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  1. this! thank you. it worked indeed, subtle, sophisticated changes. it's like a car inductry: without excellent tuning you can't have excellent product. if you however hand the general outlines to tuners, and tell them to build the car on their own, they'll do it, they know a lot about the cars, but not the same thing. they may stumble upon issues that even average startup manufacurer would never stumble upon.
  2. They didn't loose it just yet, but after S6 episode 1 I thought they were damn close. [Even very good directors make mistake of making their lead characters "precious", as if other side-characters are watching the movie too. However, precious corps was unseen so far. Dorne bits were bare exposition nothing more and so on.] To their credit, it's apparent right now, they do not wish just to expand the series to no end (and milk it as much as they can). Some mini-episodes are very good with only minor problems - fight in front of ToJ (great no issues), Tyrion's release of dragons (he never read they can burn the innocent, well let's say he idolizes them), all Arya (good and very cinematic but repetitive already). My impression is - they have the outlines but just struggling to fill "the meat", details that are the story really.
  3. The outcomes are fine, obviously they are struggling with the "meat", on how to get to particular point. Jon's revival was not very creative, couldn't help but think of alternative chain of events: - Right after Thorne's "loyalists" stab Jon, Thorne takes 2 or 3 of his men and orders "Burn the body!". Then they move on to discuss indoors. - Ghost is very upset and wakes up Davos, Jon's friends and Melisandre. - Davos barely knows Jon (so he can not be overly sentimental) - BUT he is excellent strategist and KNOWS about the plan and the alliance with wildling/freemen. In fact that was Stannis's plan (that is - his plan) all along. He understands the magnitude of it. - Davos is completely on the page with few of Jon's friends, and one of them sneaks out to warn and bring the wildlings (as shown in the show). [Jon's friends - these are the same men who fought side by side with wildlings against WW.] That escape can be tense little episode - the grand plan depends on it, but also Jon's life (which they don't know but we do), and their lives as well. So stakes are high. His friend would also have to convince and/or kill current NW guards who are on duty that night (and most likely not aware what's going on). Davos and friends are united behind Jon's idea, but they are not in any way attached to Jon's corps (for them he is dead and that's it), nor are in direct danger (they are not guarding the body, loudly protesting or anything). They are however secretly conspiring against Thorne. Their plan is to overthrow Thorne with the help of wildlings, establish one of Jon's friends as new lord-commander and carry on with Jon's (and Davos's) policy. - Melisandre however thinks she can revive Jon, because she BELIEVES in him. There is no much time and she performs her magic while they are preparing for the fire. [Melisandre's and Davo's actions and not directly coordinated, or even agreed upon.] Now if you remember Danny's and birth of the dragons - That was a strange uncoordinated combination of events that took place at the same time. Like that, Melisandre's magic in combination with fire brings Jon back. Wildlings overpower the rangers, Jon is alive and his connection with freemen and few loyal friends is stronger then ever before. He also has one new friend - Sir Davos. By witnessing Jon's spectacular revival in fire, wildling think of him as messiah in their great migration (and war against WW), and that mirrors Dothraki people and Daennerys relationship. He is the man they are ready to follow in the war against WW. Event though fire didn't catch the body, it was extremely close, Jon will later remember it didn't hurt him one bit...
  4. That's one of the trademarks of this remarkable show. Characters you may dislike at first, or feel indifferent about (to say it least), you may end up rooting for. Wild-lings - at first we see them through the pov of people south of the wall (and their limited beliefs). Then via Jon Snow we get to know them, and maybe like them (I did). NW - at first we think of them as that cool ancient special military formation. However, later on, when JS enters wild-ling village for the 1st time, (when he stares at the giant), by reaction of the kids you can see - "crows" are classic villains, even dressed all in black. What to even say after this latest episode - NW is more like towards the other end of the spectrum. Jamie Lannister, at first appears as arrogant prick, Hound as Joffrey's bodyguard and so on. Episodes with Cersei and High Sparrow are the pinnacle of the above paradox. Cersei of all people, they'll never top it. I have to admit, at one point I told my wife - if Joffrey was there he would wipe the floor with this f-ck. Cersei in-prisoned, and no-one there to take her out (by her own doing, for the most part); pure, righteous and judgmental HS and his followers (and among them, Lancel of all people) - that's the show. All in details. Not so much about the final outcome, but how they tell the story. Finally, who knows, I wouldn't be surprised if Danny ends up being an anti-hero. Reversed path - She starts as "innocence" and in extremely difficult environment, may end up burning alive her enemies big time - All rulers are rather buchers or meat.
  5. They are slowly but steadily building a momentum for an epic end-battle, so perhaps Jon and Danny will join forces and defend humankind, alongside their allies. Perhaps some houses will overcome their bickering, and join forces, and the others will ally with WW. I am only finishing the 1st book right now but here is the thing: What if - dragons get out of the control (and grow even more) and start burning (everything) from the south. At the same time, WW are attacking from the north. Humans, already divided and weak are found in between the rock and a hard place. That would create a total sense of despair and urgency. Just a theory, but I suspect some monumental event will take place, stakes will be high, then in those final 3 episodes the epic battle (on several fronts). In Danny's vision (in the show), at one point she is in the throne room, it looks abandoned and frozen. It could be just "in vision" effect but who knows.
