on reddit, comment sections or tumblr. They REALLY wanted Sansa to have Ramsay/LF's baby for some sick reason. So desperate for this ridiculous storyline. They write fake leaks and claim they had sources on the writing team...etc. Apparently, a simple Google search of an actor's rep is considered great research for a fake leak. Or clicking on a comment section of a major fansite to post your fake news is suddenly impossible to do under any name you want. I'm sure Newstar can go by Susan if he wanted to. Just like Kaysen can go by Lads2 and forget to logout before answering his own questions with the same username and hope no one noticed. But we did. We just had another fake leaker post more dumb scripts the other day. The effort people go to is hilarious to me. https://m.imgur.com/a/OKZGE ^Awww, look at the copyright date. LOL Oops.
  14. Reckless? I mean, if you only read Book 1, sure? A looong face. Death omen!
  15. Admiration. If you consider how Arya demonstrates that - naming her direwolf after a ruling Queen is more significant than you're allowing. Arya had named her after the warrior queen of the Rhoyne, who had led her people across the narrow sea. That had been a great scandal too. - Arya, AGoT The connection between direwolf and Stark is not to be glossed over. The strong link between the two - girl & wolf - has Nymeria bringing together wolves into a super pack and leading them like no direwolf has done South of the Wall for hundreds of years - you think that has zero reflection or foreshadowing on Arya and her abilities/desires as demonstrated by her direwolf? When they share the same skin, Arya becomes that leader/Queen, the head of a pack of wolves that follows her. Arya sees Northmen and thinks they are wolves, like her. Arya is not being trained as warrior, especially since arriving to Braavos. Some elements of Nymeria's nature/story may influence Arya in many ways. If it was simple adoration, George wouldn't need to keep bringing Nymeria up in other forms. Arya's cover story as Cat of the Canals had her journey to Essos on ship called Nymeria. She literally takes the name Nymeria when she meets Roose Bolton.