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  1. About the only thing iggy can throw at Lebron is some fouls. Which does have value but every team has extra bodies to go in a rough up a superstar for a bit.
  2. Well Ares was a big time slave owner himself. Maybe he sent some goons to fight for the Confederacy. He would likely be living on Mars during the time of the Civil War though.
  3. Grumpy Old Men was a great movie though. Also to nitpick, "men" came up with Wonder Woman too
  4. Golden State throwbacks say "the city" on them though.
  5. I remember being in downtown Cleveland early 2009 and looking around I thought "I wonder if concentration camps felt anything like this". There were no cars. Im pretty sure I saw some tumbleweed blow across the street.
  6. http://screenrant.com/wonder-woman-world-war-1-setting-explained/ Heres the "explanation" for the WWI change. Even if all these reason are/were completely legit I still think it's a flimsy reason to change such established canon all willy nilly. It probably points to why DC movies are failing(to be good) on the whole. It's lack of respect for why and how these characters became global icons. Replaced by fast food type production with attempts at only immediate gratification
  7. I read an article with the writer saying that WWI fits more with the modern real world in that there's an edge in the world now that global war could easily break out and there are new technologies never been used before. I'm on board with it being a stupid change aka Joker kills Batmans parent.
  8. #TwitterSucks
  9. So here we have loyal Cavs fans actually landscaping their yard into Cavs support. https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2712742.amp.html Pretty cool I guess but naturally my reaction is....There are homes that nice in Cleveland??? That can't be right.
  10. Maybe, I was thinking more along the lines of KAT and AD. I don't think any of those guys have proven they can put up superstar numbers. Embiid needs to play at least one season before hes legit. Kristaps has gobs of potential but still a lot of weaknesses, and plus I think he'll have to leave NY if he ever wants to be a factor in the win column. Giannis is weird, he for sure became a superstar this year. but making the Bucks a contender is probably just as hard or harder than making Cleveland a contender.
  11. The can still probably run the East for a while on what they have. I don't know how all the young talent keeps ending up in the West.
  12. In canon it's because she was a diplomat. Diana is in charge of escorting the American back home when he crashes on the island. So she wears local themed costume, in the same way we might see political dignitaries do when visiting a foreign places. In reality she debuted in 1941. WWII! so fawwk yehhhh!! go Murica!
  13. That's what I mean Cavs can still dominate games when shots aren't falling. I havent seen much of that from the Warriors, if their offense is cold(which is rare) then they better get ZaZa to take somebody out of commission or Draymond to start kicking people in the nuts.
  14. I think its going to come down to the GS offense and how well they are hitting their shots. I think they win as long as their offense is somewhere near its A game. If it turns into an ugly, bully brawl type affair that will favor the Cavs. Prediction - Cavs in 7. Like 3 overtime games.