  6. That's right, we've seen the real Meli instead. Perhaps in the next one. Overall a very good episode imo - one thing however: [NW] Couple of loyal friends and Davos brought in the body inside, even though they have no knowledge of what comes next. Why would they do that? For them John Snow is dead. Any ideas? Perhaps, he was still (barely) alive when Davos found him, so they brought him in but it was too late. Then they got stuck in the room.
  7. Right, it's possible, little bit presumptuous of her. Prior to this, these cause/effect events were flawless in GoT (show), this one is a little thin AFAIK.
  8. No, you are missing the point. He would go back and rescue her, his trip would be postponed. As a result there is no story arc with High Sparrow, no new alliance in between Olenna Tyrell and Littlefinger, and so on. Jamie and/or Cersei would end HS right then and there. As for Trystane, these are not mutually exclusive. Without Dorne trip he wouldn't be in KL/on the SC and/or attacked/killed. He wouldn't be in the story period.
  9. Previous season, there was no Cersei confession/High Sparrow/Olenna Tyrell/Littlefinger story. I don't think they wanted to finish that one faster. That's a great story, don't you think. Cersei, who is a running a show now, is in prison of sorts, starved and humiliated, and there is no papa (or Joffrey) to rescue her (and Jamei is out of the reach). Her other son is indecisive, apparently recluse. If Jamei was closer, presumably ravens (or just the news) would reach him, he would return to KL to get her out. Also I can imagine Jamei blaming Cersei for their daughter's death, at least partially, which may play important role latter on. Dorne, or a rogue element inside the Dorne, either way. Precisely - revengeful, and if they kill Doran Martell's son there is escalation of that conflict right there. Overall impact of Dorn-story is that much less trivial.
  10. Indeed! There is another thing, they had to move Jamie out of the KL. Otherwise, main events involving "kidnapping" of Cersei, High Sparrow, Olenna Tyrell and Littlefinger would take very different course. Second thing is, as a result of Jamie's little adventure in Dorn, Doran Martell's son will become member of a Small Council, for what it's worth. My "problem" with the "Dorn adventure" is this: 1. Ellaria Sand could easily kill Myrcella 15 times over by the time Jamie and Bronn arrive. 2. Why on Earth would she send elaborate package (snake and a necklace), to "warn" that she is about to kill Myrcella? Perhaps, send something afterwards, with the message "eye for an eye", that type of thing So let's say it's a bait, she wants to scare Cersei, and force her hand, to send someone important who would rescue the princess. Cersei bites, and sends none other but Jamie, it's a jackpot for Ellaria - however she doesn't kill Jamie, yet kills Myrcella (who is still a kid, and who actually grew to like Dorne, and Martell Jr). [btw, the contrast - Myrcella crying like there is no tommorow when she was sent off to Dorn vs "I don't wanna go back" is great LOL] 3. Finally, the exposition where Ellaria and her daughters are "plotting" is very convenient for novice viewers, it's like they are spelling it for us. Personally I liked how it was structured like 1930s pulp adventure, and we got to see Dorn. So overall nothing terrible, however - knowing just the outcome, without details in between, without further development of characters and their relationships, that can be the problem IMO for these 2 final seasons. Also, in all previous episodes (all seasons), show creators use very little exposition (mostly in early episodes in 1st season), they always assume (our) familiarity with what's going on. AFAIK that's a problem with mainstream TV and movies these days - it's too much about logic, events and final outcomes, not about people and how we connect with them. So far GoT avoided that (and many other) clishes, but Dorne is a red light.
  11. that would be really interesting. so he becomes conscious White Walker, WW on the side of the humans.. he would still be vulnerable to Valerian steel and dragon glass..
  12. It's very cinematic, he and Dany - like a beauty and a beast. So I suspect he will go full greyscale, but with a sheer willpower will stay human, longer than imaginable, and maybe in some decisive moment will help with last ounces of energy...
  13. Greetings everyone. In season 5 E7, when Olenna Tyrell goes to parley with High Sparrow, and she is a remarkable player, she tries to get him in a direct/open, no BS conversation, he doesn't go for it. Then she tries with bribe n' treat, to no avail. Obviously, at that point, he has a leverage (so he plays dumb). Then Little-Finger gets back, they meet at wracked brothel, and once again make the alliance (after some tough exchange). The next thing we know, High Sparrow snatches Cersei. What it is in your opinion, that got them to reach to High Sparrow? What Little-Finger and Olenna Tyrell used to get to him? Surely it could be that HS just used the opportune moment, but why? At that point his "cooperation" with Cersei was beneficial for both. For Cercai - to get rid of her enemies, and for him - a chance to break more high-profile figures and produce more following and/or benefit in some other way.