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  1. Arya became a psychopath in the show, a robotic character with zero depth, hopefully she will die next season
  2. Dear book readers, do you think that Sansa is GRRM's best kept secret? thanks
  3. I think it's admiration to Daenerys more than love, Tyrion finally get he wanted in his life, someone who can see his intelligence and not his physical appearance
  4. So, all this imagination is just a dream for sansa taking the least amount of screen time and not taking the time of the favourite character? there is nothing more in story about the Dreadfort, Dreadfort is dead when the boltons are dead, the next seasons are all about KL and the north, the north is not her story, she will LF and she will go to King's landing and become the queen
  5. Arya, a horseface and a psychopath? yes, it's the perfect combination
  6. you keep spamming all the topics with the same message, go away troll
  7. Sure, the kindly man as a monster will see anything ugly as beautiful, she was called "horseface" two times so yes she's ugly and she spent half a book disguised as a boy and no one ever doubt her, in the story, no character can have everything, every character is incomplete, but it doesn't matter, she's a mary sue, she lived dirty as a dog and she wil die alone as a dog
  8. A comparison between Sansa and Arya beauties : "Arya Underfoot, he almost said. Arya Horseface. Robb's younger sister, brown-haired, long-faced, skinny as a stick. Always dirty." Theon Greyjoy "You have your mother's eyes. Honest eyes, and innocent. Blue as a sunlit sea. When you are a little older, many a man will drown in those eyes." Petyr Baelish to Sansa They said Arya is as beautiful as Lyanna, they said the closest one to compare with Arya is Brienne of Tarth, some people here need to understand that including a romance in a psychopath's story is contradictory
  9. she lived as a dog and she will die alone as a dog
  10. Arya needs to die, she became too dark, no way she can fix herself, we will see what the little killer will do against the sword's blade of Jaime or the Mountain in KL
  11. Yes, there are amazing connections between their stories and geographically they are the closest starks right now but we are stretching too much the notion of siblings thinking about each other, Jon thinking about Arya or Sansa, Sansa and Arya thinking about Jon, it's a human thing and not a romantic thing, nostalgia in family make people think about each other, but between us, the one who will get Sansa's love, it will be better for him far more than a million iron thrones, the girl is a treasure
  12. Sorry but I don't like the typical Arya fanboys that in each topic about Arya they bring Sansa and start bashing her character even if the subject is not about Sansa, there is no comparison about the other starks and a psychopath like Arya
  13. Sansa wouldn't do that, she kills with style (hounds), Sansa is not a savage animal, Sansa was busy liberatring the ancestral home of the starks and where was Arya? killing some a random girl in riverlands to steal her face, even D&D said that we must get worry about Arya And Sansa will never get those skills, she's not a mary sue like tomboy arya who get the best assassin in the world in a cage as plot gift
  14. I see what you wants to say, every main character get his wishes fulfilled but not Sansa, she knew that her ambitions are futile very early in the story, and then the only thing she wanted is escape her misery for her future, I think that she will return to KL with Jon when Daenerys got Westeros, Tyrion will get killed, Dany will see the mastermind in politics in Sansa, she will give her westeros to rule until Dany's return from the war against the WW but unfortunately Dany and Jon will die fighting the NK which leaves Sansa as the sole Queen of Westeros, she will be last survivor and she will get what she doesn't want anymore
  15. the actress of Arya said that she is not going back home, if we add this prophecy about her : "You'll be sewing all through winter. When the spring thaw comes, they will find your body with a needle still locked tight between your frozen fingers." I predict that she will die next season, because next season is winter and she's already lost and became a crazy psychopath, she will get killed wearing a face and no none will figure out that she's Arya Stark