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  1. Its kinda like outdated. It should be about drone remote control operators
  2. The story of Marv & Todd Marinovich though.
  3. Not nearly as high as Michael B Jordan.
  4. If that's the case I don't think it should be lumped in with education. That's some sort of different social service. Babysitting is not education. The first thing on the chopping block is the 21st Century Learning Center. this is another failure, or if can't accept that word just call them successes that are directly traced to the "No child left behind" policy where instead of these centers being for the entire community, only those deemed low income enough are eligible. The one by my old city was a gang hangout, also a place where these low income kids would pretty much blow off any lessons and go play basketball with regular members of the community who may or may not be involved in gangs.
  5. He must be pretending to be hurt
  6. Guarantee there's some new young hotshot that clashes with the establishment. Tom Cruise will try to be the mentor but will the kid listen or will he continue down the self destructive daredevil path? Also I'm going to flip out if there isn't a scene with hairless men covered in baby oil playing an intense game of volleyball. Slow motion serves are a must. Notable one liners - "Kid, I've been flying these birds since before you were (something about a sperm)"
  7. LA is soft. We wouldn't send west coasters to a world drinking contest.
  8. You should be forgiven for all your douche chills that you do before age 30. Lebron has been famous since like age 13, I panic at the thought of stuff I did in my early 20s being still out there for the world to see in 2017
  9. As far as I can tell the cuts are all for unspecified after school and summer programs. Idk what effect that has on the teachers and students involved in those programs without any sort of data provided. I'm not a fan of the push to keep children in school as much as possible. Eliminating summer vacation and keeping kids in school hours and hours after 3pm. It seems to just render school into a babysitter. Also, if you have flawed education I don't see how adding more hours of the flawed method is supposed to translate to sucess.
  10. On a global scale it would seem the countries that spend the most on education reach a top group of first world countries that are considered the best educated, but within that top group there isnt anything indicated that if you spend THE most money that it will result in THE best educated students. And that's not even speaking of how "educated" the product is, meaning how well the education results in career performance and ability to perform jobs rather than just temporarily memorizing facts to pass tests.
  11. Teachers under the authority of federal guidelines pretty much have to teach the curriculum and can't stray too far from it. And historically, propaganda accusations have come from both liberals and conservatives only the subjects are different.
  12. Yeh the charasmatic yet evil leader will be there no doubt. Bring Negan over from Walking Dead.
  13. I hope it's like creepy religious cult stuff. Like Westboro Baptist Churchers.
  14. Does government funding always translate into superior education? Is there a provable formula where the more tax dollars thrown in the name of education will always be followed by better educated students?
  15. Lebrons Law - he plays the best when he's given the least respect. The more respect and smoke is blown up his ass the worse he plays