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  1. Obviously the fact that Dany is finally in Westeros.
  2. Oh I don't know about that. Some of the op's thoughts are going to happen. The nk can resurrect and he's coming. Can you see why he is the leading candidate to awaken Jon? Some people are hoping it's Mellisandre but we have never seen her do this. We have seen the ww do this.
  3. When the lords rebel against their king the smallfolk rebelling against their lords won't be far behind. It is for the best in the long-term to just suffer your king until his reign ends. Just so you don't set an example for your vassals. Everyone has to believe that the right to rule is divine. Lords declaring themselves kings will only threaten their right to rule in the long term.
  4. I like the hive mind theory to explain how the nk directs his wights. It also makes sense that the nk was a Stark. He must have been a powerful warg before his conversion.
  5. It is possible for a bannerman lord to have more wealth than his lord paramount. He only pays a portion of what he earns and smart guys play with their accounting figures. That's the reason why the Tullys resent the Freys. Walder has more money than Hoster and that must have irked the Tullys.
  6. I wonder why Roose himself didn't hunt Nymeria. She would make a fine trophy to add to his undoubtedly extensive collection of hunting souvenirs. His ancestors must have caught a few direwolves in their time and displayed their pelts at the Dreadfort. Nymeria is abnormal and she gets that from her bond with Arya. Hunting and killing for thrills is not nature's way. He wasn't thinking with his head. He knew that on the back of his head but his emotions were on full throttle and nothing was going to stop him from bringing Arya to the wall.
  7. Robb and his bannermen lost the rebellion. They were unsucessful. Therefore, Robb was not a king. Whatever he intended no longer holds any legal force. To reiterate the topic writer's point, Jon was born a bastard and he remains a bastard.
  8. The Dothraki bow has greater range than any bow used in Westeros. The sheer numbers of the Dothraki who are both cavalry and archers can basically rain arrows down on their enemies. The greater range allows them to hit from farther away before the enemy's bows can be effective. Besides this, it is hard to say who would win the individual combat.
  9. That is actually one of the things I liked about Catelyn. She knew how to put Jon in his place. I know I'm letting my dislike for Jon influence my opinion of Catelyn but there it is. Catelyn was stubborn and messed up when she took Tyrion but Tywin would have done the same thing if someone tried to murder one of his children under his roof. I blamed Cat at first but realized many of the great houses would have arrested Tyrion just the same.
  10. "To go west, you must go east" A landing on the west side of Westeros would be unexpected and takes her armies right to Casterly Rock, the heart of the enemy. That would involve eastward by land across the easternmost parts of Essos followed by a long voyage by sea.
  11. Vaes Dothrak It's not easy to find a chapter where something big didn't happen during Dany's chapters. I choose their arrival at Vaes Dothrak. All the monuments and idols lining the road to the city. Jorah and Dany talking about Viserys. I really enjoyed that chapter. We see Dany coming to the realization that it must be her who has to lead the Dothraki to take back her family's lands. Jorah too has to realize that the armies of Westeros stand no chance if they meet the Dothraki on the battlefield but Robert may be foolish enough to do something like that instead of hiding behind the security of his stone walls. The Dothraki bows have more range than the Westerosi longbow.
  12. Do you also notice that most who like LSH are very partial to the Starks? They like her because in their eyes she is an instrument of revenge for the Starks. I myself do not care for LSH.
  13. I see now. You're saying these parents and future parents sacrificed their first-born sons to get what they want. I can not argue with that at the moment. I suppose you could argue that Cersei will fight the white walkers too. Like the heroes in a video game rpg, they sacrificed their first-born sons in order to get their most powerful weapons. Look at the situation long enough and you begin to make the connection to Azor Ahai. Dany is straightforward, her sacrifice gave her the dragons. Cersei got the mountain. Howland got his revenge which in turn made him the man that he became and got something out of it, a bond with the Starks. Aerys sent his son to battle and in return got a better child in Dany. Rickard used Brandon to build his conspiracy, lost him, but Ned became the inheritor, which is a better person than Brandon.
  14. Maybe she's tired of being used as a tool in the game. She's not that smart and I don't think she will become a skilled player like some of her supporters would like to think so. Joining the sisters is much similar to Aemon joining the Nw to prevent himself being used in the games of other people. I find it laughable that people who have read the books actually think Sansa is queen material. I can understand show only fans thinking that because HBO seems to want to please those people after the criticism that they got from the Sansa rape scene. That the show's writers are sensitive to those fans does not please me but I am afraid that is the reality of the show reacting to the vocal few.
  15. Howland was humiliated by the squires and lacked the ability to get revenge. He's small and they're big. He's not a good rider and he had no equipment. He wants revenge for his honor. That is asking a lot. A miracle is needed to get his revenge. He went to pray to the gods which is a kind of way saying he made a blood offering. They answered his prayers so he must have given them something yummy.