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  1. Volantis is waiting for a leader. Give the slaves a leader and they will take it from there. This is where the red priests can be of service. They can provide social stability during the upheaval. You can't make a social change of this size without an equal amount of upheaval.
  2. Did the direwolves start hating the Starks for putting them in kennels? No. The remaining direwolves knew Lady died, and maybe even how she died. Did they start hating the Starks? No. Dany's bond with her dragons is a lot stronger than the bond of the Starks to their dogs. She hatched and nursed her dragons. The Starks just found theirs.
  3. Unless Ned is like his boys, fickle about justice. Ramsay is not the only one breaking laws. There were other people said to continue the practice of the lord's right to sleep with the bride on the wedding night. Politics may drive Ned's decisions. Enough of the right people complaining will make him punish Ramsay.
  4. Stannis was friendly to the Starks but even he would think thrice before letting the north break away from the realm.
  5. I disagree on the event being a one-off. The same thing happened in Daznak's Pit. Her hair burned to the skin. It's impossible to have your hair burn like that and still have skin on your head. The birth of the dragons from fossilized eggs might be a one-off event, but Dany's resistance to fire is not a one-off trait because it happened again. Back to Jon. It's no surprise to me that his hand was burned. I never bought into the idea that Jon has Targaryen blood. I don't think he does.
  6. I don't see that happening. Dance mean many things.
  7. Rickon is now a free folk. He's the more savage version of the Starks. Rickon will play an important role, If my theory holds and the wildlings end up getting control of the north. Jon will most likely not come back. At least not in the form of a man. It will fall on Rickon to become king of the wildlings. Rickon, king of the wildlings. Jon, the wight. And Bran, the greenseer. What they have in common are their direwolves. Doubt they will meet again in human form but they can still be a pack in their wolf form.
  8. Not with those partners. Marwyn will dance with Daenerys, in terms of joining her team, but not to ride her dragons. Vicky will try but I do not expect him to succeed. He'll be alone on the dance floor without a partner.
  9. In my opinion, those eggs predate Old Valyria. This fits the theme of rebirth.
  10. The three dragons will always be loyal to Daenerys. She is the Mother of Dragons. She hatched them from petrified eggs. Basically, she gave them life. Well, if we go by the theory that her dragons are from wild stock, it means the whole process of domestication can begin again. However, this is a special case in which a human hatched the dragon eggs and nursed them. So I don't think they will bond with anyone who doesn't have their mother's approval. Dany haters don't want to hear that but I think it is the truth.
  11. Appreciation for The Shavepate I thoroughly enjoyed the chapters in Slaver’s Bay because of the colorful characters like The Shavepate, Skahaz mo Kandaq. Reznak mo Reznak too is delightful in his own over-the-top way. Those chapters were my favorites in A Dance with Dragons. A description of the Shavepate follows: In my opinion, the Shavepate is loyal to Dany. He and his clan sided with Queen Daenerys and they are considered traitors by the harpy. I don’t think they will be accepted back by the old slaving families. Maybe there was a faction in Meereen who wanted change. We don’t have enough information but I believe The Winds of Winter will tell us more about Skahaz. It is Reznak that I find suspicious. He, in my opinion, is the perfumed seneschal. The Way of Peace: “To rule Meereen, I must win the Meereenese, however much I may despise them.” [Daenerys Targaryen] The Chicago Way: Skahaz is an advocate for the Chicago Way. So the scene opens immediately after Stalwart Shield was murdered by the harpy. Dany climbs the steps to her throne and is greeted by Reznak and Skahaz. Skahaz’s greeting is less charming but maybe more sincere: My Opinion: Skahaz may have a point. He is Ghiscari and he knows these people. Besides, somebody like Stannis would not hesitate to do what the Shavepate is suggesting. It is violent, but sometimes, a little violence can put an end to further violence. It can have a deterrent effect. Oh the other hand, I give Dany a lot of credit because she wants to try to settle the matter peacefully. I hope and pray that she doesn’t fall victim to the shortsightedness that brought down Ned Stark. Rhaegar fought gallantly at the Trident, Rhaegar fought fairly, and he died at the Trident, when all he had to do was to order his men to see that bodily harm comes to Robert. It's good to have people like Skahaz around because he brings practical advice instead of waxing on about fighting with honor and such nonsense. I want Dany to continue to hone her skills in the Art of War. She is quickly learning how to rule. Slaver’s Bay is a very harsh climate to learn the many skills required to conquer and to rule but Dany is a quick study. The fact that she's willing to win over the old slavers (despite how she feels about them) in order to govern more effectively is a sign of wisdom. But wisdom alone is not enough. Dany needs to learn from the practical advice of older people like Skahaz mo Kandaq and Jorah Mormont.
  12. One interpretation that I like follows: Cup of Fire = Shade of the Evening Cup of Ice = Weirwood Paste Dany was asking for information and they seem to be saying this is what she must do in order to learn the truth.
  13. I don't think he's mad. This is the same reaction from young Aegon and the cyvasse board. Neither are mad but they do have wild tempers. Wild tempers cause their own problems but it's not necessarily mental illness.
  14. The Targaryens ruled Westeros for three hundred years and people see them as the rightful symbols of authority. They are always associated with dragons. Keep in mind, Ned, Tyrion, and Arya have never seen dragons before. They would be impressed to say the least. Awed by the majesty of the dragons and more than a little intimidated even if the skulls are mere shadows of when they were living. It is like visiting Olympus and standing before the throne of Zeus. I don't think the skulls are conduits. Arya's pov was wierd and maybe her future is to get eaten by a dragon, which will be even more interesting to me if her arc ended that way as a condiment for Drogon's main course of roasted sheep rather than to die at the River lands. Tyrion could also end up on the menu. It will be an honor for a Stark like Arya to get eaten by a dragon. It will be redemption for Tyrion to give nourishment, in some small capacity, to the dragons. They could both die knowing they served a useful purpose.
  15. You would have to wipe them out if you let the Iron Isles go because they would never stop their piracy and their raiding. Commerce would be greatly affected and the Lannisters and the Hightowers will be demanding you do something about it. Either keep them under your thumb or let them go and wipe them out. There is little resources in Dorne. Maybe Dorne. The same for the North. There is little in the north. If I had to let one go it will be the North.