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  1. The Others on Essos?

    I doubt they bring the cold. More like, they follow the cold. The change in climate to cold allows them to go where it was formerly too warm for them.
  2. Sansas ending

    A disfigured septa could be an interesting future for Sansa. She can look after Sweet Robyn.
  3. Question for show watchers and book readers.

    Greyworm Missandei
  4. Endgame roles for all major characters (TV only)

    Jorah - Lord Commander of the Night's Watch Tyrion - Hand of the Queen to Daenerys Targaryen Daenerys - Queen of Westeros and Essos Gendry - Lord of Storm's End Arya - Dead in the Riverlands Jon - Dead, fertilizing the Gift after he was eaten by Drogon and came out digested at the other end Sansa - Joined the Silent Sisters Bran - Green Seer Samwell - Maester at the Wall Dolorous Edd - Dead Bron - Died of frostbite Jaime - Died with Brienne in Casterly Rock
  5. Any actors you wish were part of the GoT cast?

    Sophia Loren Cara Delevigne David Wenham Chloe Grace Moretz Patrick Stewart
  6. Did Brandon Stark rape Ashara Dayne?

    It could be this. Consensual sex but the conservative types may still see this as taking advantage of Ashara because he didn't marry her afterwards.
  7. Did Brandon Stark rape Ashara Dayne?

    I don't think even Brandon could have gotten away with raping Ashara. It doesn't mean he didn't get her drunk and seduced her.