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  1. I think so. Dragons can change gender. The current genders of the dragons do not matter because they can change to adapt to the needs of reproduction. All three seem male to me but I am sure at least one will change.
  2. We read about the accomplishments of great people. Great people of both genders and from every corner of the world. I want to limit this talk for now in order to keep it short to the following men: Aegon Targaryen, the conqueror who united the people of Westeros and built the 7 kingdoms. Robert Baratheon, who usurped the throne from the Targaryens. Khal Drogo, the man who was undefeated in battle and led the largest khalasar in Essos. Mance Rayder, the Night's Watch traitor who deserted over to the wildlings and rose to become their king. Brynden Rivers, the Targaryen bastard who served as Hand, put down a rebellion, rose to lead the Night's Watch, and retired beneath the weirwoods. People in the story have this attraction to people who can fight and lead armies into battle. Theirs is obviously a world where fighting skills and battle leadership are greatly admired because force is how you get the power to make things happen. Force is a means to power, and power is a means to make real your goals. Keeping goals generic, it can mean something like glory, wealth, social change, dominance over others, knowledge. Whatever it is, force is usually the means to get it. For example, craven Samwell Tarly is never going to get the same recognition as the fighter Jon Snow. We may not like it but fighting skills are more important for them. Savvy business people like Walder Frey, Petyr Baelish, and Wyman Manderly do not get the hero status that somebody like Corbray gets even though these men are big successes in their own right. So anyway, I just wanted to set the stage for why I chose the people above and left out some others. I want to narrow the talk down further to Aegon, Drogo, and Mance. It goes without saying the Aegon is a great man who accomplished a lot in his lifetime. But we also should recognize the achievements of Drogo and Mance. While both men will never have the prestige in Westeros that Aegon has, it is due to the fact that they are coming from a different culture. They rose to power but did it under a different setting and fought their way to the top in their own way. Yes, they fought, but not necessarily in a Westeros type battle under the same honor system. Drogo and Mance are savages in the eyes of Westeros but their accomplishments are nothing to dismiss easily. The Dothraki has been said to follow only the strong. Only the strongest become kings (khals) of khalasars. A man who has never cut his braids, who has never lost is indeed special. Likewise, Mance is great also because he rose up where leadership is not passed down through the family but must be earned. The free folk follow the strong. Drogo built the largest khalasar in Essos and Mance united most of the wildlings. Is it justified for someone in Westeros to think these men lesser than they? Is Drogo any more savage than the Boltons, who enjoy flaying people? Mance is an oath breaker and his attack on the wall killed many of his former comrades. Rebellion is a form of oathbreaking and going to war means you kill your fellow countryman. Is there a big difference between Robb and Mance? Do not get me wrong. I am not excusing the Dothraki practice of selling people to slavery. I do not make light of Mance and his desertion. All I am saying is, these men are as great as the heroes of Westeros. I am not saying what they did is morally good. I am saying they accomplished something very difficult just like Aegon, Robert, and Bloodraven. A savage man is no less a man, no less intelligent, no less capable. You were expecting a question. Maybe a poll. I'm just making an observation because we were introduced to Westeros first and we were exposed to many POVs from the Westerosi perspective. We all know now that can sway our initial opinions.
  3. Stannis is a hard man. The royal children would suffer the same fate as Elia's children.
  4. I agree. Poor Elia. She deserved better from Rhaegar if what is being proposed by the op took place, Rhaegar ran off with Lyanna. We don't know if it happened that way but if it did it was an insult to Elia and the Martells.
  5. Tommen had better prospects. The Starks are damaged goods. The father admitted to treason and got a public execution. Tyrion the Imp is fair match for Sansa in Tywin's opinion.
  6. The regulars have so much free time on their hands to the extent they hang out on the forums. So many people posting during business hours. I learn a few ideas here and there about many topics. Too many to list here but the debates is good for a better understanding of the text.
  7. Cersei put up with Robert for fifteen yours. I don't think she had murder in mind until she was threatened with exposure. The Starks violated one of the tenets of war strategies. They put their cards on the table too soon and allowed the enemy the first strike. Shame on Ned, shame on Sansa.
  8. Robert had the misfortune to marry an unusual woman in Cersei. I don't mean that to criticize Cersei but just to point out that most women of their culture would swallow their pride and accept Robert's womanizing ways. Robert could have been better served by a woman from a minor house who would be content with the trappings of royalty and accept the humiliation from Robert's infidelity with grace. Cersei is a strong woman and not one to take it lying down. She had infidelities of her own and if we turn the tables just for fun she will not stop seeing Jaime even if Robert was a good husband. A woman like fat Walda would be ideal for Robert. Someone who would be happy to have the title of queen even if the husband was unfaithful. Cersei already had it all and expected to have it all. Walda had very little prospects. Someone like Walda will take Robert's insults better than Cersei did.
  9. Ten years of intense training. Surely not all of that is combat training. They knew how to build Josso's c_ck and other weapons of mass destruction out of wood. There's some carpentry skills there. They can always follow Dany around. She's too high profile to not have bodyguards 24/7. The old and the infirm will be taken care of because that is Dany's character. The unsullied who are unfortunate enough to be bought by Pentoshi, Ghiscari, Tyroshi and others are less fortunate. I don't think their masters will spend the money to set a retirement home for them. It's not a pleasant ending.
  10. 1 - I don't think A Dance with Dragons had any effect on how I feel about Jon Snow. I never liked Jon. I guess it started during Robert's visit to Winterfell and Jon acted like a wildcat with sore tooth. He always had a chip on his shoulders. I will say this, aDwD is my second favorite book in the series in part because I am hopeful that we are rid of Jon for good. Yup, I'm a long time Jon hater. 2 - Aegon is a Blackfyre. That's why he has the Golden Company.
  11. Many people from the east have the Targaryen look. Looks are not enough to prove identity.
  12. Many people hate them now and consider them enemy but I can't really see where they lost respect. People fear them now. Anybody would think thrice before breaking their oaths to a Frey. So in a way the Freys gained more respect. What they lost is a matter of public relations. People may hate them now but you can't argue that people will thread more carefully around them. People in the south will get over it quickly and it's back to business as usual. The north is a different story but nobody in the north is strong enough to take on the Freys. The red wedding will continue to be unpopular and it stained their honor but it was better than losing to Tywin. It's too risky to stick with Robb and face the possibility of losing your castle and your family. What they gained. Riverrun. Got rid of fat Walda. Marriage alliance to the new warden of the north. Got rid of the Tullys. Peace. What they lost. Popularity. Negative publicity. Petyr and Merrett. Jingle Bells.
  13. Depends on what you think is the purpose of justice. China has more people than the U.S. and their crime is lower. Order vs. personal rights. Society vs. the Individual. The land will be peaceful under King Roose. There will be order at the expense of personal rights.
  14. Sam's a coward. He won't refuse. It is known.
  15. The Baratheons Stannis is trying to keep the family business together but his nephew and his brother's widow has the controlling interests. Meanwhile, unknown to the family is the secret bastard Gendry who wants his share of the business. Stannis at the end of his wits on what to do hired a special consultant from overseas to help bring the business out of the red. Heiress Shireen is suffering from a mysterious skin deceased that caused disfigurement. The Targaryens The Targaryens are engaged in a dramatic court battle to see who will inherit daddy's billion-dollar conglomerate. Eccentric billionaire Aerys left it all to his favorite son Viserys before he got assassinated by his security detail. Daenerys and Aegon have each retained the services of high profile lawyers to contest the will. The Targaryen genetic research labs have managed to hatch fossilized dragon eggs and the company's common stock has tripled in price at the news.