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  1. The people of the time are not constantly watching the beautiful on TV, print media, and internet every hour of every day. Even just a clear skinned, slender woman with plain features would look attractive. Without exposure to the carefully selected beautiful people in the entertainment media that we have today the average person in those times are easy to impress. We know Ashara was very attractive and found to be so by the many. She's lovely and even today we may find her lovely also. This calls for an example so here it is. My image of Ashara is that of a CNN anchorwoman Natalie Allen three decades ago. Ashara was much younger so picture Natalie Allen at 20 years of age. Take 30 years off and you get Ashara. http://www.cnn.com/profiles/natalie-allen-profile
  2. Very well, yes. Walder Frey is easy to forgive. Robb and his bannermen would have had no qualms attacking the Freys. Gratitude is an alien concept to the likes of Robb and the Great Jon.
  3. Time traveling and manipulating the past can wreak havoc with the story. George likes his plot tight rather than loose. I don't see him sending Bran back in time to directly change history. What Bran can do is see the past rather than depend on unreliable history. Armed with facts instead of unreliable history will allow him to influence the future when he shares those facts with powerful people.
  4. I can see how this might prevent their relationship from developing. Jon goes off in the far north and Dany stays in the south. But let's be realistic. Not everything will be addressed or resolved by the end of the story. The question of succession may remain hanging. Dany is very young. 16-17 in the books, but still young on the show.
  5. It's a fair question given the Queen was about to ride off into danger. But I don't think it matters if what Dany has in mind to bring democracy. The next ruler will be elected and everyone gets one vote, noble or common.
  6. I must have watched a televised church service. The plot was holy.
  7. The north would lose the most. You would think that Jon and Sansa would have enough common sense and bend the knee to Dany. They're on the front lines of the coming battle whether they like it or not and Stark independence doesn't mean shit because they can't win this battle without Dany's help. Those damn Starks including Jon would be smart to bend their knees to get the help they need.
  8. Speaking of Tyrion, when did that little stump all of a sudden become bothered by death. This is the man who killed his defenseless father and killed Shae in bed. He set the Baratheon fleet on fire with wildfire. It is out of character for him to show concern and get bothered by deaths on the battlefield. I am starting to dislike Tyrion.
  9. Right on. Let me add, I want to see them force Sansa and the North to kneel.
  10. It's actually impossible for Jon to prove his claim. He doesn't look like a Targaryen. And let's not forget that he is a bastard. Rhaegar cannot legally marry Lyanna. His wife, Ellia, was still alive. They have two living children. I.E. Rhaegar + Ellia was consumated and their children serve as the proof. Besides, Jon is not cut out to rule. That decision to put Umber and Karstark lands in the hands of children during a time of war was just plain stupid. Those two castles are the first line of the defense against the Others when the wall comes down. So getting back to the author's point. Jon should bend the knee and swear fealty to Dany. Jon should do this in public, in front of the North and in front of Sansa.
  11. Obviously the fact that Dany is finally in Westeros.
  12. Oh I don't know about that. Some of the op's thoughts are going to happen. The nk can resurrect and he's coming. Can you see why he is the leading candidate to awaken Jon? Some people are hoping it's Mellisandre but we have never seen her do this. We have seen the ww do this.
  13. When the lords rebel against their king the smallfolk rebelling against their lords won't be far behind. It is for the best in the long-term to just suffer your king until his reign ends. Just so you don't set an example for your vassals. Everyone has to believe that the right to rule is divine. Lords declaring themselves kings will only threaten their right to rule in the long term.
  14. I like the hive mind theory to explain how the nk directs his wights. It also makes sense that the nk was a Stark. He must have been a powerful warg before his conversion.
  15. It is possible for a bannerman lord to have more wealth than his lord paramount. He only pays a portion of what he earns and smart guys play with their accounting figures. That's the reason why the Tullys resent the Freys. Walder has more money than Hoster and that must have irked the Tullys.